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May. 11th, 2016


Annnd now I remember some of the things I definitely wouldn't have missed while spending eternity alone in a monstrous watery hellscape.

[ cath ]
So are your options pretty limited, as far as moving goes?

May. 3rd, 2016


Is anyone else really, really confused by the suddenly vocal wave of antipathy for the Grounders? Did I miss a memo? Did someone draw penises on Councilor Wolverine's face while he was sleeping? Did one of them bring a bag of salad to a Superbowl party? Not to mention that "the Grounders" is a really broad term for numerous and diverse tribes with their own sets of rules, alliances, and cultures.

I'm good with hating people - it's my fav! - but generally I like to be in the know on the why.

Also, to continue the tone of this combative entry, The Princess Bride is mediocre at best and you guys can come at me.


Sooo, I think we can all agree that communications is less than optimal in a world like this. People are at Polis right now and we can't talk to them given how far away they are. Walkie-talkies which are so old are incredibly limited and I can't even get them to sync up with our omni-tools.

I have hundreds of blueprints and I can turn anything into a communication device with scrap metal, tape and wiring, so I'd like to see if we can do a few salvaging runs and work on building communication towers? We have a lot of people who can fly and teleport to do drop-off installs, and setting up wireless beacons with a transponder could be possible?

Anyone else familiar with communications enough to help me? With enough brains and tequila, we can do anything!

May. 2nd, 2016


Religion fascinates, tickles the mind, and drives people to unwitting names in the name of the unseen. I have, myself, never seen its forest for its dense trees. In my experience, it has been a gentle lullaby to soothe a fitful child or a pat on the head of a mutt for a job well done. You believed, now here is your treat: faith. It is a muddling trait of humanity, is it not? Mankind overall markets itself as supreme while still boasting countless millions that bow before some invisible eye in the sky, whether Pod God or smiling idol.

It is tempting to believe in some Pod God, I suppose. As I've read, pods arrive with gifts inside to varying degrees of use or nostalgia. I confess it is also tempting to want to be a part of that scene to be held at the 'sacred tree,' not as a participant, but rather as a bemused spectator.

I've found I believe in very little, a handful of people perhaps, nothing more. In the absence of them, I would not then find comfort in any sort of faith, only a sense of having been alienated by it.

Troubling how an entertaining slice of insanity can spark such lonely drivel.


See, that's what my last apocalypse was missing: the religious crazies.

They also missed a huge opportunity for an acronym. If they'd just called themselves the Order of Pod Sayers, they could be OOPS.

This is probably totally offensive to any of you who are part of The Order that Should Be OOPS, so I apologize.

Apr. 28th, 2016


All right, everybody. Good news. I ran on a big patch of wild garlic and onion. That, plus the cattail, is gonna help our case fiercely. But the best news?

I found a big collection of wild blackberry and mulberry brambles. When they get ripe in a couple months, I think we'll be in good shape to try a cobbler.

Apr. 18th, 2016


[ Filtered to Simon ]

Simon? They said you were here. Simon? It's Catherine.

[ /Filter ]

Can we just not with magic that gives me a body again? Thank you. It's good to be home. Or whatever this place is. Isaac, this is me dumping you. You're very sweet but I don't think we're compatible here. I will always think well of the good times, at least the ones that I can remember, because honestly a lot of this is really blurry.


I feel like I missed my birthday. I didn't of course, but it didn't mean anything to me there. My family might have been messed up at home, but whether it was my father or Wilson, they always found time to do something.

There is one I haven't missed though. Happy birthday, Matt. I've been under a magic spell and didn't get you anything.

[Friends, roomies]
I need to clear my head, get out of here for a few days. Three, specifically. Since everything's a bit of a mess here I'll stick around to help out for the rest of the day and head out tomorrow. I've got a tracker and I'll leave a map with my planned route and campsite marked, stick within the five mile radius, and bring first aid gear and a flare. I suppose my tablet too in case I want to read, though I'm not sure if it will be able to connect to the network out there or how long the battery will last. You can expect me back about lunchtime on the 21st and start getting worried if I'm not back by sunset.

Apr. 1st, 2016



I am convinced that Spring Break is actually a form of long-term torture disguised as a week of bliss. A week of laziness capped by a return to class -- and my senioritis is acting up something fierce.

I know the degree is worth it, but at what cost? I'm going to go sleep for a million years or until Catherine makes me wake up, whichever comes first.


storybrooke network; daniel soprano

Wow. It's bright out today.

