May 2016

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May 1st, 2016

[info]thecat in [info]the100

log; daredevil & black cat

WHO: Felicia + Matt
WHEN: April 17th, afternoon
WHERE: The hallway outside Matt’s office
WHAT: A short and sweet reunion. Awww.

I exist. )

[info]youareperfect in [info]the100

network; mystique (020)

And now it's May. No Hank or Alex or Charles in sight.

I think it might be time to admit it's just going to be me and you, sweetheart.

[info]thewaywardson in [info]the100

network; dean winchester (039)

Here's to just pretending the last few months didn't even happen.

We need fresh air and a drink, and I've been hoarding ration tickets for a special occasion. Anyone who wants to hang out outside the blast doors and have a beer with us is welcome to. If your people help my people, I drink with you.

[info]romanpraetor in [info]the100

Thanks to everyone for coming out to weapons club. It was a great first tournament and I'm looking forward to next month.

[Remy LeBeau]
Up for sparring some time? I feel I could use more practice against you and your staff if you're up for it?

[Anakin & Nico]
Took you two long enough. Are we all done with the brooding and avoiding now?

[Team Demigod, etc]
What say you all to a group dinner? Or group training?

[info]agelessbeauty in [info]the100

I just need to say the biggest THANK YOU to everyone ever who was involved in the musical. From set to design to my amazing fellow cast members to the audience that came to laugh and cry.

And a BIG HUGE THANK YOU to Alison for believing in us and not letting that damn curse get us down. We so couldn't have done this without you.

I cannot wait for the next one!

[info]the100npcs in [info]the100

You people have no idea what they're getting us into. I didn't vote to become part of their dirty coalition. Fucking Grounder Pounders making decisions for us however they see fit. Why the hell would we ever want to let that bitch tell us what to do when she left half our people to die here? I am so fucking done while this just keeps happening. First they give over one of our kids because he had the balls to actually kill the savages. Then they form this bullshit alliance with them. Then they break it just like that. You mark my words, this isn't going to end well for us. The Grounders will piss on our skulls when they're done.

[info]fenrisbroods in [info]the100

I require assistance on the matter of a tune.

I found myself singing it thinking of it this morning, but I do not think I actually know it, because though I know every word, there are pieces I do not at all understand.

What is a Long Black Train?

[info]cityelfwarden in [info]the100

I have good news: the mead we started this winter is ready! Those of you who have been missing your honey wine, we have ready to serve at the Rose, including one barrel that we flavored with cinnamon and cloves. Thus far, everyone agrees that both the flavored and the ordinary mead are delicious, but you should come see for yourself.

[Filtered to Command + Brewers]
I've also got a few barrels set aside for trade - it's quality stuff, so it should bring a good price at market.

[info]bookworm in [info]the100

I'm told this isn't some strange dream, but I'm not quite sure if I believe it or not. The last thing I remember is pricking my finger to enact a sleeping curse so I could protect my. This isn't like the new dream version of Storybrooke or something? Don't answer that. I'm not sure who or what I believe right now.

My name's Belle. I'm trying to muddle my way through everything right now, get my bearings. I heard there was a library. Could someone point me in that direction?

[info]terribleidea in [info]the100

network post: clint barton

Uh, if anybody's missing some slippers I think Lucky brought them to me. They're kinda gross now, but if you really want them back, cool.

You ever miss our fake kids?

[info]withbloodshed in [info]the100

How's your magic doing atm?

Remember when the weekends were the best thing ever?

[info]partnerintime in [info]the100

[ Filtered to Max ]

Hey dream girl, how much have you told Kate? Mum's the word over in this neck of the woods, but you and I both know I'm gonna fuck it up eventually so... let me know, yeah? Before that happens.

[ /Filter ]

Yeah, okay, the show was almost as much fun as the panicking beforehand. Good job, people. I almost don't miss Netflix. Almost.

[info]on_fire in [info]the100

Filtered to Child Caretakers, minus Sue:
Hey, it's already May. Are you guys gonna have the kids do something for Mother's Day?

[info]unicornsforall in [info]the100

Filtered to Magic Users

So on Wednesday I'm finally turning sixteen. It's taken forever. But back home Doctor Strange--who's like our Sorcerer Supreme or whatever--was totally going to start my magical training when I hit that age or maybe it's 18 IDK. But he's not here. And like Nico has been doing things with me but her magic isn't exactly like mine. It's probably not quite like anyone's here but I figure that getting advice and lessons from like all of the magic users here could be a good thing?

I know the Council was gonna do something with that but IDK when that's starting. So! I was wondering if anyone was up for magic lessons? Because I'd like to not blow up the world.

[info]justed in [info]the100

Network Post

Lu Are you free?
[Shepherd Book]
Would you forgive a rather intrusive question?
[505N + Reyna]
Lucy's gone.

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Network Post: Christine Chapel

Starting this week, the Mother's Group will be meeting weekly instead of monthly. We'll be meeting on Wednesday in the same room we've always used. If you're pregnant or have a child ages five and under, you're welcome to attend. Child care is provided so you can bring your kiddos.

I look forward to seeing you there!