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May. 7th, 2016


network; asala adaar (042)

I'm heading up the committee for the northern settlement, and as much as I'd love to go up there and trudge around in the mud all by myself, it would get lonely.

The mapmakers' Alpha squad is already assigned to mapping out the terrain, and further assignments of military and infrastructure personnel will be made closer to the date, but I'm also asking for volunteers for when the time comes. Why am I looking for more people? Because not everyone assigned to work on the settlement will end up living there, and the assignments aren't going to give us the numbers that we need long-term, especially not with three other settlements in the works as well. I would like as many people as possible who want to live in the northern settlement to be the ones building it.

We're closest to the Azgeda border and the last stop between Mt. Weather and Polis, so even if you're not volunteering or assigned as military, we recommend that you consider what sort of combat skills you bring to the table before volunteering. It's very possible that war may break out between Azgeda and the Coalition, and as the 13th Clan, we'll likely be roped in at some point. If you're squeamish about killing in battle, this may not be the place for you.

We're specifically looking for medical personnel and other skilled workers, as well as people with skills that would suit the military or infrastructure work. Our numbers in those last two aren't so great that we can expect them to work on multiple settlements at once and make it livable before we all get old(er). It's likely you'll be assigned to a specific task or build site once we get started, but consider this an all hands on deck project. Our first building goal will be a barracks, but you should assume that until that roof goes up, we're roughing it in tents. If you've never gone camping before... I don't really care, just don't volunteer and then complain.

We aren't starting this right away, of course, we need some time to map out the area and make a solid plan. For that I'll be picking a small committee out of my available volunteers that will include members from each specialty, and we'll contact the rest of you when it's time to move out and get our hands dirty.

Keep in mind that there will be at least three other settlements to work on in the very near future, with different terrains, social requirements, and levels of danger. If you want to help but the north settlement doesn't sound like a place you'd want to live in, sit tight. At some point we're likely to be working on all four at once, so we need to spread out in general.

(ooc; hey hey! even if you miss this post, there is one up in asala's journal to keep track of the north settlement stuff specifically, including the small planning committee, a full list if volunteers, and a spot to suggest names for the settlement once it's being built!)

May. 6th, 2016


network post: dorian pavus (to logan)

Avanna, Councilor — I'd like a word, if you've a mind.

May. 5th, 2016


network; asala adaar (041)

Someone guess what my favorite part of not being in the government is?

quick cut for baby stuff discussion! )

Something you want to get off your chest before you start a riot, or are you all right?

May. 1st, 2016


network; dean winchester (039)

Here's to just pretending the last few months didn't even happen.

We need fresh air and a drink, and I've been hoarding ration tickets for a special occasion. Anyone who wants to hang out outside the blast doors and have a beer with us is welcome to. If your people help my people, I drink with you.

Apr. 30th, 2016


log: dean+dorian

WHO: Dean Winchester + Dorian Pavus
WHEN: April 29, during the day
WHERE: Asala's office
WHAT: Dean comes by Asala's office to thank her for helping to save Castiel and trap Lucifer in the Fade. Asala's not there, but her assistant is. Dorian helped with the Cage, briefly, but until now they haven't talked much. Turns out, they have far more in common than they realize.
WARNINGS: Feelings, discussion of sex and terrible parenting

You don't believe you're as a man should be? )

Apr. 22nd, 2016


Hey, get your asses to The Rose if you ain't already there. I'm not tracking you down after getting my ass handed to me in Fight Club tonight, so it's up to you losers to find your way.

Mandatory meeting, by the way. Inquisitor requested, I'm just her muscle.

[OOC: For Thedas peeps knowledge!]

Apr. 21st, 2016


I'm tired of people I care about disappearing unexpectedly, Hawke. Can you pull a Seeker out of your ass, just this once?
[Cullen & Bull]
Curly. Tiny. Cullen. Bull. I'm moping. I don't like moping. Get in a fight or something, I need a distraction. I'd even be open to you two demonstrating some creativity for entertainment purposes.

So. Where's the big-head dolls of Thedas? I feel left out. I think they're saying we're not pretty enough and I take offense for all of us. I mean, have you seen Dorian?

Apr. 18th, 2016


[ Filtered to The Iron Bull + Dorian ]

My mortification knows no bounds. I am so sorry to have been the cause of turmoil between you both. Had I been able to choose, I would not have done so, as you both seem like honourable men. I apologise profusely for my part in your upset of the past few weeks.

[ /Filter ]

Mount Weather, I have missed you.


I understand the mage responsible for the latest disaster is in custody. When will charges be brought, and who will sit in judgment of her wrongs?


(storybrooke)log: dorian+maria

WHO: Dorian Grey (Dorian Pavus) + Maria Grey (Lady Maria)
WHEN: Backdated to the day of Ben and Dorian's breakup in Storybrooke
WHERE: Dorian and Maria's Storybrooke home
WHAT: Dorian confesses to Maria that he wants to recommit to their marriage, and this doesn't go over well at all.

I've been selfish. And I want to apologize. )

Apr. 17th, 2016


Heh. You're welcome and sorry for flashing everybody at the gates. Don't think Dorian and I expected to have an audience.

