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Mar. 7th, 2016


ok i get it. you're all heroical do-gooders running on caffeine that never did a wrong thing a day in your life. i get that coffee is prized above all else. because hey. otherwise we're subsisting on blue stuff and veronica's witty banter.

... didn't you ever grow pot in a window unit when you were in college? no. just me. okay. i'm pretty sure i can engineer you a tiny adorable greenhouse. if that's a Thing and You Want It. (never say tony stark's handsome mug doesn't class a place up immediately.)

so here's what i need:
  • space (i'm thinking a sturdy table, some of your adorable midcentury aesthetic lighting and tubing)
  • set me up near a water source
  • reflective material
  • some fancy do-gooder that makes things grow faster

  • and we're done


    network; bigby wolf (015)

    Someone needs to either grow (or find) more coffee or get their hands on some goddamn tobacco. Expecting me to give up both is cruel and unusual.

    Mar. 4th, 2016


    [Filtered to Asala, Cassandra, and Pevensies]
    (after this conversation)

    Inquisitor -

    You asked that we keep you updated, and here we are. Based on what the scouts found at the scene of the Grounder battle, Susan and Edmund are fairly confident that we are indeed dealing with Jadis, the White Witch of Narnia. If we are to stay ahead of her, we need to begin planning for possible attacks and dangers now. I'd like a meeting with the five of us (and whomever else in Command you feel warrants inclusion) today, at your earliest convenience.


    [Filtered to Octavia]
    We think we know what is causing people and animals to be turned to stone, and there is a possibility that the statues you found may yet be returned to life. We do not know for certain that the magic can be recreated here, but we must try. We need to arrange to have them transported to somewhere that they will be safe in the meantime.

    [Filtered to Veronica]
    If you've plans to be outside the mountain any time soon, do not go alone. There is trouble afoot. A proper announcement should be forthcoming, but I don't nothing ever happens fast enough for my liking around here.

    Mar. 2nd, 2016


    If you are a musician capable of playing something other than piano and would be interested in providing music for Little Shop of Horrors, please contact me. Thank you.

    [Filtered to Pixie]
    Task for you: find out what instruments dropped yesterday. The Lady Director would like to see if we can assemble an orchestra.

    [Filtered to Veronica]
    1 - Have you heard of a theater rule that says one should never say the name of a certain play inside a theater?
    2 - If the name of that play is said, does it actually lay a curse upon the theater? Lady Alison is concerned, her sister claims it is foolish superstition.

    Feb. 26th, 2016



    For those of you I've not met directly, I apologize. I've not been as present and available as I should be, and I'm going to fix that from here on. My name is Clarke, for those who are new. I serve as Co-Head of Operations alongside Bellamy.

    I'm going to be establishing a consistent set of 'office hours' on Sunday afternoons from 2pm until 5pm. Basically, I'll be available for questions, comments, concerns, etc. Whatever you have on your mind, I'm willing to listen. I want to make sure that we're functioning as well as possible within the mountain.

    Of course, I'm always available outside of Sundays too, I just may be a bit more distracted.

    That's about it. Have a nice night.

    Hello. I'm trying to make sure I'm not completely behind and off-base -- would you mind giving me a general idea of what's going on in each department? It's not required, obviously, but it'd help me get caught up on what I've missed while distracted. Just a general gist sort of thing, that's all I'm interested in. If you've got any special projects that I can help with, let me know that too.


    Feb. 25th, 2016


    network; dean winchester (032)

    Steve Rogers, Asala Adaar, Law Enforcement officers, Matt Murdock, Sam Winchester & Gabriel:
    Cas ain't Cas anymore. We've been sitting on it for a few days to figure things out ourselves, but Cas is riding shotgun with Lucifer. (The real Lucifer, not Police Officer Lucifer.) Something happened, his memories updated and the rest apparently updated with him, and in the future, we fuck up so bad that Cas thinks he needs to let Lucifer in to help us.

    Whatever he tells you, he's twisting the truth or he's just lying. Cas may have consented to being possessed, but it's bullshit. The consent doesn't have to be good. He could've easily been tricked into saying yes, or he thought he was saying yes to something else and Lucifer got in on technicality, or Lucifer promised he could do something he couldn't. The bastard hates humans and is one bad day away from scorching the earth. He may play nice for a while, but he'll get bored.

    He needs to get out of Cas and get locked up somewhere where he can't hurt anybody. I get that you have your amnesty bullshit going on here, but this isn't some bellyaching anti-hero with daddy issues or a demon with their balls in a vice. Lucifer's been locked up for a reason, and if you don't do the same, we're fucked.

    ( ooc; characters talk about the nature of consent regarding angelic possession in here. it's sketchy stuff and not reading material for a bad day. )


    [Veronica Mars]
    I just wanted to say that I appreciated the company the other night. Sorry I left early.


    network post: alison hendrix

    Attention, everyone! Auditions for Little Shop of Horrors are today in the gymnasium! To accommodate everyone's work schedules, I'll be there from lunch time onward, so stop by with a song in your heart and a spring in your step!

    We'll also be doing crew requests with our stage manager, Cullen Rutherford, so even if you don't want to sing and dance, stop by anyway and see him.

