May 2016

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April 13th, 2016

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Mount Weather Network Post

"laugh louder over a scantier meal"

[Demigod Squad (Annabeth, Piper, Thalia, Magnus, Samirah & Cassie Sandsmark) + Evie Frye]
I know that Reyna and Nico were organizing the Weapons Club before they disappeared. I'm sure people would still enjoy it, and it would be a shame to waste the work they've done. Would any of you mind if I took that on, or would you wish to do so yourselves?

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sb: rory williams

Who's up for trivia tonight?

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storybrooke; angela ayers

Hey so, let's say you've been dating this guy for a few years. And it was great at first! The guy shared a lot of your ideals for activism and how you can get involved in your local community and grow organic. It was great! He was great! You were great together!

But over the years... you grew up.

And he... moved into a tree.

Like, okay, so it started off great. The tree was endangered, no one wanted to cut down a hundreds year-old tree. And it worked! The tree was saved!

But... the guy still lives in the tree and refuses to come down. Ever.

How long do you wait before you realize that he loves that tree more than he loves you? I know, I know! It's not about that, and I shouldn't be so selfish, but it's a damn tree. And I can't keep getting splinters just because I want to visit my boyfriend.

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mw: marie d'ancanto

Been pretty quiet since I got back, sure. But coming back from the dead (basically) to find lots of your friends split - that's really kind of insane. Good news don't mean much either But I'm glad to see all of you. Real glad.

Anyway. I wanted to say I'm sorry for everything that happened. And I wanted to say thank you to everybody that tried to help me.

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What the hell was that?
Okay. You were all right. You happy?

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[Filter to Mr. Frost]
You seem to have a discerning eye when it comes to clothing and tailoring. I've taken over the collection for the Town Hall's group donation to the children's shelter. We have a decent amount of pieces so far and I could use some help properly sorting them all into wash, small repair, major repair, and what were you even thinking categories and getting rid of these trash bags. Could you spare a moment of your time in the name of charity?

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storybrooke: rachel woodson

Can you run a few errands for me? I'm on my way to the library to do the research about how the divorce stuff should go. I just didn't want to go to the lawyers just yet, because this town is a cesspool of people talking. If I can, I'd like to keep this as private as possible. No one else's business but our own.
Okay, so I heard something happened at the Rabbit Hole yesterday? Were you there?

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Yo, yo, what up, people. I'm bored. So, who's got what gossip?

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Things not to do when Jupiter and Saturn are in retrograde on the cusp of Mars retrograde:
  • Make very important decisions, like starting a new job or a new relationship.
  • I wouldn't recommend ending them either.
  • No major commitments, like pets or adoptions.
  • Probably NOT a good idea to punch someone in the face for whatever reason, even a good one.
  • Getting pregnant
And forgot about any of that when Mars is in retrograde on the 17th. You may as well just hide in your bedroom under the covers.

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Rationing on alcohol has been lifted! I know a couple of regulars who are going to like the sound of that. There are so few of us left and we've been making the same amount, so there's a surplus. Enjoy it while you can. =D

[Private to Ginny Weasley]
Muuuummmmm. I've been so busy picking up extra shifts everywhere I feel like I only see you when I'm headed to bed now. I need Mummy/Daughter time stat. Come by for a drink? Or two? Or omg three?!

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I thought I asked you to go to the store on your way home yesterday? We're completely out of milk. How am I supposed to get these kids out the door for school without their cereal breakfast?

Also, are we sure that Maude had nothing to do with the new paint job at Marco's? She didn't make curfew last night.

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I've got the worst headache. One of those ones right behind your eyes that sort of flares up when you move your eyeballs. Congratulations, Spring. You've officially arrived. I'm going to go faceplant into my bed in about 30 minutes.

How's the book?

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storybrooke: ben ayers

springtime is my favorite time of year. there is new life all around us, from the first bloom in a garden to the arrival of baby birds, rabbits and deer. amidst all of the pollution, mother nature finds a way to start anew: plants are green again, and after a rainfall, the earth smells fresh once more. i find it to be the most peaceful time of year. whenever i go outside, i find a new reminder of how closely tied our lives are to the nature around us, and how all life must learn how to coexist. these moments i remember, in the dark of winter, when it seems the snow will never end. life exists in cycles. winter to spring to summer to fall to winter again. birth to death. day to night. life begins again, even when all seems lost.

spring brings hope once more. it is a fresh start, for our gardens - whether we mean the garden in our backyard or the figurative garden of life. it may seem as though something is coming to an end, but life always begins again.

i think, now that the weather is warming up, i should hold more of my classes outside, near the water.

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-- Hey, handsome. Got a question for you.

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Storybrooke: River Tanner


Since when do you date mechanics and get into bar fights? Who are you and what have you done with my brother?


Sweet lord, I'm going to have to start wearing dark glasses around town. Simon got beaten up at the Rabbit Hole. I swear he's been kidnapped by aliens.

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Annie Rusk


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Who: Finn and Katrina Magby (Finnick Odair and Katniss Everdeen)
When: Tonight
Where: Their place
What: Finn and Katrina discuss their relationship and Peter
Rating: Low

... )

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storybrooke: wendy carmine

Did you see Finn today? It was the worst day yet this week.
[Ben & Finn]
Finn...what's going on?

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storybrooke: sam mickens

-- Hey, got a question for you. You have a sec?