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May. 11th, 2016


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[ Filtered to Peggy Carter ]

I am sorry to bother you, and I know how busy we are in preparation for the settlements. But if you could grant me an alternative place to work away from the fire in the toolmaker's ward, I would be grateful. I also might need to request some time off depending upon how I'm feeling. I would not ask for such a selfish exception if I did not believe it to be a necessity. I promise to make up my absence in full when all's well again.

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Say what you will about the post-apocalyptic landscape, but the flowers are lovely!

May. 3rd, 2016


While I can appreciate your desire to take out annoyances on the gym and not me when we spar, but something's wrong and you're not talking about it.

Which, I can also appreciate, given my own tendency to write issues rather than talk them out.

But I am available, if you need to get anything off your chest.

Interested in a bit of exploring with me today, brother?


Now, I'm not trying to get your hopes up here, but I may be onto something.

At the end of last month, I'd had a breakthrough on my formula. So far, the preliminary tests are looking good. It still requires testing, but I believe I'm on the right path?

I waited until the day after your birthday to demand samples. Come to the lab today, if you've got time? Taking blood isn't exactly the easiest from zombies, but I need a few swabs and hair follicles. And a urine sample.

Try to contain your excitement.

May. 2nd, 2016


Religion fascinates, tickles the mind, and drives people to unwitting names in the name of the unseen. I have, myself, never seen its forest for its dense trees. In my experience, it has been a gentle lullaby to soothe a fitful child or a pat on the head of a mutt for a job well done. You believed, now here is your treat: faith. It is a muddling trait of humanity, is it not? Mankind overall markets itself as supreme while still boasting countless millions that bow before some invisible eye in the sky, whether Pod God or smiling idol.

It is tempting to believe in some Pod God, I suppose. As I've read, pods arrive with gifts inside to varying degrees of use or nostalgia. I confess it is also tempting to want to be a part of that scene to be held at the 'sacred tree,' not as a participant, but rather as a bemused spectator.

I've found I believe in very little, a handful of people perhaps, nothing more. In the absence of them, I would not then find comfort in any sort of faith, only a sense of having been alienated by it.

Troubling how an entertaining slice of insanity can spark such lonely drivel.

Apr. 23rd, 2016


I can't claim to know Peter half as well as his close friends but I did like his music and he made rather idiotic choices with women but at least he was aware of being an idiot, which often goes a long way because most people just stay idiots until they die.

Does anyone else not miss Storybrooke but maybe the idea of having ... normality? WHatever that is. But living a life. Being married. Having kids. Jobs. Not worrying about death and darkspawn and maker knows what else because you're set on a path where you can never be content with anything and you're destined for more. I'm not supposed to be the destined one. Garrett is. He's a good brother, you know, even if it's easy to get overshadowd by him but that isn't his fault, hes just larger than life and doesn't realize it sometimes. being a warden helped me step out of that shadow, but it always feels like there's some other shadow. the darkspawn. the calling.

maybe I'm not meant to be content unless it's done by magical spell and stripping me of all else i know

drinking alone was probably a mistake.

Apr. 21st, 2016


Creed Crew [posted earlier this morning]
I will be gone today. I go this morning to see Luna. I will return after, but probably stay to meet with some of my people while I am at the river.

There is much happening now with the border trouble -- it heats up in the time most of you were away. I have a restless feeling.

Apr. 20th, 2016


This is not where I expected to end up next, but all right, universe, I can roll with the punches.

I'm Agent Abbie Mills. I've been getting caught up in what this place is all about, so now that I think I'm getting a handle on that, hey. From one apocalypse into another I was an FBI agent back in Sleepy Hollow, and before that I was a cop, so I'll be working in law enforcement here too. Home sweet home, right?

What else are we supposed to say here? I like red wine, trashy romance novels and cooking. I was easing myself back into caffeine recently, but I hear that's in short supply here, so it looks like I had good foresight. Crane would probably have a meltdown if he wasn't able to have a cappuccino.

I've met a lot of you already, but for those of you I haven't, hi. I wanted to take a moment to say I'm looking forward to working with all of you. I don't expect anyone to trust me right off the bat, especially since I can't exactly produce any credentials beyond a badge that doesn't mean much here, so if you have any questions for me - hit me with it. I'll answer to the best of my ability.

Apr. 11th, 2016


Does there happen to be any language enthusiasts or code-breakers among our number? Please leave me a message here if so.

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Apr. 4th, 2016



Anything to distract fr The concept of voting to herald in a new leader is strange to me, although I understand that it is quite common to many of you. It literally gives the power to the masses, does it not? Interesting concept, even as I am skeptical of it. Yharnam functioned as an independent city-state, of course, and was constantly at war with the city-states it was geographically near. The Church organised the city and determined which cleric sat on which borough. It was an imperfect system, as it tended to favour familial dynasties rather than opportunity for advancement for everyone, but as the purity of one's blood was vital to being respected, familial inheritance was the only way to control who took seats of power.