Max, Chloe, hopin you two didn't go through our shit. I'll owe a few more apologies if you did.

We got the mage responsible in custody, or they still back in that town? See, this shit is why Qunari have the Arvaarad

Apr. 11th, 2016


Storybrooke log, Ben & Dorian

WHO: Dorian Grey (Pavus) & Ben Irons (Iron Bull)
WHEN: April 11th, tonight. Late.
WHERE: Ben’s place, Storybrooke.
WHAT: Dorian is a jerk and there’s a breakup and Ben is sad :(
WARNING: Uh, S for Sad. Because wow.

Without another glance back at him, he left. )

Apr. 4th, 2016


storybrooke: prof. dorian grey (to ben, maria)

I couldn't get away this weekend. Let me make it up to you.

Can I keep you up on a school night?

Hello, darling. Don't wait up for me this evening — I'm staying late to reorganize my lab storage. Completely boring, but has to be done, you know how it is.

Apr. 3rd, 2016


Storybrooke; Samuel Porter

I'm taking bets tonight on whether or not we will manage to make it through a weeks worth of lessons on acids without any burns, explosions, or other incidents that require the leaving of the chemistry classroom for any period of time.

Are you in?

I swear I did not mean to be late.

Apr. 1st, 2016


storybrooke: ben+dorian (flashback)

WHO: Ben "The Bull" Irons and Dorian Grey
WHEN: Flashback/backstory, I think this was a few months ago?
WHERE: Ben's apartment!
WHAT: Dorian's been having an affair with Ben Irons for months now, despite the fact that he's married and despite the fact that he insists to the rest of the world that he's straight. But feelings are in the way now, and Ben asks Dorian to leave his wife.
WARNINGS: The usual for Adoribull (sex/BDSM), nothing overly explicit.

How often do you tell Maria you love her? )


Storybrooke: The Faculty Meeting

[Filter to Moira, Dorian, and Catherine]
Faculty meeting, 4:30, The Rabbit Hole.

First class of the day, student tries to bullshit like he read Simulacra and Simulation. Spoiler alert: He did not. Baudrillard is half bullshit already, it isn't even hard to fake like you have any idea what the fuck is going on. Just fucking skim it! I've never been so disappointed with attempted bullshit in all my life.

I miss Spring Break.

[Filter to Veronica]
Hey sugar - are you bringing the boy with you for Sunday dinner? I'm asking so I can do the shopping, not so I can conveniently be cleaning my guns when you get there.

[Filter to Stacker]
Hey baby - I'm calling a faculty meeting this afternoon. Come on by the Rabbit Hole if you got time.

Mar. 9th, 2016


Conversations about Bull's manhood and his asshole. Must be Wednesday.

Also, there's something weird about a shop where they're all smiling and know your name, no matter what they're serving. I think I'll take a pass, and look, you know if I'm not interested, it should say something.

[Thedas Minus Cullen]
So for anyone who was still on the fence about whether Cullen was or Cullen wasn't tickling that Mars girl's belly from the inside.... guess who just asked me to clear out of the rooms tonight?

Look at me, a regular gossip. I'm proud of Curly.


flashback log: bull and dorian

WHO: Dorian Pavus + The Iron Bull
WHEN: Flashback to the Trespasser DLC — two to three years after the last flashback log
WHERE: The Winter Palace, Halamshiral, Orlais
WHAT: Another flashback! While reuniting with Bull after a long absence, Dorian learns that his father is dead, and that he's heir to the now-empty seat in the Magisterium.

I can't. You'd last a day, perhaps. They -will- kill you. You can't be there, as my lover or otherwise. )

Mar. 6th, 2016


Hey Seeker! Good news, that shit I ate the other day? Passed right on through. Not being controlled or possessed or any of that shit!

But seriously kids, don't eat food given to you by strangers. Fuck. Unless it's jerky, cause that shit was delicious.

Mar. 1st, 2016


network; asala adaar (036)

Sam and Dean requested my help in private, but I assume they told the rest of you, yes? I'd like this to go without saying that my involvement and Dorian's need to be kept quiet. I don't doubt that this is the right thing, but it could throw the general amnesty agreement into question if it's public knowledge that I helped prep a cage for someone who hasn't technically committed a crime yet.

Dorian and I are going to be helping Gabriel build a cage in the Fade and reinforce it with binding spells. I can't say how long this will take; adapting magic is difficult between realities, and though Dorian is brilliant, he's also on at least two other projects at the moment. Thankfully, I recently accepted a promotion and left prison duty, so if I can come up with a vaguely important-sounding reason to disappear, I can duck away to help without causing suspicion. I know of a cave relatively nearby where we can set up shop for it.

How you manage Lucifer in the meantime is up to you. I won't interfere if I can help it, but if you get into any public fights with him or threaten him "unprovoked", we still have to treat him as a citizen of Mt. Weather and defend him. Try to take care that he doesn't possess anyone else while he's here. The whole situation is too dubious to buy that any consent given is genuine, and letting that pain spread around can't happen.

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