May 2016

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April 19th, 2016

[info]septimussmith in [info]the100

Today's forecast:
Ripe for vengeance, Mount Weather will tip the scales of Spring and catapult directly into Summer. As there is not a dose of sympathy for miles, be prepared before you venture out of your rather well-appointed rooms and ensure that you do not anger the mob, desperate for someone's head.

[info]justed in [info]the100

Network Post

[Separately to Pevensies and Reyna]
There are times I miss can't decide if I miss ruling or am grateful not to have to preside over such madness anymore.
[Bethany Hawke]
I haven't spoken to you since you returned. How are you?

[info]astromancer in [info]the100

The two real questions are whether I can remember the recipe for those cinnamon croissants and whether we have the ingredients. I think the latter is doubtful, unfortunately.

It's so strange to be back. It feels like waking up from a dream.

[info]marshmallowmars in [info]the100

[ Filtered to Law Enforcement ]

I've solved the the case of the missing file. You're not going to like it. Good news - we got the right guy on the Spellman robbery itself. Bad news is that Law Enforcement Officer Raul Hatchett was having an affair with Eva Wentz and left a belt that can clearly be seen in one of the crime scene photos of the Spellman residence. He took the file to avoid the news of the affair getting out, which-- oopsie.

He's currently locked in the utility closet outside the kitchens. Don't worry, my brawny-yet-sensitive boyfriend is standing in front of the door and and waiting for you guys to arrest him. Hatchett's confessed to everything, which from what I understand is enough grounds to release him without trial because he's a nice guy, but I figured I'd let you people do some paperwork for once.

(Incidentally, I'd figured it out before Storybrooke, but I didn't have time to get the confession I needed before being whisked away on a magical adventure full of love and light. Also incidentally, unless you have a comment about this case, don't poke the bear. Today is not a good day, and tomorrow's not looking great either. Thank you.)

[ /Filter ]

[ Filtered to Stacker Pentecost ]

I've already spoken to Fenris about this, but if you'd like, I wouldn't mind staying friends. We don't have to be nice friends. We can be wryly-observant obnoxious friends, like Statler and Waldorf. Let me know.

[ /Filter ]

Filtered Private: TRIGGER WARNING for mentions of rape )

[info]godofstories in [info]the100

I assume being back means that I still have my job and that you haven't replaced me. And, really, who could replace me?

As a follow-up consideration, if this whole magic situation turns even more sour than it already is, and if I should vanish one pleasant spring day, know it wasn't you. I have a historical distaste for being told what to do. Nothing personal, I assure you.

Everyone back to normal? Good. Dinner tonight. Bring someone if you'd like.

I think my choice words may have to be, "Wow, that was awkward."

[info]painlessness in [info]the100

I have to say, it is really good to be back. And I want to extend my heartfelt gratitude to everyone who stepped up to protect this place while we were gone. Can't tell you how much I appreciate it. Sorry to have left you in the lurch, although I'm glad to know everyone pulled through it.

I know that none of this is over with, and we will still be pulling through it for a while yet. But I'm certain we'll make it.

I'm repeating myself, but again, thank you to everyone who held down the fort around here. Audrey and I have been reinstated and are working on getting caught up. If there's anything in particular we need to be briefed on - especially if it's not related to our own magical disappearances, or the goblin attack - please bring it forward. Those are foremost on everyone's minds and everyone's going to be talking about them, but we also need to make sure other things don't get swept aside. Our jobs are to handle everything that comes our way, thoroughly and responsibly and with attention to detail.

I know that's a lot to ask, especially for those of us who are still sorting through personal matters, but we have an incredible team and I have no doubt that you're all up to the task. That said, you don't have to do it alone, and my door is always open to all of you, for any reason, at any time.

To our newest members, I sincerely hope you'll take me up on that, if for no other reason than I'd like to get to know you better.

All of that goes a hundred times more for you. I can't thank you enough.

Feel a bit like I'm stepping back in and stealing the post from you, honestly. I don't want you to feel that way. We need people who can walk point around here, and you've proven that you're one of them.