So, voting. How interesting! I have done so. I can see the appeal, I suppose, although what does one do if one is not happy with the results? Is there recourse? Objection? Fights to the death? There was a son who was granted the head of the Choir back home who many hated due to his constant trips to the lower wards of the Cathedral district (I believe it is referred to as 'red light' in this vernacular). Many objected to what they perceived to be his moral failings. There was objection to his post, the Choir rallied, and they never found his head in the end. Politics are fascinating stuff.

[ Filtered to Evie ]

I've something to show you, when you have spare time.

[ /Filter ]

Mar. 31st, 2016


It's done, then?

Can someone please check on the Grounders that I unfroze? I need to make sure everything went well but I'm not allowed out of the bed.

Mar. 30th, 2016


Private Diary Entry - Before Battle. )
Be smart, brother. Don't die.

Oh and after this is over, I'll be moving my things into the apartment next door to you. Try not to overthink it.

[FILTERED TO THE CREED CREW (ACS Group + Ezio, Alfred, Dela & Nathan)]
As Ezio and I have our orders and will be at each other's backs today, I wish the rest of you luck in the upcoming battle.

Stay safe, and alive. I expect to see you all healthy and whole on the other side of this.

Mar. 21st, 2016


I will say that woman does know how to clip off her consonants. What a rather hilarious situation, because I think she sounds very much like my mother. All the better that these home-grown gifts to arrive in perfect time with her voice. I fear she might next send me to my room for muddying my pinafore.

Alfred, if you want to see a photo of my brother, I've got one in my new/old handbag.

I've a whole handbag of delightful cosmetics and a mind to share.

I'm quite sure you're all aware of my habit of cultivating stockpiles of ammunition for a rainy day. In addition to all the weapons I've got already, the pod dropped off another collection of Howard Stark specials, including:
  • A gamma cannon we used to seal zero matter into a different universe. It's got one charge to it, then it looks like the batteries are good and fried.
  • A tool that will more or less wipe a person's memory for a good several moments.
  • I've still got that bloody Midnight Oil, too

  • And I suppose the reason I'm telling you this is I trust you all to know it's here and make good decisions if it's ever needed. Otherwise, I'm sitting on it with no real use.

    Mar. 17th, 2016


    [Filtered to Toolmakers, Blacksmiths, and Infrastructure]

    Right, so - Bell here, and I've got a small project.

    Henry Mills is looking to have an Easter egg hunt. He wants 200 or so eggs, hollow, that he can put candy in. I asked if I might have a bit of fun with it, and he says that as long as they hold candy, they can do whatever else we like.

    Anyone else want in? I've got a basic design set, based on what I use for making smoke bombs, so there's no need to go re-inventing the wheel, but I imagine the children would enjoy whatever creativity folk might like to put to it. Would anyone else like to help?

    [Filtered to Jacob, Miss Frye, Miss Dela, and Signor Auditore]
    Brainstorming time, mates. Things a hollow egg could do that would be entertaining but not harmful to children: go.


    I cannot be the only one that feels guilty about putting our roommates out for an evening. Or two. Or three.

    Mar. 13th, 2016


    Well, my roommate Raleigh is gone. Hopefully this means I'll have the place to myself for a while

    Mar. 11th, 2016


    Did you notice anyone walking into our room in the last day or so?

    Mar. 7th, 2016


    I can't believe I'm This place is full of smells I know we got all sorts of folks here besides humans, and no one's hunting any of y'all, no one's trying to limit your rights. Seems too good to be true, but I gotta ask because I'm sick of dancing around it. How many of you can turn into something else, like an animal?


    Are the only high-speed communication methods here controlled by the local government? The radio, the I understand correctly that there's nothing else?

    Mar. 2nd, 2016


    damn, but i was getting ready to head for my fifth papa doble. that's what i get for mixing sun, rum and government business.

    so, stop me if you heard this one before ...

    albert einstein and carl jung walk into a bar. it's called the relative archetype and they order an adorably post-apocalyptic landscape. mister rogers (cardigan and all) sidles up next to them and he's got some loaded potato storybook characters and liberally sprinkles it with random friends. then enter sandman and what the eff, here we are.

    so stop stampeding, get me a kale smoothie (with an umbrella), and we're in business.

    Feb. 26th, 2016


    A week or so ago, Lady Lewis was kind enough to give me an array of modern music so that I might become familiar with different popular styles. On the whole it has been a very enjoyable experience! I particularly like one Nicki Minaj - she seems to be very confident! - and that one song that is about taking people to church but is actually about sex is quite catchy.

    But now I am curious. A lot of songs reference rocks. As in "Rock Your Body", which at first I thought was a threat, but when I listened further I did not parse any references to a public stoning. What is this "rock"? And why must it likewise "roll"? Thank you in advance.

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