May 2016

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May 11th, 2016

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left for Flash Thompson (TRN-123) on Sunday, May 9 )

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How much more rationing do we have to do? This wouldn't have happened if we weren't playing host to everybody who looks in our direction. At least the Pod people do something around here. What do the Boat People do?

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Wondering a little how all the communal activities are going to change once we've got the settlements up. Smaller groups in each place? Getting really fit visiting somewhere else to play cards? Hard to say. Either way it will definitely be different, which is a little bit sad, though on the whole I still think the settlements are a good idea. If there does end up being a lot of visiting it's easy to see it as a bit of a throwback to when I was a kid, spending a few weeks in the summers on my grandparents' sheep farm up in the valleys. We used to spend all day running around the hills - but there we didn't have all this dense forest. Just lots and lots of grass and some scattered trees, in bunches or long lines of them marking boundary fences, and sometimes tumbled stones where there used to be a shepherd's hut or an old wall. We had a long, long history on that land.

All of which is pretty irrelevant to what I was going to say, which is: Ladyhawke tonight. Very family-friendly, on a level with The Princess Bride. Another epic love story that has to triumph over the meddling of an evil bishop, starring Matthew Broderick, Rutger Hauer and Michelle Pfeiffer.

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How are things?

[Acquaintances who Fight Club, -Matt]
Anyone feel like sparring? Elektra's here and Ravi's busy trying to make his friend not die and every time I think I've made sense of things I get I could really use a distraction.

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oh boy, group work is so awesome. it makes me delightfully happy. why didn't i engage in full-on group work before. i've been missing out basically my whole life.

(now can i have a gold star, mom? can i?)

hi boss. funny story. i was out scavenging for what i think will be not exactly primitive settlements and i happened upon some decommissioned missiles - interesting, sure. let's not think about how they got there.

i took apart one of the warheads and found palladium! some parts that i could use to build a self-sustaining power supply for at least one settlement. maybe more. depends on what you've got.

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Who wants to get high?

Did I say that right? The things I remember from Storybrooke are erratic and generally unhelpful, honestly. For instance, pizza rolls. Why in God's name did these things exist and why do I want twenty?

Perdonami. The point. With the help of a few naturally inclined individuals, and possibly some genuine magic, I now have a half dozen cannabis plants. More importantly, I have a smokeable harvest, tested several times over. So far, no one has dropped dead or grown an extra limb. That said, I am not responsible for any accidents, dismemberments, or bad decisions.

Unless they are fun bad decisions and you are happy you made them. Then I want all the credit.

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In case anyone was wondering, those people updated on the network, they really believe what they're saying. Not to say it's true, but they're believers. That makes sense super dangerous.

I could probably start asking around if people know who wrote these things. If that's a thing we want done? I'm not sure what the legalities would be on that.

I miss Zed. Do you miss Zed? She worked with me, and I got used to seeing her curls every day.

And I just realized if she ever came back, she wouldn't remember us.
Paperwork is such a headache. I miss the days where I could just look at something and dismiss it out of hand. Toss out this survey because the data is skewed. This person lied about age/weight/sexuality/etc.

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network post; gabriel

Could you take a look at something for me?

I might go to one of the settlements.

How are you holding up? Did you speak to Da Bobby about [...] everything.

I couldn't bring him back for you

I know you don't think much of me here. But thank you, for giving Daniel a home.

Do you miss your drumkit?

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[ Filtered to Peggy Carter ]

I am sorry to bother you, and I know how busy we are in preparation for the settlements. But if you could grant me an alternative place to work away from the fire in the toolmaker's ward, I would be grateful. I also might need to request some time off depending upon how I'm feeling. I would not ask for such a selfish exception if I did not believe it to be a necessity. I promise to make up my absence in full when all's well again.

[ /Filter ]

Say what you will about the post-apocalyptic landscape, but the flowers are lovely!

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Annnd now I remember some of the things I definitely wouldn't have missed while spending eternity alone in a monstrous watery hellscape.

[ cath ]
So are your options pretty limited, as far as moving goes?

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Has anyone seen David Collins lately?

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How are the details coming along?
Brace yourselves. I've been told that there is no more coffee. Come tomorrow, we're all on withdrawals. This isn't going to go over very well with the general public. I think they've got enough for morning coffee, very weak morning coffee, and than that's it.
Remind me again how nice a little house walking distance from here would be. Tucked in between some trees with a big enough area for the kids to play around with our front.

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I'm heading up the eastern settlement committee. Maya and I already did our initial run through of the area to get a better lay of the land and try to map out where exactly we wanna try setting it up at. I know military is already being divided up for where to go initially once the ground breaking happens and I'm sure all the rest of the job areas are gonna be sorted out too but I reckon that putting out some feelers can't hurt.

I'm looking to see who wants to specifically help out with this one though. I figure we'll all help out with all of them as best we can, but you tend to put in the extra effort and finesse when you're building a place that you're gonna end up calling home. Also figure those that plan on calling it home should get a some say in what the end product is gonna be.

I think this one is gonna be near where your village is, yeah? I was wondering if I could pick your brain for some insight into the land around there and any customs we're gonna want to know to make sure we don't get off on the wrong foot with anyone.

When the hell did I become leader material? My X-Man team don't count. That was the most haphazard team we ever had.

[ooc: Annnd the sign-up info stuff is over here so everyone can have an idea of who will be where]

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Does anyone here have a гитара guitar they are not using, or one I may borrow?

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[Filter to Team Demigod] (ooc: y'know, demigods of all types and friends, feel free to assume)
There's been lots of talk of settlements and Magnus was wondering about the possibility of just sleeping outside. Continuing on all that, I don't know who is thinking of going where with these settlements. I don't really have a problem with the mountain, but hey, that'd be me being weird.

That being said, I wanted to test the waters of maybe starting up a camp here. There's plenty of space here, even with the settlements expanding out. We all know we can handle ourselves and any possible danger on our own. And, I don't know, maybe if we're really homesick, we can expand on growing strawberries or other food. Do we know if the seeds in the Cornucopia's food are bad too?

Anyways, thoughts? I know there's going to be a ton of paperwork to go through to probably do this, so I figured getting the yays and nays first would save us all some time.

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With Jess's permission, we're commandeering hers and Finn's room tonight for a pow-wow.

If Rey's interested.

Figured we could fill Finn in a little easier together, and I've got a binder from medical for him to read over, and a gift from a friend that I think both of you will enjoy. What do you guys say?

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Thanks to everyone who came out to cards night today. It's always great to have folks teaching games from their own worlds.

[Aramis & Porthos]
You two up for drinks or swordfighting lessons or something after cards tonight?

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Today while we were out, we ran into a couple of Grounders while we were trading with some Trikru. Mystique says they're Azgeda. They were looking for Clarke, said, "The az kwin wants her tombom".

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Well...this is strange. Not sure if I believe all of it or if this is just some...dream.

Or perhaps I wasn't fast enough...

[OOC: Trigger warning, character death talk in the comments]

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Most days, it's easy to forget that Max isn't used to going outside, playing in the grass (or sleeping in it, which is more what this lazy lump of a dog does now). He's so damn comfortable in here. It's all he knew. Different bases, different shatterdomes. Metal hallways and stale air. It was no life for a dog, but he kept my son company when Chuck didn't want anyone else around, and Max never knew any different. He seemed happy enough to tag along, as long as he had us around.

I'm finding out here that he's very fond of mud. Less fond of baths.

You're good with machines like you were in Storybrooke, right?