[info]swhite in [info]the100

As of today, all of those who previously held positions of power, you are now re-instated. Those who were elected in their stead will fall into a chain of command, should any of those in those position disappear again for any reason.

Welcome back, Councilors Adaar and Rogers.

[info]lettheriverrun in [info]the100

Net Post: River Tam

Did someone take care of Norman and Edwina while I was gone? I saw them this morning and they said they missed me.

[info]skaikru in [info]the100

I've got something of yours. When you were gone, we cleaned up people's stuff, stuck them in boxes. I kept your boots. Figured you want them back.

[info]sonoffrey in [info]the100

THOR, are 6am trainings back on?

First off, welcome back.

Second, I'm getting nervous. With all this talk of consequences and radiation.. I mean, we don't know if our powers will work like they should. Some do, some don't. I think I've been lucky so far, the healing, the seasons, Jack - it's all worked like it should mostly.

But what happens if the next time I try to heal someone, I kill them? Or if the next time I tell Jack to attack the enemies in battle, he ends up attacking us instead?

I don't know how the Greek & Roman stuff works, but I know that mine is Aesir magic, which is different than Sam's abilities. But then with some of the stuff, I don't know how to not-use them. I mean, I can't not be an einherjar.

You know more about magic than most. Am I being paranoid or is it as unpredictable as they're saying?

[info]ncc1701rn in [info]the100

Network Post: Christine Chapel

I'd gotten used to my kid being potty trained. Now it's back to diapers but that's okay, she's none the worse for wear and that's all that matters.

Heard I missed some goblins. Can't say I'm very sad about that.


So that was fun. Apparently someone somewhere thinks we make a cute couple.

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network; bigby wolf (016)

Orders came down from Parker about who's who in the investigation here, and that would be us. Everyone else is off the case for personal reasons, especially because some of them will be giving you statements about Emma's spell. So for the immediate future, you three report to me.

Since Mills and Hopps are brand new: Welcome to Mount Weather. I'm Bigby Wolf, yes that's my real name, no I wasn't affected by the spell, yes the six fuzzy toddlers who wander into the office are mine. Normally we wouldn't put people so new in charge of anything, let alone an investigation into alleged misuse of magic this big, but some of the anger from the other side of this situation comes from the lives that were in more danger than usual when we were attacked. People up the ladder are trying to make this investigation as unbiased as possible.

For the immediate future, the three of you are in charge of getting statements from people who are willing to give them. We're specifically looking at people who were under the spell, here, so don't start entertaining anyone who got a bruise from a goblin. If the Council decides they want to put charges on Swan for incidental damage caused by the goblin attack, then we'll start talking to people left behind, but I doubt it. I'll send you a list of who we're looking at. Upside of a couple of you being so new is that you're basically incapable of adding bias to a report when you don't know what the fuck is going on. Anyone who doesn't want to talk to you doesn't have to. Some people aren't interested in Emma faces consequences for what was done to them personally, and that's fine, but I'd shy away from giving your own personal opinion to anyone who does talk to you.

We've already got a confession under our belts, so at this point the police are basically set dressing who are gathering shit for the lawyers to use during a trial. Won't hurt to find out which of them would be comfortable taking the stand while you're at it. Murdock and Nelson will probably be taking this, since Walters was one of the people under the spell, and you'll endear yourselves to Murdock real fast if you record your interviews whenever possible.

Fair warning that the people around here are... opinionated. Just do your job and try not to give a shit about anyone who makes it harder for you.

[info]augustbooth in [info]the100

So here's a public service announcement I never imagined I'd be making: I'm seriously not a terrible person, I promise. I'm a (reformed) liar, not a cheater (except maybe in cards on occasion). Please don't continue hating me from a distance. Or, in one particular case, from very close while I'm sleeping. (Attention: Malia) End PSA.

I wavered on whether or not I wanted to weigh in, or if I was even ready to do so, but I feel like I should as both a close friend of the person responsible and one of those affected by what she did.

cut, but not filtered )

[info]thewaywardson in [info]the100

network; dean winchester (037)

Who the fuck has my rabbit?