    Even if you've never been on stage before, this is a great community enrichment opportunity and way to make friends. We've just lost a lot of people, including a few of our veteran actors, so we'll need all hands on deck for this one, okay? Give it a shot, first-timers!

    ♥ ♥ ♥

    Oh, God, I lost Mona. What am I going to do? She was a pain in my ass and I think she was ready to kill all the other actors but she could sing...

    Please tell me this isn't going to be a disaster.

    Feb. 23rd, 2016


    [ Filtered to Lucifer ]

    Howdy doody, Satan. I've got some questions for you, if you've got a minute out of your whole eternity to spend on little ol' me.

    (And yes, I'm one of the ones who is side-eyeing your entire schtick, but curiosity killed the cat anyway, so here we are.)

    [ /Filter ]


    Alright I got three of these Sera-named 'tit holders' and two more sets of frilly panties. Claim 'em before my boyfriend burns' em cause he's jealous they're prettier than his.

    Sorry, Warden. For dancing on your bar. I break anything, I'll fix it. You don't shit where you eat, people.

    Feb. 22nd, 2016


    I'd say it isn't fair, but Chuck Bartoswki is gone, again. For those who want to know.

    Feb. 20th, 2016


    network; bigby wolf (014)

    All right, kids, now that the fucking Devil is around, we need to have a group talk.

    I'm sure we're all a bunch of loose cannons back home on the hunt for justice or vengeance or inner peace, but this community's too small for us to be wandering around and doing whatever we want. There are rules and laws for us to follow just as much as anyone else. We're working with a new government here, and it's on us to set an example so that people feel like they can actually trust us.

    Which means that if one of us likes being a smug shitheel, it'll reflect badly. Keep in mind what responsibility you're being given here. If you just want to fuck with people, you can do it while mopping up shit in sanitation.


    My Fight Club dreams came true last night. That's it. I've peaked. It's only downhill from here.

    [ Filtered to Lady Friends (feel free to assume!) ]

    Hey, I'm in need of a girls night. Let's drink fruity drinks and do each others hair and talk about skincare and boys!!

    ...or sit in my favorite dark corner of the Rose and practice our intimidating glowers. You know? Let's just go with that.

    [ /Filter ]

    Filtered Private - TRIGGER WARNING for mentions of abuse )


    YO! Attn: Some Douchebag Named Grant; Sing me the song of your people & tell me about yourself.

    Oh and since I didn't introduce myself last time since I was too busy being mad about multiverse, I'm Jess Drew. Spider-Woman. From the arguably more fucked up Avengers & X-Men world, but I say arguably because I like to leave a little chance that the other one might still beat us. No, I'm not related to Peter Parker or any of the other Spider-People, but they're the good sort and I'll punch you if you're mean to them.

    Feb. 18th, 2016


    I am so sick and tired of this universe jumping crap and everything going to shit.

    You know what? Avengers Assemble. So you can all kiss my ass.


    I remembered a book I read when I was little by this man named Aldous Huxley. And besides all the speculative parts of it (his society doubled in on itself), I remember more reading about him once saying his father said walking in the mountains is like churchgoing. These days, I think I understand the sentiment. Even if it's still cold - I'm happy about it, being out in the wilderness. Feeling like I could melt right into the trees and the shadows. Feeling the generosity of the mountain when it yields up riches for us.

    And to think, I probably took enough sap from the big old maples I found to keep us in syrup and other things for a while. Tapping was a skill we never really had at home (didn't have need for it, really) but I wouldn't mind trying to make some molasses out of the dregs of all this. Cause when you got molasses, you got molasses cookies. And with the holidays just passed - well, we're late. But better late than never.

    Veronica? You like molasses?

    Speaking of holidays, I heard bells a couple times today. Strange, right? But I was probably getting close to one of those Grounder encampments and it makes sense they'd use those bells for communication.

    None of this is learning to control powers, I know. But what it is? Learning to be happy in your own skin and the ground under your feet. Right now, I'm satisfied with that.

    Feb. 16th, 2016


    Okay, so obviously the pod god has been dropping off things from home that can do some damage. Dragons, frost giants, droids, etc. Thankfully usually at least a few of us know the threats inside and out but I'm wondering what's gonna happen if the one with know how is off doing some kind of run and ain't around to help us figure out vulnerabilities from the getgo.

    Do we got any kind of database set up with potentials threats that might get dropped off? Is that something we might wanna create if we don't got one going?





    also I got the message, Mars. where's the muffins?

    [[OOC: Team Jackass sign-ups!]]


    Claire's post got me thinking... Wow, I miss Reese's. But then this morning, I learned the joy of having to sharpen the last two inches of my eyeliner pencil with a knife. My mascara dried up like, two months ago, and my Nars lip gloss is on it's last legs.

    I miss Sephora.

    If anyone feels the need to rain on my parade, and talk about how there's bgger things in life to worry about, blah, blah noble superhero shit, I will make your eardrums bleed. People need creature comforts, and $30 eyeliner just happens to be mine. Join in on the commiserate instead, okay? What dumb item do you miss from home that while you can completely live without, life just isn't the same? (I think 'vibrators' goes without saying, but by all means.)

    Feb. 11th, 2016


    [Chatty to Veronica]
    >> Might you have some spare time this evening?
    >> Yesterday was a long day and I could do with another chapter of your Book of Abominations and Idiots.

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