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Apr. 18th, 2016


You have no idea how relieved I am that whatever force took my friends away from here has brought them back again.

I hope everyone else has their loved ones back, too.

Apr. 17th, 2016


Mount Weather

WHO: Ben Reilly and Loki
WHAT: Everyone is back and Ben goes searching to make sure a certain god is among them. Feels commence.
WHEN: 4/17, Sunday, after everyone arrives.
WHERE: from tech to the blast doors to a secluded hallway
WARNINGS: schmoop? feels?

Come here. Come on, it's okay. )


This place never ceases to amaze me. I barely remember whatever it was we all just went through, but I'm wearing a tube top under my jacket in the middle of winter so whatever it was couldn't have been good.

Apr. 18th, 2016


Beacon Hills


ps if you're missing any of your stuff I have it. Long story.

Apr. 17th, 2016


IS IT EVERYONE?! Did they all come back?! It's like a Christmas miracle! But in April.

Apr. 18th, 2016


I feel like I missed my birthday. I didn't of course, but it didn't mean anything to me there. My family might have been messed up at home, but whether it was my father or Wilson, they always found time to do something.

There is one I haven't missed though. Happy birthday, Matt. I've been under a magic spell and didn't get you anything.

[Friends, roomies]
I need to clear my head, get out of here for a few days. Three, specifically. Since everything's a bit of a mess here I'll stick around to help out for the rest of the day and head out tomorrow. I've got a tracker and I'll leave a map with my planned route and campsite marked, stick within the five mile radius, and bring first aid gear and a flare. I suppose my tablet too in case I want to read, though I'm not sure if it will be able to connect to the network out there or how long the battery will last. You can expect me back about lunchtime on the 21st and start getting worried if I'm not back by sunset.

Apr. 17th, 2016


Mount Weather

Well done, everyone.

[Command + Military/Fair Weather Friends]

You are all probably busy. I certainly understand and will lend a hand wherever I can. I might just be one hobbit, but I've been fighting off what I can around here myself. I've been taking record of everything. Every battle. Every fight. I was able to sneak in and out of places without being noticed, far as I can tell. If anyone needs information, that I can give.


mount weather; iskierka

Coffee! What a marvel it is! After the battle I thought I would have to eat a deer and sleep for a week, but someone gave me coffee and now I feel magnificent!

Laurence! Temeraire! Come, let us look for Granby again. I am quite certain I can even fly now, given enough space to take off.


network post; gabriel

I have to redecorate again. Annoying. Who can I get my belongings from?

Miss me?


mount weather network; clarke griffin (001)

I know you're all exhausted, but we're not finished just yet.

All the military reports are in and the last of the goblins is dead. Anyone taking shelter in a safe location is free to move about the mountain, and I'm going to ask that any civilian who is physically able volunteers to help in the next few days. It'll mean pulling double shifts and going outside your department, but Mount Weather needs all hands on deck to really be livable right now.

  • Military + Fair Weather Friends: I'd rather all of you get some kind of sleep or rest, but I know most of you are stubborn, so I'm asking that you at least try to volunteer somewhere comparitively low stress. You deserve a break.
  • Medical: We're still treating the injured and we could use more civilian volunteers. I've talked to Hawke about setting up a rotation for the doctors, nurses and field medics, but again, I know a lot of you are stubborn. I won't be surprised if you refuse to take a nap, but I will remind you that tired medics make mistakes. If you're usually working in medical, do the most important work on your patients and leave anything that you can easily explain to a layman to the volunteers.
  • Infrastructure: The tunnels need to be collapsed and the walls need to be repaired. Our infrastructure department took a lot of cuts a few weeks ago, so if you're up for some labor, they also desperately need volunteers.
  • Law Enforcement: We need an updated list of our survivors, our injured and our dead ASAP. Many of our officers are FWF and may be injured, so if everyone could check in with an officer before switching departments, that would help.
  • Crafts: Anybody who knows useful salvage from garbage and has a strong stomach needs to volunteer for Craft detail for a while. They'll be looting and disposing of the dead bodies. Our main priorities are to get them out of the mountain and not to leave them out to attract predators; the best way to do that is by burning them. We'll need someone to maintain a pyre far enough from the blast doors to keep the stink some distance away from us.
  • Civilian: With so much of our residential area damaged, we need more hands on deck than usual to clean up the damaged areas to make them livable again. Until that's done, anyone not catching rest in the hospital while they're recovering will have to bunk with someone in 504 or find somewhere else to sleep until their rooms are safe. I'm also asking that the kitchen staff deliver food to workers instead of calling everybody away and into the Mess Hall. People are either wiped or working, and we want to get this done as soon as possible. Normally Lily Potter would
  • This is an all hands on deck situation. I know it's asking a lot so soon after repelling an invasion, but it's about keeping our home livable, and everyone needs volunteers. The only non-essential areas that will resume as normal are going to be childcare, education and The Rose. The kids need the normalcy, and I have a feeling you'd all find a way to get a drink even if I told you not to. As soon as you're done with duties in one area, or if a certain job overloads you in some way, you need to volunteer in another area. Nobody expects you to do nothing but clean up dead bodies the entire time, but that just means you'll need to move over to something like food service or infrastructure and rotate with someone.

