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May. 8th, 2016


Who thinks Marcus Kane sounds like Dumbledore? Cause I kinda do. And I watch him on cameras, he seems legi Good peptalk, buddy. Deliver logistics, emanate strength and give us the freedom to choose to volunteer or settle as we see fit. (Good thing I don't sleep much. I can totally keep watch.)

Do you also knit socks? If you do, rock on.

Uhmmm consider this where I'm talking to you guys about thoughts - outside or underground, etc.

Apr. 29th, 2016


lol nope TGIF, weirdos!

So, hey. I feel like you're probably a little overwhelmed by like, all of us. And you probably also feel a little out of it. Because you're the only one here from your world. But I want you to know that you're one of us. So no worries, ok?

What's up? I am just here to say hi. And stuff.

So, handsome. Have you met the blondie I hang around with?

Apr. 21st, 2016


Okay. Whoa. Big doings.

But let's get one thing clear -- I would make a super cute bobble head. :(

Group hug? I would like to group hug.

Apr. 3rd, 2016



Well. Howdy.

Mar. 16th, 2016


It wasn't me. I SWEAR.

Mar. 9th, 2016


Starbucks wasn't even a great idea when it was on every street corner. Thanks but no. It's like, Lent and stuff anyway. I'm giving up the Devil delights because it pays to be smart. Nothing against Satan, but that sugary stuff goes straight to the hips.

Mar. 3rd, 2016


Got some word on the wire from our buddies. It's all in Trigedasleng. Something Not Great is happening out there and they're trying to mount offense.

Problem, though: I don't have a location for them and we don't have trackers.

Feb. 29th, 2016


[Lincoln, Rogue, Bellamy]
I'm taking a real long walk, okay? And I'm going to think about how this Mike isn't somebody we used to know.

Then, I'll come back with a better attitude.

[Peter Parker]
Feel free to triple me up on shifts.

I wrote a really simple code for Tumblr this weekend.

Feb. 22nd, 2016


[Lincoln, Bobbi, Coulson]
We had a lot of losses today. Fitz, Simmons, Ward, Kara. But we also have an opportunity to re-connect. The four of us have memories of the same things that happened and while we all disagree on the outcomes, I think the truth is the setting doesn't matter. We'll disagree. But what holds us together is our desire to protect people and to make good outcomes for a world that needs us.

What we need to take advantage of is the chance to course correct. And I'm not really sure how to do that, because I think challenging you all to a game of monopoly would ultimately piss us all off and also who has four hours to fuck around? Not me. But I know a pretty good game that we can play. Bring some coffee and come to our place if you want.

Feb. 14th, 2016



Cut to spare your eyes. )

And like, I get it. We have all these weird "ACTIVITIES" going on all the time. We see magic, we see radioactive things, apparently we see things which all make us love each other. SHRUG. It's all part and parcel with the world we're now sharing. So let's celebrate it and each other. Here's a poem. Because I am a poet when the muse descends.
Lola is red
Lincoln's face is a cherry
Jemma likes to science
And Fitz is legen ... DARY!

Ravi likes rats
and Hope is a star
Bellamy can smile

Some people can shift and some people can spark
Some people have cat souls and two people are slayers!
Some people are delightfully 'normal' while some people Avenge, or so I've been told
I haven't even brought up Jedis ... but ...
We're all here together and we'll make it, probably
But the river monster has two heads
so watch out :)

Feb. 9th, 2016


Slowly losing your mind looks like watching people dance around and try to miss flame spurts as if we were actually living in the Fire Swamp. I don't have sound or anything so guys. Guys.


Is "there a popping sound preceding each" ... ? Because if not, I'm asking the PodGod for Westley. (Don't get jealous, Lincoln. It's Westley. But maybe I should get jealous since you're my Buttercup.)

Feb. 2nd, 2016


I'd wanted to say this sooner, but... yesterday wasn't the right time.

I just wanted to thank all of you for welcoming us and including us. I'll try not to get too cheesy here, but I know we're different, and you didn't have to do this, but you did anyway. It means a lot to me. It's... nice to see you sticking together. And it was great getting to meet those of you who weren't here over Christmas.

And I wanted to say, if any of you ever need a doctor, I'm here. I know I'm touchy about who checks up on me, and I used to take care of others like me, so it feels wrong not to offer that to all of you too. Not that I don't think we can trust the other doctors here. I just know that sometimes other people don't understand.

Okay, that's it. ... Sorry, I guess this got kind of awkward. Don't hold it against me. I swear I'm not completely boring.

Feb. 1st, 2016


We can't continue talking about our issues in public, like it's digestible for anyone with eyes. We have to keep some things secret and, most importantly, protect each other. That's why whatever is going on with you guys ... doesn't work for me. We have to get this worked out.