Maybe it's time for an iced coffee instead of the usual caramel macchiato?

Mar. 15th, 2016


Thank you to everyone who's been helping with the White Witch problem. I'm grateful, and I'm sure we're all grateful; it's just frightening and strange to think of magic like that being real. Traveling between universes I was willing to accept, but turning a carbon-based life form into stone?

It's a lot to process. I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen her myself. I know magic's perfectly logical in other worlds, but... not where I'm from.

Mar. 14th, 2016


All citizens, please be aware that we have reason to believe that we are dealing with an individual called Jadis from one of the Podkru's realms, Narnia. We do not know exactly what this individual wants with us, but we have increased military patrol shifts and the range of our scouting missions for the protection of Mount Weather. Guards have been placed with our regular hunting and fishing gathering crews, and our scouts have investigated the area where Marie D'Acanto's statue was found yesterday. We are acting on this information and searching for more.

In the meantime, we ask that all citizens of Mount Weather remain calm and cautious.

A physical description of Jadis is as follows:
  • Seven foot tall
  • Long black hair
  • Very red lips
  • Very pale skin
  • Always wears a gold crown.
  • Always dressed up.
We urge all citizens to never go anywhere alone, and never go anywhere without letting someone else know where you will be going and the times you will be gone. This is vital to make sure that we do not lose track of you.

If you happen across this individual, please hasten back to the mountain and alert the nearest guard, military, or law enforcement personnel. And if you cannot, trust that the protocol above will have us looking for you as soon as possible.

Mar. 13th, 2016


We found Marie.

She's been turned to stone. And yeah, Edmund, I heard sleigh bells in the area.

So is there an actual plan for dealing with the one doing this?

Mar. 10th, 2016


Mount Weather, I would like to pose a very important question to you right now.
What do you enjoy about being here? What's changed for you, since arriving, that you're finding you're really quite fond of? It's curiosity that's propelling me, really. Nothing more or less than that.

Slightly more serious:

Traumatic brain injury most often presents itself initially the same way you'd find yourself concussed - you'd experience mild disorientation or brief loss of consciousness. Given that there are very specific ones of you that get batted about the head quite a lot, I would like to see you at least bi-weekly to ensure you're all right.

All right?

Mar. 7th, 2016


I've been searching and going over every damn place Marie showed me she liked to venture off to while gathering things for everyone. And I still ain't finding a trace of her anywhere. I dunno if any of the rest of you who do that job got any idea where else she might have gone. But I'm open to suggestions.

Also considering just heading out for a few days of non-stop looking further and further around the perimeter for a few miles. I doubt she accidentally wandered Jean or Rachel would be able to hea And the butterfl

There are some caves that could use a bit more of a look over if nothing else.


ok i get it. you're all heroical do-gooders running on caffeine that never did a wrong thing a day in your life. i get that coffee is prized above all else. because hey. otherwise we're subsisting on blue stuff and veronica's witty banter.

... didn't you ever grow pot in a window unit when you were in college? no. just me. okay. i'm pretty sure i can engineer you a tiny adorable greenhouse. if that's a Thing and You Want It. (never say tony stark's handsome mug doesn't class a place up immediately.)

so here's what i need:
  • space (i'm thinking a sturdy table, some of your adorable midcentury aesthetic lighting and tubing)
  • set me up near a water source
  • reflective material
  • some fancy do-gooder that makes things grow faster

  • and we're done

    Mar. 2nd, 2016


    Is there still no news about Marie?

    Feb. 29th, 2016


    Jack's gone. I'm fine, you don't need to apologise. I hadn't expected to see him again in the first place.

    Feb. 27th, 2016


    Good evening!

    I am Alexander Graham Bell, newly arrived here just this afternoon and extremely grateful that Jacob and Miss Frye came to explain things. Jacob has also informed me that we are to go to the tavern and celebrate my arrival, but I couldn't have this sort of communication device in my hands and not give it a try first thing. You have come a very long way from the telegraph!

    I am lately of the year 1868 and the city of London, where I was employed as a teacher of music and elocution. Here, I am to be working with the toolmakers, which I'm quite excited about. I can't wait to see what other brilliant devices you

    Jacob says it's time to get pissed. Chat further down at the pub, shall we? I'm taking this thing with me.

    Feb. 24th, 2016


    As I was out on my run this morning, I discovered a pond. It appears to be a new pond. I am uncertain as to whose duties this would fall under (Scout teams?), but someone should probably investigate to be certain it is not a deadly or evil pond.

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