    Most importantly, stay safe, take breaks every few hours, and don't forget to eat and stay hydrated. Medical is going to be too busy tending to the wounded to hover over you about self care, but if you make dangerous mistakes because you're tired or pass out from dehydration, you're adding more to Medical's workload. There's no issue of banding together and getting this done, because I've seen you all do it time and time again, but we're down over 180 people from the last time we dealt with something this damaging inside Mount Weather itself and I know that many of you will work yourselves to the bone if we let you.

    You saved us all today. Take care of yourselves.

  • [info]ownthisday

    (mw) log: sera+cullen

    WHO: Cullen Rutherford and Sera Adaar
    WHEN: Late Saturday night/the wee hours of Sunday morning
    WHERE: Mount Weather medical department
    WHAT: Sera comes to visit Cullen and bring him a snack after the battle against the goblins.
    WARNINGS: N/A; just references to violence and sadness.

    Maybe think about resting. Sleeping. That's where you lie back, and you shut your eyes, and forget stuff for a few hours. )


    mw: cassie sandsmark

    Goblin goo is gross. For the record.

    Final score?

    Apr. 16th, 2016


    mount weather. (also plays on all radios and TVs)

    Listen up, Mount Weather.

    All Military and Fair Weather Friends: The goblins are advancing. Report to Sergeant Rutherford in the gym for your orders. He'll be able to tell you where you're stationed and what the goal is.

    Medical, including registered emergency volunteers, report to battle stations.

    Everyone else, get to your designated safe locations.

    I repeat, All Military and Fair Weather.....


    Hello, my name is Mitsumi. I've been told I've got very bad timing which I hope means that this isn't how things usually are. Since I got here three hours ago some people will have already seen me. I was the one with the Espeon helping make barricades.

    Apr. 15th, 2016


    mount weather: kili

    Who: Kili
    When: Today, before Logan's post.
    Where: Under the mountain where basically no one but dwarves would want to go.
    What: Kili hears something suspicious.
    Kili knew mountains. )

    Apr. 14th, 2016


    mount weather: kate marsh

    Hello. I'm new, I suppose?

    I'm Kate. I'm sorry -- is there something else I should say? I'm a little at a loss.

    You've certainly done a nice job making this place look like somewhere people could live. I'm going to guess there's no way to go home, since that wasn't offered to me?

    TRIGGER: suicide, abuse, torture in conversation with Max Caulfield.


    mount weather: bellamy blake

    [after this]

    Listen up, Mount Weather. This evening, smoke from an unknown camp was spotted, in an area west of the mountain. We reached out to nearby Grounders, but they don't know of any camps there, and they said they typically avoid that area to begin with. We've sent out a scouting party to investigate, so until we can identify who or what is in the area, and what they're doing, we're requiring all outside activity to be limited to the south and east sides of the mountain. This includes all hunting, fishing and gathering. The guards stationed at all exits will record departures and arrivals until we have determined that the mountain is not in danger.

    Thank you for your assistance and understanding. If you spot anything out of the ordinary out there - tracks, signs of a camp - or encounter someone or something that you don't recognize, please alert us immediately.


    mount weather: julie power

    What the hell am I Hey! Okay, so. Hi. If we haven't met, I'm Julie, and I was named second in command of crafts after the most recent mass exodus. Who knew all that time repairing my siblings' costumes would come in handy! Good thing I'm speedy, too, because holy shit, we are down in numbers.

    Which is what I wanted to talk to everyone about. We could really use help in all areas, honestly. We lost Thorin, which has really bummed me out on a personal level, and we lost most of our Podkru clothing makers, shoe makers and tool makers. I know what you're thinking. "But Julie, I don't know anything about making clothes or shoes?" Or "I barely know how to use tools in the first place!" But the thing about these skills is that you can learn them. We're not asking for perfection. Just someone who wants to help and wants to learn. So if anyone's willing to chip in some time to help, that'd be great. I know everyone here would appreciate it, and it's always good to have a variety of skills at your disposal. You never know when you'll need them.

    ... Also, does anyone know a lot about unstable molecules? I got a bunch of material made from it last month, and it'd be way more useful if we could make more of it. Or... something, I don't know:

    Hey, I checked about your friend. There was no sign he left the base around the time he went missing. No one could find him on any cameras. If there was any foul play, law enforcement would know about it. Have you talked to them about this? It might just be that he disappeared like everyone else. I know you don't want to hear that, but without any evidence to help us out, we're kind of stuck.


    Mount Weather

    [ooc: posted late evening]

    [Filter to Scouts & Command]
    Has there been any word of the locals moving their camps? I'm seeing smoke up in the hills where there isn't usually any activity.


    mount weather

    WHO: Peter Parker, Ben Reilly, and Benjy
    WHEN: April 14th, night
    WHERE: Loki's apartment
    WHAT: Bro commiserating while being their usual evasive selves. Plus Benjy cuteness.
    WARNING: the sads?

    So you’re looking after your uncle for me? Knew I could count on you, kiddo. )

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