May 2016

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April 16th, 2016

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storybrooke, neal gold

» Hey, Kat.

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[Text to Anakin]
-- So this Spring Fling thing they're doing.
-- You want to go?
-- Like together together go.
-- Not this looks like fun you want to hang go.
-- Not that I'm saying it won't be fun.
-- Just a different sort of fun.

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mount weather. (also plays on all radios and TVs)

Listen up, Mount Weather.

All Military and Fair Weather Friends: The goblins are advancing. Report to Sergeant Rutherford in the gym for your orders. He'll be able to tell you where you're stationed and what the goal is.

Medical, including registered emergency volunteers, report to battle stations.

Everyone else, get to your designated safe locations.

I repeat, All Military and Fair Weather.....

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Hello, my name is Mitsumi. I've been told I've got very bad timing which I hope means that this isn't how things usually are. Since I got here three hours ago some people will have already seen me. I was the one with the Espeon helping make barricades.

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WHO: Annie Rusk (Odair) & Francis (Clint) Barton
WHAT: Annie visits her "foster brother" in jail.
WHEN: Saturday the 16th
WHERE: Storybrooke Sheriff's Department
WARNINGS: none, unless you count vague criminal stuff

... )

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mount weather narrative: Mustering the Troops

WHO: The assembled fighting forces of Mount Weather
WHEN: Saturday evening
WHERE: Mount Weather gymnasium
WHAT: Sgt. Rutherford gives orders for the upcoming battle
WARNINGS: Impending doom and violence.

Good luck, and Maker watch over you all. )

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We've got a huge haul of lobsters, clams, and mussels that we'll be steaming at the spring fling today. I can promise some excellent corn on the cob, cornbread, and coleslaw as well. Come early to eat your fill!

Did we manage to get a sitter for tonight? Was hoping to get a few dances with my girl tonight.

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storybrooke: john+james (flashback)

WHO: John Wolfe (Remus Lupin) + James Peterson (James Potter)
WHEN: Flashback to about 7 years ago!
WHERE: Storybrooke General Hospital
WHAT: John is in recovery for a lung transplant financed by James's family. James and John are both 15.
WARNINGS: N/A, there's not much talk about his illness

Look at your face, you love me. )

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storybrooke: john, kit, + james

WHO: John Wolfe (Remus Lupin), Kit White (Sirius Black), and James Peterson (James Potter)
WHEN: Backdated to April 1
WHERE: Their house!
WHAT: Boyfriends bein' boyfriends and planning to cause some trouble on April Fools' Day, but plans keep getting derailed.

Leave it to Jamie to liven up a Friday night, mm? )

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storybrooke: peter + annie

WHO: Peter Rusk (Peeta Mellark) + Annie Rusk (Annie Cresta)
WHEN: Backdated by a few days
WHERE: The Upper Crust, Peter's family bakery (that's where the family owns the bakery, not a bakery that bakes families)
WHAT: Tensions are high with the Rusk family when Peter feels overburdened and being a parent brings up some complicated trauma feelings.
WARNINGS: Slight warning for allusion to abuse, but nothing major.

You sound like my mother. )

[info]breadandcircus in [info]the100

storybrooke: peter+katrina

WHO: Peter Rusk (Peeta Mellark) + Katrina Magby (Katniss Everdeen)
WHEN: After the previous Peter/Annie log, a few days ago
WHERE: Out at the park!
WHAT: Katrina realizes she has all kinds of uncomfortable feelings for Peter, and Peter remains wholly oblivious.

God, she needed to stop paying so much attention to him. )

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storybrooke: ali, kit, +john

WHO: Ali Wesson (Alison Hendrix), Kit White (Sirius Black), and John Wolfe (Remus Lupin)
WHEN: Backdated to April 2
WHERE: The Kit/John/James household
WHAT: Ali comes over to visit her brother because her husband Dean is being a shithead. She needs to stress-bake and get fucked up.
WARNINGS: Ehh. There's gonna be pot in the brownies, oh no.

Maybe I'll end up in a big lesbian orgy. )