Consider this your space to talk to one another like people, respectful and honest of opinions and stuff. New spaces require trust, especially when we all feel the axe hanging over our necks. This tension is not good for us and family is more important than ever.

You have to work this out. You have to talk to each other. So let's start with answering some questions, maybe?

  • One dream you always had as a child that never came to pass. You're still striving for this dream.

  • One regret you have from the past six weeks in our home world and here, in this new place too.

  • One question you've been dying to ask. No holds barred.

  • [info]dosex

    Finding yourself out of time and place, with questions pertaining to sex, birth control options and seeking information on any topic surrounding those? You're in luck! Join Nurse Temple and I in the library on the 4th, 5pm, for the Mount Weather Sex Seminar.

    We'll be offering advice, education, tips, answering questions and showing how to properly use condoms. Everyone, all walks of life, are welcome. But if you're a kid, I don't want any mums hunting me down, so get permission first, yeah? Even if you're not sexually active at current, this information will hopefully be very valuable for your future.

    And yes, this is what I needed those molds for. Get your minds out of the gutter, pervs.

    I'll also mention that this is a safe zone. You heckle, bully, shame or insult anyone, and you'll be escorted out. And you don't want me as your enemy, trust me on that. I work with needles.

    Jan. 31st, 2016


    [Chatty to Daisy]
    --Thought you should know that guy Ward is asking questions about my world
    --And wanting to insure you're gonna be safe if things all go south

    Jan. 30th, 2016


    Now that I'm a bit more settled in I thought I'd ask for a bit of help. Dr. Foster and I are attempting to put together a database of all of the universes represented here as well as any supernatural or magical elements that might go along with them. We'd also like to gather as much information about universes that may have once been represented here, but are no longer. I've come up with a survey for individuals to fill out and we will also be canvasing as well.

    The hope is that with a better understanding of the magics and supernatural elements found in each universe we may be able to help individuals here. The possibilities across universes is really quite fascinating and there can be some good we can do for our fellow man perhaps.

    Your name:
    Other Species found on your planet or in your galaxy?:
    What galaxy is your universe in? Specific planet?:
    Noted differences between your species and humans?:
    Noted differences between your environment and that of earth:
    Are there any powers or magical abilities associated with your species?:
    Is there a fictional representation of your universe here and if so, what is it?
    Anything else worthy of note:

    If I were a proud man my ego would be severely damaged by having my ass handed to me by a seven year old.

    Jan. 26th, 2016


    Don't eat the jell-o. Wait, do we even have jell-o?

    Coulson is a kid. Ward is a kid. There's a kid that looks like Natasha.

    Are you a kid? Because I ... just want to make sure you're not a kid. We also got a pod drop of penis jell-o molds so can we talk about hilarious timing? Please?

    So, like. You're eating, right? You're okay?

    Jan. 21st, 2016


    Hey, but seriously, if you smash the security cameras (even on accident, hunter folk), I can't watch things or keep us safe OH MY GOD WHO AM I so ... maybe don't do that anymore. Thanks a bunch. Also, if you could not eat dragon around your electronics, that would also be super cool.

    Gonna go die now. Kthxbai.

    Jan. 11th, 2016


    Again with the super awkward updates on the whole in-world diplomacy thing. And with nothing really solid to go on, either. You guys realize this is an issue, right? Please tell me this isn't something we're just ignoring. Because ignoring stuff leads to bad choices. And bad choices lead to lots of things. If you want me to make you a list, I totally will. But something tells me that with "nuclear war" on the table, you get it.

    So, if any Grounder wants to chat, I'm game. We can even hang out. I'll teach you how to play Rummy (or Pitch, if you're feeling super fancy).

    Basically, I'm here to make friends. And fix your computers. And watch you. But that's my job. I mean, I'm not trying to be creepy. Hey Lincoln, I see you in the Med Bay. Does the Doctor who got kicked in the nuts need some ice?

    All that being said, can we chat? Level set, even. I need some lady time.

    Jan. 3rd, 2016


    I already had trouble remembering the new date for the first few weeks of a new year. I'd have to scribble over my own mistakes countless times. Now it's not just a new year, but 2151. It's wild.

    Large flying "lizard."

    It's funny - even after everything we've seen in our world, things still take me off guard here. You'd think after dealing with a portal to another world, anything would make sense, but none of it does.
    Hey. I'm sure I'm the last person you want to deal with, and that's fine. You don't need to answer if you don't want to. I just wanted to apologize for the things I said. I know I couldn't help it, and I can't say I didn't mean it, but it certainly didn't need to be said that directly. That's not the kind of person I want to be. I wish I could have been more sensitive when it came to you.

    We have a lot in common, so if you ever want to talk about anything... I'm here. I know Ward hates me, and I can't say I like him based on my conversations with him here, but that doesn't mean I'm heartless. You're your own person.

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