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May. 11th, 2016


Who wants to get high?

Did I say that right? The things I remember from Storybrooke are erratic and generally unhelpful, honestly. For instance, pizza rolls. Why in God's name did these things exist and why do I want twenty?

Perdonami. The point. With the help of a few naturally inclined individuals, and possibly some genuine magic, I now have a half dozen cannabis plants. More importantly, I have a smokeable harvest, tested several times over. So far, no one has dropped dead or grown an extra limb. That said, I am not responsible for any accidents, dismemberments, or bad decisions.

Unless they are fun bad decisions and you are happy you made them. Then I want all the credit.


Wondering a little how all the communal activities are going to change once we've got the settlements up. Smaller groups in each place? Getting really fit visiting somewhere else to play cards? Hard to say. Either way it will definitely be different, which is a little bit sad, though on the whole I still think the settlements are a good idea. If there does end up being a lot of visiting it's easy to see it as a bit of a throwback to when I was a kid, spending a few weeks in the summers on my grandparents' sheep farm up in the valleys. We used to spend all day running around the hills - but there we didn't have all this dense forest. Just lots and lots of grass and some scattered trees, in bunches or long lines of them marking boundary fences, and sometimes tumbled stones where there used to be a shepherd's hut or an old wall. We had a long, long history on that land.

All of which is pretty irrelevant to what I was going to say, which is: Ladyhawke tonight. Very family-friendly, on a level with The Princess Bride. Another epic love story that has to triumph over the meddling of an evil bishop, starring Matthew Broderick, Rutger Hauer and Michelle Pfeiffer.

May. 7th, 2016


[ Filtered to Friends - Assume Away! ]

Might have Fight Club all on your lonesome, Evie. Looks like I'm going to be playing settler for a bit. You lot try to keep it together, yeah? I'll be back in a few weeks, so try not to have a second goblin invasion; I'd be sore to miss another.

(Feel free to use this space to tell me how desperately you're going to miss me.)

[ /Filter ]

May. 1st, 2016


I just need to say the biggest THANK YOU to everyone ever who was involved in the musical. From set to design to my amazing fellow cast members to the audience that came to laugh and cry.

And a BIG HUGE THANK YOU to Alison for believing in us and not letting that damn curse get us down. We so couldn't have done this without you.

I cannot wait for the next one!

Apr. 28th, 2016


[ Friends/Friendly Acquaintances - feel free to assume ]

Who wants to join me at the Rose tonight in a torrent of self-pity for their performance in Weapons club? I should be better, I should not

[ /Friends ]

Apr. 19th, 2016


Fight Club will be this Friday, though please don't feel obligated to join in if you're still recovering from the recent events. It could be a good way to let off steam, but we also don't want any vindictive feelings in the ring and people are still expected to maintain composure and follow the rules.

But I, for one, am looking forward to punching a few people in the name of the sport. Jacob and I hope to see you there.

Welcome back, everyone. The Military has shifted back to usual, now that everyone's returned. However we have unfortunately lost Sergeant Organa just recently and Command has asked me to fill in for her Sergeant spot. Large shoes to fill, as Leia was a fantastic leader.

But I don't suspect much will change, I plan on continuing as she had left off, with no adjustments at this time. Your orders remain as they were, and right now we're still focusing on clean up as command sees fit.

If you still require a few days recovery, it is absolutely yours. Please don't hesitate to let me know if there's anything else I can do to help.


The two real questions are whether I can remember the recipe for those cinnamon croissants and whether we have the ingredients. I think the latter is doubtful, unfortunately.

It's so strange to be back. It feels like waking up from a dream.

Apr. 17th, 2016


[Bonnie and Elena]

Bonnie Bennett are you still here? Because I am demanding a hug. Elena probably would like one too.


Thanks for looking out for me. There. In that place.


I kind of miss your crappy coffee already.

[Jake Jacob]

We weren't half bad roommates. Neither of us could cook at all. But we didn't kill each other or get on one another's nerves so that's pretty amazing.





storybrooke: during panic hour

Heyyy, so ah. Someone want to come post bail for me?


storybrooke: 1:30pm

Edmund? Where's Ed?

Someone please tell me I'm not the only one who just felt that?

[AJ/Nico + Anakin]
Am I going crazy or is there something weird going on? My husband's looking at me like I'm crazy. Of course, I thought he must be Edmund or Jason. Who else would I do this for?

Nico? Anakin?
Please tell me you're who I think you are.
Are you guys okay?

Have either of you seen anyone that might be a king of Narnia in disguise?

Apr. 14th, 2016


Storybrooke; Rav Mustafa

X-Posted from [Rav's Instagram]

Karaoke prep. Tonight, Rabbit Hole. I challenge you.

Apr. 11th, 2016


Good morning, Weatherbrooke. Just your friendly reminder not to speed down Main Street. It's a small town, we will catch you, and we will ticket you. And if you're from out of town, we may even find a reason to put you in

[Sarah Parker]

Apr. 5th, 2016


Storybrooke: Ezio Auditore

Bring it, pirates*. )

*Please don't actually Bring Anything.
*Unless it's rum.
*Or a band-aid. I nicked myself just getting this thing down off its wall mount.

In the "research" phase of this evening, I stumbled onto this buried treasure. You're welcome.

Apr. 4th, 2016



Is it Friday yet?

Apr. 3rd, 2016


storybrooke; caroline forbes



If I just never use the library again then I don't have to actually pay the fee right? How long do I need to wait for it to just magically come off my record? Don't they let it pass after two years? I think its two years. Buying a replacement book if I'd lost the damn thing would be cheaper!!

Apr. 2nd, 2016


STORYBROOKE: Scott Summerlin 001

I don't know why I'm doing thi Three great things happened today: I got a candle at the Farmer's Market, one of the Mayor's apple turnovers, and I found my old Bright Eyes CD. Lots of nostalgia today. And the sun, too. So warm. Spring is finally here.

Apr. 1st, 2016


Storybrooke: Summer Dayspring

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You've got friends on The Other Side


storybrooke; caroline forbes

Okay, so attempt #34 to make pancakes resulted in a total disaster, but at least the fire department wasn't needed this time. I call that progress. Even if some of the fire fighters are seriously hot.

Heading to breakfast at Granny's if anyone wants to join.

And no, I've no clue if Jake will be coming or not.

Mar. 22nd, 2016


Well, shit. Come on. How is it seriously bad luck to wish someone good luck? That's bloody stupid.

I mean, I am sorry if this place and its weirdness means that really was my fault, but help me out here, Poe. Alison is probably gonna murder me in my sleep.

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