May 2016

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May 8th, 2016

[info]justed in [info]the100

Network Post

The new settlements will be an exciting change, even above the practical aspects. It will good to be more a part of this world.

We're soldiers. We'll go where we're ordered, of course. After, though, what do you think? I wouldn't object to having less stone between myself and the sky, but I'd rather stay together.

At home, we celebrate Mothering Sunday earlier in the year, so I nearly missed this until someone mentioned it at breakfast. Happy Mother's Day to those who mother, whether your own children or someone else's.

[info]exgalactic in [info]the100

The chocolate sauce would go very well with ice cream if we had some. Or cake. Berries? We can at least do berries.

You don't mind if I try to keep one of these little bushes in our room, do you? It would mean having my Leafeon out more since she can emit sunshine, but she's not as energetic as Eevee and she'll probably be happy to lie on my bed most of the time. They just remind me of home a little. We have a lot of kinds of berry, though none that are made out of sweets.

[info]bymjolnir in [info]the100

Today is the Midgardian day of honoring one's mother, as I understand it. As such, let me tell you of mine.

Frigga, Queen of Asgard, could temper the strongest steel. No rage could withstand her calm presence. My Father would have launched our people into many an unnecessary war without her calm guidance at his side.

Would that I could have learned patience from her before she was taken from us. Would that I could have spent more time understanding the way she could bring hope to others at the darkest of times. I have tried, more than once, to live up to her legacy and, though I feel I often fall short, I feel that I have at least made her proud.

I could tell you that she believed in my brother when no one else would. I could tell you that she put her own life in jeopardy for someone she had just only met. I could tell you that she raised two rambunctious boys with a kind hand and a stern disposition. I could tell you that there could be no better queen of Asgard, past or future.

But I will tell you that I love her deeply, and think of her often. The happiest of this day of mothers to those of you with either born or adopted offspring. May Frigga's heart be with you.

[info]chancellor100 in [info]the100

It's with pleasure that I'm here to announce that we will be taking our first steps in the few weeks to establishing settlements outside the compound of Mount Weather. This mountain has been our home for over a year, but we went from one indoor settlement, never able to go outside to another, and it's time we break that cycle. The Mountain men who lived here before us spent one hundred years unable to be out in the sun, and it slowly drove them mad. I don't want that for our people, and it's time that we became a part of the world at large.

The committees for the North and West settlements are in place, and over the course of the next few weeks, we will be gathering materials, planning buildings, arranging the settlements around a core of services — from trading to military to medical to other skills. Each settlement will be able to run on its own, in case any one of them become cut off from the rest due to unrest or Mother Nature. I'm excited and anxious to see how these establishments come to fruition.

Infrastructure will be split between stockpiling supplies and gathering materials to head out in a few weeks time for building. You may volunteer for either settlement, though we do reserve the right to balance them out if necessary. Infrastructure and Technology Engineers will work together to establish plans for powering each settlement with the cleanest energy systems we can pull together. Radio Operators and Surveillance will be on round the clock watch to ensure that nothing surprises our people in the field. The military will be given their assignments.

Volunteers will be necessary to complete these tasks as quickly as we can. However, there are some jobs that cannot be temporarily suspended: Civilian Services and Agriculture & Animals, in particular. However, you can volunteer in your spare time. We can also rearrange schedules so that you can work half there and half here, but that would be limited to a small portion of your division. We still have to eat and have things to eat at the end of the day, and now more than ever we'll need that sustenance to ensure we make it. I would appreciate if there were teleporters who would volunteer to deliver food on-site at breakfast, lunch, and dinner hours. All other groups may file to volunteer in place of their current duties.

[Also played on the radio.]

[info]oswaldftw in [info]the100

I blew into this world on a leaf. That's what my mum always said. That was how she and my dad met. A leaf as big as his head flew into his face, he wandered into the street, and she saved him from oncoming traffic. The leaf meant something grand to them: a new beginning and life finding a way. It was one of my favourite stories growing up. I often asked my mum to tell it to me at bedtime.

"That old story? Clara Oswald, haven't you gotten tired of hearing?"

"No," I'd always say. "Not in a hundred lifetimes."

It's still true, and I have had so many lifetimes since then. Unfortunately, too many of them without my mum. She died 5 March, 2005, and I miss her every single day. But I wouldn't change a single moment, not even her death, because every day was always special with her. Every day was always full of so much potential. She made me a promise once when I got lost in Blackpool. She said that she would always come and find me, wherever I was, and I think that's true. I take her with me wherever I go, even here.

I just want to say to all you mums out there: thank you. You give us all something to look forward to, someone to look up to, and that is something spectacular. Again, thank you.

[info]thetroubles in [info]the100

We've got a limited number of slots available for volunteering on the settlements. We still need law enforcement around here so speak now or forever hold your peace.

[info]pep in [info]the100

I had a wonderful birthday on Friday. Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy day. Tony surprised me with a picnic lunch in the Shenandoah Valley. I think this time he finally got it right. Not a two story tall rabbit in sight, though we did see a two-headed one. I'll never stop being horrified by that.

[info]sonoffrey in [info]the100

[Friends]*feel free to assume
With all these settlements, does that mean it's safe to start sleeping outside? Might be nice to get out from under the mountain.

I have a favor to ask. For Sam.

[info]cheerhappy in [info]the100

So whoever made the candy field funny how no one complai, thanks! It's perfect!! Doesn't make up for no family but

[info]swashbuckler in [info]the100

WHO: Killian Jones, Emma Swan
WHEN: The day he got there
WHERE: Medical center
WHAT: Reunion!

''A fine welcome, Swan.'' )

[info]undercover in [info]the100

WHO: Sharon (not-so-Carter), Bucky Barnes (not-so-Winter-Soldier), Natasha Romanoff (Definitely-Black-Widow)
WHEN: Today
WHERE: One of the residential corridors.
WHAT: Sharon spots a familiar face, and tries to take him down. Natasha comes to Bucky's rescue.

If he wanted it to be just an arm, it would be just an arm. )

[info]zeroeightfour in [info]the100

Who thinks Marcus Kane sounds like Dumbledore? Cause I kinda do. And I watch him on cameras, he seems legi Good peptalk, buddy. Deliver logistics, emanate strength and give us the freedom to choose to volunteer or settle as we see fit. (Good thing I don't sleep much. I can totally keep watch.)

Do you also knit socks? If you do, rock on.

Uhmmm consider this where I'm talking to you guys about thoughts - outside or underground, etc.

[info]changingtide in [info]the100


Guess what your birthday present is.

[info]dogstarred in [info]the100

Where's the holiday for those of who had wretched old hags for mothers and basically were raised by wolves?

[info]thevenomchoseme in [info]the100

WHO: Flash Thompson (trn123), MJ Watson (616)
WHEN: Last night, during dance party!
WHERE: Parker housing!
WHAT: MJ forgot something, comes back to get it and discovers who Edith/Swift was.
WARNINGS: It's super cute. I want to hug Flash lots.

This was a bad idea. )