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May. 6th, 2016


Hey. Let's get out of here for a few hours.
Hey, little sister.

May. 7th, 2016


[Clarke, Octavia, Bellamy, Lincoln]
Shit's not good, guys. While you were gone Podkru have been coming up with huge projects like communication towers that are going to affect other people. Planning how they're going to do it before they've even checked with department heads. When I called them on it and pointed out all the kinds of information they need that they can only get by consulting us I basically got told that we were hypocrites to object because we made mistakes in our first months here. And now one anonymous person uses the network to say the Podkru are scary, as a complete aside in a post about Grounders, and suddenly they're talking about killing us and taking the mountain?

I don't like this. Any of it. We welcomed them here, we've been working with them, learning from each other, trusted them enough to include them in our government, and they're acting like we're pests that need to be eradicated.

If anyone feels like they're getting shit from Skaikru, tell me and I'll deal with it. Get a name if you can.

Apr. 27th, 2016


You think she'll do it? Keep up her end of the bargain if we agree to be the thirteen clan?

Apr. 23rd, 2016


network; clarke griffin (003)

We're back, and with good news for once. Lexa called us to Polis to offer us a place as the 13th Clan in the Coalition, and she's given us a week to decide if we want to accept or not. The Command officials will be meeting for the next few days to discuss it, but even though we won't be having an official vote, your thoughts are still valuable. This is a big decision on our part, and it's worth publicly discussing so that your representatives can accurately argue for your perspective in the meetings.

Speaking of the Council, we're having a shift in personnel: Abby Griffin is stepping down as Chancellor to devote more of her time to Medical. This means we're down from 5 members of the Council to 4 for the time being, because Marcus Kane is stepping up as Interim Chancellor until an official election later this year. Kane served the Council on the Ark, and to be totally honest, he understands and negotiates more effectively with the Grounders than Chancellor Griffin ever did. This is a positive thing, and Chancellor Kane should be addressing everyone in his own words soon.

I'm not sure what the chance means for you, because I'm not sure if Mom has talked to you about it. She basically resigned in Polis instead of waiting to get back. Kane might be more proactive about announcing things himself or he may want to use you the way Abby did. I'm just not sure, and I wanted to give you the head's up.

Peeta Mellark, Mordin Solus, Sandry fa Torin, TJ Wagner, Evie Frye, Ravi Chakrabarti, Kallian Tabris, Baelfire* (*Basically, Podkru people established to be her Real Actual Friends in this post. I'm happy to add people if you drop me a note!):
I know Ieft almost as soon as everyone reappeared, so I'm sorry I didn't check in earlier, but: hi, I missed everyone who was gone and I'm happy for everyone who got somebody back.

How are you guys doing?

How are you doing? Are you even awake yet?

(ooc; i'm popping out for dinner, but i wanted to get this up so people could start talking about the 13th clan thing without having to wait for me. be back soon, xoxo.)

Apr. 21st, 2016


I get to tag along to Polis, so if I don't come back, there's a list of who gets my stuff under my mattress. Look after our people for me.

Apr. 20th, 2016


I remember the tea party I had for my seventh birthday but not what date it was.

It wasn't even real anyway. I was getting radiated then.

My hands were so much lighter without all the metal in them.

Can I use your name? Instead of Kinney?

Apr. 17th, 2016


mount weather network; clarke griffin (001)

I know you're all exhausted, but we're not finished just yet.

All the military reports are in and the last of the goblins is dead. Anyone taking shelter in a safe location is free to move about the mountain, and I'm going to ask that any civilian who is physically able volunteers to help in the next few days. It'll mean pulling double shifts and going outside your department, but Mount Weather needs all hands on deck to really be livable right now.

