May 2016

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May 2nd, 2016

[info]katebishop in [info]the100

Sam's not really into the whole birthday celebration thing, but I thought he could use a little cheer.

Happy birthday, Sam. I love you.

[info]the100npcs in [info]the100

With so much negativity and uncertainty around, we — the Order of the Pod Sayer — would like to invite you to join us at our sacred tree to give thanks for all that the Pod God gives us and to pray that their grace fulfills us.

We will be meeting today during lunch.

[info]shocktrooper in [info]the100

[...] Anyone with magic wanna help a guy with zombie issues out for his birthday? And no, I don't mean brains. I need my hair. It's white, and it's... not a good look on me.

[info]seventhsmartest in [info]the100

[Filtered to Bruce Banner]
Dude. Two things.

1. Can I borrow pants?
2. I've got something to show you.

[Filtered to Flash Thompson (TRN123)]
Wow. You really weren't kidding about the massive headache that accompanies the epic brain dump. Totes worth it though.

[ETA: Filtered to Jen Walters]
Hey, do you remember the last time we met up back home?

[info]cortex in [info]the100

See, that's what my last apocalypse was missing: the religious crazies.

They also missed a huge opportunity for an acronym. If they'd just called themselves the Order of Pod Sayers, they could be OOPS.

This is probably totally offensive to any of you who are part of The Order that Should Be OOPS, so I apologize.

[info]strategery in [info]the100

[Chatty to Harry Potter]
» Kind of mental having that bonfire last night and then waking up this morning only to realize what day it is.
» You okay, mate?
» I wish Hermione was

[info]imbittered in [info]the100

(014) Severus Snape

I am rather going to miss having Minerva here. I'd ask for volunteers to keep the Gryffindor and Slytherin rivalry going, but no one has the sense of humor that she has.

[Filter: Lily Luna]
Perhaps while we're working through the mandrake situation, we could go about finding some of the other ingredients we ought to be able to find here and that do not need to be magical.

[Filter:Lily Potter]
I don't exactly know how to ask this, but are we all right still? After the badly thought through marriage in a cursed dimension experience?

[info]lux_ferre in [info]the100

Life (or existence) should be experienced one day at a time. Not months in one night.

[Sam Winchester]
Thanks. For the company.

Did you send your pup to fetch me?

[info]kazilik in [info]the100

I have tried to be very patient and keep myself occupied, but I do not think my captain is returning. I understand there are others who have returned home. How do I petition to return home? I do not wish to remain here in this fragile human body, especially when Granby is not here.

[info]deathofme in [info]the100

In Minerva's absence, Ron Weasley will now be assisting with Chess Club, as his enthusiasm for the game is rather infectious. Though I shall certainly miss her company, Minerva would want for us to continue, so we shall.

Nothing else has changed: we will meet every Thursday evening in room 601, and we welcome anyone who wishes to attend, either as a participant or spectator. All one needs is an open mind and an eagerness to learn.

[info]paleblood in [info]the100

Anyone here know where I can find this so-called Pod God? Chap's been a bit stingy recently, all that lovely pornographic material from earlier notwithstanding, and I'd like to duel him. See what he's got. And take his crown if he's got one. Seems like the type to have one.

Any of you people one of his batty-arse followers? Pretty please?

[info]assertion in [info]the100

Religion fascinates, tickles the mind, and drives people to unwitting names in the name of the unseen. I have, myself, never seen its forest for its dense trees. In my experience, it has been a gentle lullaby to soothe a fitful child or a pat on the head of a mutt for a job well done. You believed, now here is your treat: faith. It is a muddling trait of humanity, is it not? Mankind overall markets itself as supreme while still boasting countless millions that bow before some invisible eye in the sky, whether Pod God or smiling idol.

It is tempting to believe in some Pod God, I suppose. As I've read, pods arrive with gifts inside to varying degrees of use or nostalgia. I confess it is also tempting to want to be a part of that scene to be held at the 'sacred tree,' not as a participant, but rather as a bemused spectator.

I've found I believe in very little, a handful of people perhaps, nothing more. In the absence of them, I would not then find comfort in any sort of faith, only a sense of having been alienated by it.

Troubling how an entertaining slice of insanity can spark such lonely drivel.