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Apr. 1st, 2016


mount weather.

I'm going to need you all to check in. Rogers, Danvers, Rocket, and Groot all disappeared this morning. Rocket and Groot, I witnessed myself.

Mar. 31st, 2016


Now seems like a great time to understand all the magic around here, like I mentioned before.

I was trying to do things the proper way, but well...having a class is something we should start as soon as possible.

Who would be interested in attending if I started a meeting to learn about all the magic that is here?

Mar. 21st, 2016


In some ways, the PodGod must have been working with Andraste to smile upon us, as I received a chest full of magical items from my home. Lyrium - in multiple forms - was just one of the items.

I think it's going to work. I think my idea with the rite has the potential to work. This morning, I got ... a flutter. Almost. A glimmer of change. But I don't know if I'm simply not powerful enough or the stone magic is just too much for it to break through. I admit I'm being overly cautious, as anything that could harm the butterfly could easily harm Marie, and I will do everything in my power to prevent that from happening. It is not a full Rite, by any means, especially by the fact that Marie is not connected to the Fade, and neither is Jadis. It's... magic is especially fluid, and this is a bit like reshaping something that would otherwise be ugly.

I suppose I should come up with a name for whatever it is I am doing, now that I think on it. Something about stripping-

No, no. Too open to dirty minds running with it. Don't get any ideas!


I have a sword?

I have a sword! Does this mean I'm like King Arthur?

Sorry if it wouldn't let you touch it, btw. I didn't know it was for me or I would've gotten it sooner. I was expecting my Pokémon cards instead. Whoops.

Mar. 20th, 2016


... why is this cat licking my head?


So who's going to this bonfire thing tonight?

So yesterday I got the dag


So this is the first time in awhile (including pre-Mt. Weather) that I've actually had my own clothes to wear. And I actually think I may've outgrown this whole grungy rebel teen thing, considering the fact that I'm careening towards my mid-thirties.

I mean, obviously keeping most of it, but still. Maybe some of these fishnets ought to be donated to the rubbish bin, unless Kira has some crafty use for them.

[ Cosima ]
I'm pretty sure I also got a bit of that sample from Kendall. It's not much, but I'll drop it by.


KITTY KITTY KITTY. And my faaaaaaaave corset.

What's our pet count like now?

eta: Is that Skrull writing on one of the swords?

Mar. 16th, 2016


I never thought I'd use the term futuristic anachronism, but I can't think of anything better to describe this place. The technology and medical advances seem so far beyond what I'm used to, yet it's as if it's horribly outdated by the standards you'd expect here.

This tablet will save a lot of time, hard to believe it's as powerful as the supercomputers back home. I've got some catching up to do. Oh, this is a public interface. Interconnected. Hello, my name is Henry McCoy. I'll be working in the Medical Lab here, and looking forward to getting to it.

Mar. 15th, 2016


My situation is handled, at least I think Well, I'm not entirely sure bu thank you very much. You can stop glaring at him, and I know you are because he said you were. Maker, half of you act like children. There are bigger things to worry about than my failed love life, now can we leave it at that?

This butterfly is ... interesting. Exceptionally powerful magic, but we already knew that.

I know we're aware of the cause now, but at the same time I'm uncomfortable with just waiting to see if she can reverse it, and have been looking into my own methods. With time and more research, I do think we'll be able to reverse it using methods similar to the Rite of Tranquility in our world, but I need to look deeper into the possible effects it could have on someone like Marie, I don't wish to cause her more harm.

For those of you not from Thedas, the Rite of Tranquility is a process that effectively cuts off a mage's pull to the fade and draws their magic from them. It's... well, a rather deplorable method to silence mages, and it was grossly overused, but if we could adjust it to merely draw the magic out without harming the mind, it may be enough to reverse the stone-spell on the animals and Marie.

Cassandra, you mentioned research on the topic? Do you happen to have any of that with you? Or if you and Cullen could go over the specific Rite with me, that would be helpful.

Mar. 13th, 2016


I'd like to thank everyone who's been so kind and welcoming to me the past week! You might've been standoffish, or vague, or perhaps even homicidal with a dash of paranoid, but no! Instead you've embraced me as one of your own. What unexpected warmth! Thank you, Mount Weather!