  • Military + Fair Weather Friends: I'd rather all of you get some kind of sleep or rest, but I know most of you are stubborn, so I'm asking that you at least try to volunteer somewhere comparitively low stress. You deserve a break.
  • Medical: We're still treating the injured and we could use more civilian volunteers. I've talked to Hawke about setting up a rotation for the doctors, nurses and field medics, but again, I know a lot of you are stubborn. I won't be surprised if you refuse to take a nap, but I will remind you that tired medics make mistakes. If you're usually working in medical, do the most important work on your patients and leave anything that you can easily explain to a layman to the volunteers.
  • Infrastructure: The tunnels need to be collapsed and the walls need to be repaired. Our infrastructure department took a lot of cuts a few weeks ago, so if you're up for some labor, they also desperately need volunteers.
  • Law Enforcement: We need an updated list of our survivors, our injured and our dead ASAP. Many of our officers are FWF and may be injured, so if everyone could check in with an officer before switching departments, that would help.
  • Crafts: Anybody who knows useful salvage from garbage and has a strong stomach needs to volunteer for Craft detail for a while. They'll be looting and disposing of the dead bodies. Our main priorities are to get them out of the mountain and not to leave them out to attract predators; the best way to do that is by burning them. We'll need someone to maintain a pyre far enough from the blast doors to keep the stink some distance away from us.
  • Civilian: With so much of our residential area damaged, we need more hands on deck than usual to clean up the damaged areas to make them livable again. Until that's done, anyone not catching rest in the hospital while they're recovering will have to bunk with someone in 504 or find somewhere else to sleep until their rooms are safe. I'm also asking that the kitchen staff deliver food to workers instead of calling everybody away and into the Mess Hall. People are either wiped or working, and we want to get this done as soon as possible. Normally Lily Potter would
  • This is an all hands on deck situation. I know it's asking a lot so soon after repelling an invasion, but it's about keeping our home livable, and everyone needs volunteers. The only non-essential areas that will resume as normal are going to be childcare, education and The Rose. The kids need the normalcy, and I have a feeling you'd all find a way to get a drink even if I told you not to. As soon as you're done with duties in one area, or if a certain job overloads you in some way, you need to volunteer in another area. Nobody expects you to do nothing but clean up dead bodies the entire time, but that just means you'll need to move over to something like food service or infrastructure and rotate with someone.

    Most importantly, stay safe, take breaks every few hours, and don't forget to eat and stay hydrated. Medical is going to be too busy tending to the wounded to hover over you about self care, but if you make dangerous mistakes because you're tired or pass out from dehydration, you're adding more to Medical's workload. There's no issue of banding together and getting this done, because I've seen you all do it time and time again, but we're down over 180 people from the last time we dealt with something this damaging inside Mount Weather itself and I know that many of you will work yourselves to the bone if we let you.

    You saved us all today. Take care of yourselves.
  • Apr. 14th, 2016


    mount weather: bellamy blake

    [after this]

    Listen up, Mount Weather. This evening, smoke from an unknown camp was spotted, in an area west of the mountain. We reached out to nearby Grounders, but they don't know of any camps there, and they said they typically avoid that area to begin with. We've sent out a scouting party to investigate, so until we can identify who or what is in the area, and what they're doing, we're requiring all outside activity to be limited to the south and east sides of the mountain. This includes all hunting, fishing and gathering. The guards stationed at all exits will record departures and arrivals until we have determined that the mountain is not in danger.

    Thank you for your assistance and understanding. If you spot anything out of the ordinary out there - tracks, signs of a camp - or encounter someone or something that you don't recognize, please alert us immediately.

    Apr. 12th, 2016


    mount weather

    I have to say the welcome pamphlet is a nice touch. Even if its a bit daunting to see there's been enough time and people arriving to warrant one.

