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Jan. 22nd, 2016


I do not trust this magic. What trickery is at play?

Jan. 13th, 2016


Okay, sick folks. I am hereby volunteering myself as delivery boy for you. Technically I'm an alien and my healing is really, really good, so Earth diseases don't do anything to me, so unless someone modified this illness to effect all of us and not just the humans

No one did that, right? This is just normal, run-of-the-mill human flu or something, right? That's it?

Dec. 22nd, 2015


This is a nerd's dream. Living with Thorin and Bilbo.


I suppose this is as good as a next adventure as any, though I wouldn't have minded just a bit more time to enjoy the Shire before being brought here. Living underground is quite interesting, as well.

Guess it wouldn't be proper to not introduce myself now, would it? I'm Bilbo. Bilbo Baggins, of the Shire. I know at least one of my roommates, it seems. Is anyone else here who knows me? Gandalf, by chance? I daresay I only brought enough pipe weed to last a month. Goodness knows what I'll do if I run out.

Dec. 16th, 2015


[Filtered to 506B: Billy Kaplan & Teddy Altman]
I wanted to let you know that I'm moving out. It's kind of hard to explain. Just believe me when I say it's not you, it's me.

Dec. 13th, 2015


You keep the amulet on you while walking around, yes?

This is just a friendly request, promise! Snow mentioned that there's a murder mistress running amok by the name of Bloody Mary. Should she happen to grace your lives with her unrelenting blood thirst, could you let me know? I'd like a word or two with her. Thank you!

Do me a favor?

Dec. 6th, 2015


Hello everyone! My name is
myname is

my name's



Okay, you can do this, Leslie.

Greetings! Seasonally! Salutations festively! No, no. That's ridiculous. I can't seem to get this introduction right. Hi everybody! I'm Pawnee City Councilwoman Leslie Knope and I'm completely not okay with any of this at all because this is actually forty-eight miles from my dream second home away from the best city in the world which is also called Pawnee, Indiana and holy crap this sentence has gotten away with me. SO. I should have deleted all that, but I'm too some word I don't even know right now to keep backspacing and deleting and all that.

Emotional? Sure, that's an easy one. I'm emotional! I'm emoting!

there are no waffles in the future are there

Dec. 4th, 2015


network post: reyna ramirez-arellano

Would there be any folks (let's say under 18) who'd be interested in some sort of organized training program. I know there are the classes and all, but I was thinking more with ongoing teams maybe, or semi-organized sparring practices and the like.

I managed to get my hands on some cocoa. You want?

Also, we could play fetch with Au & Ag

So, speed dating = lame. Want to make alternate plans?

Dec. 2nd, 2015


netpost; billy kaplan

[Young Avengers]
My mom got sent back.

So. How do you feel about snowmen?

Nov. 16th, 2015


network post: erik lehnsherr

I'm back from Camp Jaha with Adaar.

The ammunition project will continue, and [...] whatever metal damage has been done to doors &c. will be fixed.

Nov. 13th, 2015


I was looking back through all the pictures on my old smartphone, right? (Rhetorical question.) And I didn't realize how far back the gallery goes, but that might just because I messed with my own memories. (Long story.)

Anyway, I came across a picture of the dog I used to... well, "have" implies the wrong thing. He was my ornery partner in crime (Joke.) until he up and left.

What's my point? Nothing, really. I just wanted to share how cute hellhounds are when they're young.

[[Embedded picture of Thori.]]

Lookit that face.

Nov. 11th, 2015


-- Hey, gramps
-- I saw Adaar mentioned you were going to Camp Jaha, so I don't know when you'll get this
-- I had to cut my r You're the one who Be careful out there, okay?

Nov. 5th, 2015


Kate's birthday. Saturday.

What are we doing?

Oct. 22nd, 2015


network post; billy kaplan

I love you. And I love that you're not likely to wake up a demon, or cursed, and that our biggest concern is our family drama. And maybe that is super selfish, but I'm tired, and I don't know.

I miss home.

I'm thinking about how America should get here so she could kick us to the nearest waffle house.

And how you're my best friend. So if you need me to teleport to China right now, consider it done. But we might need Loki to help with the distance thing.

Oct. 17th, 2015


1 recently deceased body. Female with pink hair, glasses, tattoos, pjs.
No need for alarm, though there was a lot of ghostly dry heaving for a while there. Loki filled me in on what's been happening, and then bothered the shit out of me until I posted here. So here I am. Verity Willis.

Let's get a few things straight though, before you go and try to talk to me. I'm mostly a recluse by necessity and a little bit by choice. People lie and they lie a lot, and sometimes it's about the stupid shit. I'm basically a human lie detector. I can tell when you believe something, and I can decipher if it's actually true (depending on if it's emotion-based or not). I can see through illusions — shitty ones or God-like ones. I can't enjoy sarcasm or most fiction for this same reason. I see every kind of lie. My sense just sort of pings all over the place. LIE. LIE. LIE.

So. Recluse.

At least until Loki came along. Go ahead. Make the joke, but know that if you put him in that box of evil, I'll rip you a new asshole for it. He's spent a long time and went through a lot of trials to accept himself and he fought against his own future evil self and won. So the Loki any of you might have known is no longer. I believe in him.

That's not to say that he's not a little shit-stirrer. He wouldn't be the God of Stories without a few pranks up his sleeves. Nobody's perfect.

Oh, and medical, I'm really sorry about the dead body coming in only to get reawakened on your shift. I'm pretty sure that was pretty fucked up for a lot of you. Here's hoping that it doesn't happen again any time soon. Kaidan and Shepard, I think that dead body smell will go away after a few hours. It's really gross.

Oct. 15th, 2015



We need to talk.


You know, I knew I wasn't a morning person, but I guess I didn't realize that I literally wasn't myself in the mornings.

Oct. 12th, 2015


How long are we supposed to let this demon have a hold of Dean? I'm not used to sitting on something for so long.
Anyone wanna get together tonight? I'll bring the weapons.

Oct. 6th, 2015


Sooo, secret identities....I'm honestly curious. Since, I pretty much never had one.

Pros and cons...go!

[OOC: OMG, I'm so sorry. But, he had to know!]

Sep. 27th, 2015



Does it really count if a full year hasn't passed since my last one? I skipped a few months when I got here.

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