As an extremely small token of my gratitude, I've gone ahead and done all the dishes. All the dishes, yes, even the not-dirty ones. Fellow dishwashers, enjoy a well-deserved day off! All the dishes in Mount Weather have been restored to their former state of clean before the daily wear-and-tear (most were manufactured in 2011, but several were as early as 1951, can you believe it?), and I've gone ahead and whipped up a few of the sets that were broken and incomplete. Go ahead, make new dirty dishes! I'll take care of them. I could do this forever!

[ Filtered to Poe ]

Thank you again for your hospitality last night, and for the cards, and for the drinks, and for the... everything. It made me feel less lone human included. Your friends are lucky to call you such.

Mar. 10th, 2016


Cosima Niehaus, happy belated birthday. It's hard to keep track under the mountain.

Let's have an impromptu party of some sort somewhere post-rehearsal. Some of you lot, come be entertaining. Alcohol is welcome. Devil Coffee is also welcome.

Musketeers, come take your clothes off. Cos may not be particularly interested because of her girlfriend, but the rest of us are, and that's good enough.

Mar. 9th, 2016


Conversations about Bull's manhood and his asshole. Must be Wednesday.

Also, there's something weird about a shop where they're all smiling and know your name, no matter what they're serving. I think I'll take a pass, and look, you know if I'm not interested, it should say something.

[Thedas Minus Cullen]
So for anyone who was still on the fence about whether Cullen was or Cullen wasn't tickling that Mars girl's belly from the inside.... guess who just asked me to clear out of the rooms tonight?

Look at me, a regular gossip. I'm proud of Curly.


Did not expect to find out that a Starbucks appeared overnight but hey, I'll take it. I could use a chai tea latte right about now.

Mar. 7th, 2016


ok i get it. you're all heroical do-gooders running on caffeine that never did a wrong thing a day in your life. i get that coffee is prized above all else. because hey. otherwise we're subsisting on blue stuff and veronica's witty banter.

... didn't you ever grow pot in a window unit when you were in college? no. just me. okay. i'm pretty sure i can engineer you a tiny adorable greenhouse. if that's a Thing and You Want It. (never say tony stark's handsome mug doesn't class a place up immediately.)

so here's what i need:
  • space (i'm thinking a sturdy table, some of your adorable midcentury aesthetic lighting and tubing)
  • set me up near a water source
  • reflective material
  • some fancy do-gooder that makes things grow faster

  • and we're done


    I can handle constant threat of radiation poisoning, death-by-arrow, dragon, White Witch and werewolf, but a coffee ration? That just hurts. If I had a trailer, I'd be storming back to it.

    Mar. 5th, 2016


    Lady Caroline, I apologize in advance if I get too... intense over this Villain thing. You see, I've never been one. Ever. Music, dancing, acting, all of that is familiar to me, but all of it is spent playing a hero for the masses, and I certainly don't treat women the way this wretch does. So, I've been channeling my ex, Madalena. She is quite possibly the most evil creature I've ever met, so I figured it'd be apt.

    It might be a bit too apt. They'd be well suited for each other.

    Now I just have to make sure I leave the method acting at the door, before Iz murders me.

    Mar. 4th, 2016


    So, I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess there aren't any automail mechanics about?

    I know I've seen a few other people with -- prosthetics limbs, I guess you'd call them? Are there mechanics for those?


    netpost; billy kaplan

    Um. Tell me I didn't wish anything out of existence.

    Please. Alien metabolism > magic, right now.

    I blame radiation for anything and everything that might have happened yesterday. Yup. Totally the apocalypse's fault. So And uh -- thanks, Mount Weather. For being so understanding.

    Mar. 3rd, 2016


    Hi. I'm Emily, Em if I like you (don't assume that I like you). You might know me from such events as Medical Presents: Roundhouse Kick to the Head, and Ungodly Shriek II: The Bitchening. I got here a few days ago with the not-Grant Ward and now I'm free to go to my room to see my roommates for the first time (ew). I'll also be working in admin or whatever for legal, which, okay. Wish I had my secretary outfit.

    I think this is pretty much bullshit and I hate this place but I hate wendigos more, so here we go. It's really something to meet you people. If you mess with me, I'll kill you. Cheers, bitches!

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