    I've got some questions. I will always ha

    • I saw that there's Law Enforcement and Legal. Are the laws of this place posted anywhere?
    • What's the justice system like? Jury/judge? Panel? Vote? Etc?
    • Is news dispersed mainly through the tablets/radio?
    • I have a
    • What's the coffee supply like? Tea is nice and all but it doesn't even begin to compete with coffee. There's still coffee, right?
    • How many of the Podkru—I think I got that right—are there? Any idea how many universes we're from?
    • Who's in charge of the 5-6's for childcare? We're going to need to talk.
    • There's no detangler, is there?
    • I also heard there are people with varying abilities here. Does anyone help work with others who might have just discovered their powers?

    And right. Lois Lane.
    I wish this was the weirdest thing to have happened in my life.

    Apr. 3rd, 2016


    !mount weather;

    You should be aware that the newest arrival is most definitely not what he may seem.

    I am aware of our stance on second chances and murderers, evil-doers and "wait and see", but I thought you should all be aware as I have no idea who he is, yet his aura is blindingly red. In most cases back home it's the kind of red reserved for the killers, rapists and Templars actually hellbent on murdering everyone they come across. And if he was a Templar, I'd be working a plan to

    I'll leave this information in your hands, but I would recommend research into his past, if there is no one to vouch for him.

    Steer clear of the newest arrival named David, would you?

    Mar. 22nd, 2016


    With the batch of Podkru we lost a month ago, it's become clear that we've lost quite a few positions. Several of our jobs are dangerously low on staff. Unfortunately, they're all pretty important to make sure this place runs. If anyone has any kind of experience or would like to switch positions (or even take a few hours volunteering), you would be so helpful.

    The positions we're desperately in need of are:
    • Farmers
    • Fishers
    • Radio Operators
    • Nurses
    • Laundry Services
    • Shoemakers
    I know these positions aren't the most prestigious but they are vital. I'm taking on ever shifts in fishing, radio, and laundry when I'm not out of the compound. If you can help, please do.

    Mar. 19th, 2016


    Add me to the list of people who's getting gifts - is it all of us? I now have a bag full of baby clothes and they're a perfect fit for Melody. Really convenient, that.

    Mar. 15th, 2016


    Seems typical of our luck to have to deal with someone from another place right around the anniversary of when this all started.
    Any news on your friend?
    Hey. You holding up okay?

    Mar. 7th, 2016


    [Logan, Rogue, Be]
    Why would they have a ritual for dead people they didn't even know?

    I smell baklava.

    Mar. 6th, 2016


    I already have at sunrise each day rituals for the dead in the mountain, but I do the same today for those who died in the battle this week. You want to come see? I show you how we honor our dead in Floukru. These may not have been our people, but I honor them anyway. I know some say they want to know our culture, so I think to offer.

    Left for Alexander Graham Bell this afternoon )

    Mar. 5th, 2016


    Who: Willow Rosenburg and Bellamy Blake
    What: Willow asked Bellamy if they can meet up. 
    Where: 501 Common Room
    When: Today, mid morning
    Warnings: None

    Meeting up )

    Feb. 26th, 2016



    Peter, I need some distraction, do you have any additionally work I can be getting on with?


    Are you available for a chat? Your welcome to come to my place or I can meet you the common room?

    Feb. 14th, 2016


    network; asala adaar (034)

    I'm sure we're all busy today, but tomorrow, I'd like to teach you a few new things. Neither of you knows how to fight with a staff, correct?

    Feb. 12th, 2016


    Ai mochof gon let

    Thank you for let us stay. Ai leik Dela kom Floukru -- my name is Dela.

    I try to write your words. It is take time. You hate us, it is fine. We still glad to be safe. Thank you.

    Someone can make this translate for me so I sound better?

    Feb. 9th, 2016


    Slowly losing your mind looks like watching people dance around and try to miss flame spurts as if we were actually living in the Fire Swamp. I don't have sound or anything so guys. Guys.


    Is "there a popping sound preceding each" ... ? Because if not, I'm asking the PodGod for Westley. (Don't get jealous, Lincoln. It's Westley. But maybe I should get jealous since you're my Buttercup.)

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