[info]secondspectre in [info]the100

chatty: kaidan → shepard

» If I didn't already have a headache, this would be causing one.
» Grateful I'm no longer leading law enforcement.
» I'm going to have to talk to Nathan and Audrey, but I'll wait until this blows over.
» They don't need to know about this now.

[info]asala in [info]the100

network; asala adaar (039)

Has anyone seen Cassandra? Or Leia? I've been looking for them both for a couple of hours and I can't seem to pin them down.

I'd like a word with you, if I may.

[info]cdrcullen in [info]the100

Seeker Cassandra Pentaghast has left us. Vanished in the normal way, as I was sparring with her.

[Filter to Lt. Gen. Asala Adaar]
I would like to formally recommend that Sgt. Aclassi retain his rank and take over leadership of Charlie Squad in Sgt. Pentaghast's absence.

[Filtered Private]

I am not alone. Even
As I stumble on the path
With my eyes closed, yet I see
The Light is here.

Draw your last breath, my friends.
Cross the Veil and the Fade and all the stars in the sky.
Rest at the Maker's right hand,
And be Forgiven.

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Chatty to Sydney Sage
» I feel like I need to apologize, even if I wasn't really me there.
» I hope you know I would never.. you and Adrian are great together. I'd never want to do anything to get in the way of that.

Chatty to Billy Kaplan
» Hey, you

[info]absorbs in [info]the100

[Chatty to Mystique (616)]

» I'm told you got my photo
» I'd like it back please
» and maybe we coul

[info]actions_speak in [info]the100

That was... I don't... I've had my perceptions changed before. It takes time to adjust.

[Private to: Sayyida (Maz), Peter (12), Lily (Sydney)]
I don't know if you're all here, but if you are... thank you.

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Network Post: Thea Queen

Now here's one for you. Working in a bar made me miss.....working in a bar. I miss Verdant and there's no way anything like that can happen here because of space but yeah, I miss it even more now.

[info]snipps in [info]the100

Spoilers for the Star Wars: Rebels finale; filtered to Obi-Wan Kenobi )

[info]rebelhunter in [info]the100

March 24, 2016 - Flashback
Storybrooke Flashback Scene - Gray asks Jenny out on a date.
characters. Grayson Hart (Gale Hawthorne) & Jenny (Jaina) Solo
time. Mid-Afternoon
location. The Library
rating. Low
status. Complete

it probably didn’t hurt that Jenny Solo was nice to look at )

[info]dontdie in [info]the100

Fight Club will be this Friday, though please don't feel obligated to join in if you're still recovering from the recent events. It could be a good way to let off steam, but we also don't want any vindictive feelings in the ring and people are still expected to maintain composure and follow the rules.

But I, for one, am looking forward to punching a few people in the name of the sport. Jacob and I hope to see you there.

Welcome back, everyone. The Military has shifted back to usual, now that everyone's returned. However we have unfortunately lost Sergeant Organa just recently and Command has asked me to fill in for her Sergeant spot. Large shoes to fill, as Leia was a fantastic leader.

But I don't suspect much will change, I plan on continuing as she had left off, with no adjustments at this time. Your orders remain as they were, and right now we're still focusing on clean up as command sees fit.

If you still require a few days recovery, it is absolutely yours. Please don't hesitate to let me know if there's anything else I can do to help.

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netpost; han solo

[Solo-Skywalker Clan + Chewie]
I don't want to talk about it. So, don't ask.

[info]red_five in [info]the100

Filter: Mara Jade Skywalker

I'm sure you felt it but Leia's gone.

[info]doctorfun in [info]the100

WHO: Doctor (10), Clara Oswald
WHEN: Sunday, after they're back
WHERE: One of the storage rooms in the TARDIS
WHAT: The pair reunite.
WARNINGS: N/A. Very! Just some talk of emotional adultery.

The chasm between them was so large, but she hoped that a leap of faith could fix this. )