May 2016

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May 3rd, 2016

[info]ihaveashotgun in [info]the100

Sooo, I think we can all agree that communications is less than optimal in a world like this. People are at Polis right now and we can't talk to them given how far away they are. Walkie-talkies which are so old are incredibly limited and I can't even get them to sync up with our omni-tools.

I have hundreds of blueprints and I can turn anything into a communication device with scrap metal, tape and wiring, so I'd like to see if we can do a few salvaging runs and work on building communication towers? We have a lot of people who can fly and teleport to do drop-off installs, and setting up wireless beacons with a transponder could be possible?

Anyone else familiar with communications enough to help me? With enough brains and tequila, we can do anything!

[info]dosex in [info]the100

Now, I'm not trying to get your hopes up here, but I may be onto something.

At the end of last month, I'd had a breakthrough on my formula. So far, the preliminary tests are looking good. It still requires testing, but I believe I'm on the right path?

I waited until the day after your birthday to demand samples. Come to the lab today, if you've got time? Taking blood isn't exactly the easiest from zombies, but I need a few swabs and hair follicles. And a urine sample.

Try to contain your excitement.

[info]littlespider in [info]the100

WHO: Bucky Barnes, Natasha Romanoff
WHEN: Yesterday
WHERE: Outdoors.
WHAT: Natasha gives Bucky a lesson in not underestimating the Black Widow. He calls her out on calling him James. Awkwardness ensues.
WARNINGS: It's kind of sad.

''I don't know you.'' )

[info]dontdie in [info]the100

While I can appreciate your desire to take out annoyances on the gym and not me when we spar, but something's wrong and you're not talking about it.

Which, I can also appreciate, given my own tendency to write issues rather than talk them out.

But I am available, if you need to get anything off your chest.

Interested in a bit of exploring with me today, brother?

[info]marshmallowmars in [info]the100

Is anyone else really, really confused by the suddenly vocal wave of antipathy for the Grounders? Did I miss a memo? Did someone draw penises on Councilor Wolverine's face while he was sleeping? Did one of them bring a bag of salad to a Superbowl party? Not to mention that "the Grounders" is a really broad term for numerous and diverse tribes with their own sets of rules, alliances, and cultures.

I'm good with hating people - it's my fav! - but generally I like to be in the know on the why.

Also, to continue the tone of this combative entry, The Princess Bride is mediocre at best and you guys can come at me.

[info]beholdthevibe in [info]the100

So hey everybody. I messed up. I mean, sure, there's a lot of distractions going on (Really, not everyone can say that wars and alternative lives get in the way of their plans. Okay, unless they're from comic books. Mad love for you guys!). But I let something get behind and just totes didn't stay on top of it.

Which, considering what it is, that's disappointing to me. Top Priority, Cisco! Thanks for the reminder, Tali! I think this will work AMAZING with your idea for comm relays and towers. Can't believe I didn't think of that. Also sorry to the tech team for horribly failing at sharing info on this. I will suck less going forward.

I have sketched out some ideas for bringing two things back online here in Futureworld - Internet and GPS. It looks like we got the go ahead for the next phase of Cisco's Master Plan (with Help From Peter Parker and Friends (CMPHFPPF for short)).

Resources have been stockpiled, I know what I need. But you're wondering "WHERE DO I COME IN?"

Well, dear reader. If you can fly into space, I need your help. I need SPACE DEBRIS. Specifically satellites that we can refurbish. If anyone has like super metal detecting skills, there may be some that've crashed after a decayed orbit. Otherwise, I'll defer ground-based materials to the comm tower idea. Most of what I need has to be rated for space, etc.

[info]nosuitnoservice in [info]the100

Showing Labyrinth tomorrow night in the 501 common room, featuring lots of puppets and David Bowie looking very glam. Age range about 14+.

[info]trishtalk in [info]the100

For those of you who knew her, Jessica Jones has disappeared. No need to look for her; we were speaking when it happened.

[info]controlmyown in [info]the100

[Erik, Billy, TJ]
I would like to practice flying with my abilities, but I am not certain how to begin. Are any of you able to assist with that?

[info]romanpraetor in [info]the100

Does anyone here know how to give tattoos?

I've been here a year.

[info]youngestsolo in [info]the100

[Chatty to Nico di Angelo]
-- So I'm a person huh?
-- You never know I might be a secret Wookiee.

[info]ex_hulksmash320 in [info]the100

It looks as though I've managed to fall into a little extra free time and I'd like to occupy that time with as much work as helping out how I can. I have the unstable molecule fabric I'm looking into, though I can't say I'm making much headway there. If there is anything else that anyone would like me to give my attention to, please speak up.

[Natasha, Bucky]
How is the arm holding up? Any complaints? If it's all right I'd like to do one last check up on it before I'm completely satisfied with the end result.

[Jennifer Walters]
I haven't been able to sleep since Amadaeus' little show the other day. I'm not sure who else to talk to about it.

[Tony Stark]
Oh, did I forget to mention there are two other Hulks here now?

[info]sonofdurin in [info]the100

This world is particularly cruel.

Tauriel is gone.

[info]augustbooth in [info]the100

Here's hoping the inaugural radio show last night was vaguely interesting.

I need help naming it -- puns are always appreciated, and you get a bonus if it's particularly clever. Looking for something that gets to the root of who I am as a storyteller, so don't think you're barking up the wrong tree if you make a wood pun.

[info]mynightoff in [info]the100

Saw Trish's post. You doing okay?

[info]judyhopps in [info]the100

Hey so, I don't have anyone here, and I'm kind of homesick. My phone doesn't let me call my folks and looking through all photos of my brothers and sisters and my friend Nick is making me sad.

You're the only one who looks anything like home around here. Do you want to hang out? I'm not really big into drinking, but I don't mind going to The Rose and talking while you drinking.

[info]mocking_you in [info]the100

[Backdated to this morning]

Memory rushes are the new hangovers, apparently. Lance

[Filtered to Evie Frye]
If you don't need me, I'm going to take today off. Got a few things to sort through.