May 2016

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April 1st, 2016

[info]youareperfect in [info]the100

mount weather flashback log; mystique & magneto

WHO: Mystique + Magneto
WHEN: Flashback! This log takes place immediately after the beach scene in X-Men: First Class.
WHERE: A safehouse in New Orleans
WHAT: After leaving Charles, the proto-Brotherhood holes up in one of Shaw’s safehouses in Louisianna. Raven and Erik talk about what happened, and then talk about that time they did that thing when they were naked.
WARNING(S): Not much, I don’t think?

What other choices could you have made? Reasonably? )

[info]thecat in [info]the100

mount weather log; daredevil & black cat

WHO: Matt Murdock + Felicia Hardy
WHEN: Wednesday, March 30th, after the battle
WHERE: Their room
WHAT: Matt comes home hurt because he’s too dumb to stick around Medical and be taken care of. Felicia babies him until he gets a text from Claire about Karen Page.
WARNING(S): N/A. Matt’s hurt but we don’t go into detail.

I apparently know the magic words to get you to get me naked. )

[info]brothersestra in [info]the100

mount weather network; felix dawkins (022)

Has anyone seen Remus? Or Sirius Black? Or Lily and James Potter? Or Alison or Cosima or Sarah or Kira?

Alternately, can someone please give me a paper bag to breathe into before I collapse, because Gemma and Oscar do not need to see that right now.

[info]agelessbeauty in [info]the100

storybrooke; caroline forbes

Okay, so attempt #34 to make pancakes resulted in a total disaster, but at least the fire department wasn't needed this time. I call that progress. Even if some of the fire fighters are seriously hot.

Heading to breakfast at Granny's if anyone wants to join.

And no, I've no clue if Jake will be coming or not.

[info]swhite in [info]the100

mount weather.

We are getting massive reports of people missing all throughout Mount Weather. I ask that all of those who have discovered people missing leave a message here with those you are looking for. If you know of any places they normally go to "get away from it all," include that too.

Ahsoka Tano
Alexander Graham Bell
Alison Hendrix
Amy Pond
Anakin Solo
Asala Adaar
August Booth
Bethany Hawke
Bobbi Morse
Buffy Summers
Carol Danvers
Catherine Chun
Charlie Weasley
Cisco Ramon
Clara Oswald
Cosima Niehaus
Dawn Summers
Donna Noble
Dorian Pavus
Edward Elric
Ezio Auditore
Faith Lehane
Felicia Hardy
Han Solo
Hikaru Sulu
Hope Summers
Isaac Lahey
Jacob Frye
Jaina Solo
James Potter
Jessica Drew
Jo Harvelle
John Granby
Jordan Parrish
Kallian Tabris
Kara Danvers
Katniss Everdeen
Kaylee Frye
Kira Manning
Lady Maria
Laura Kinney
Lily Potter
Lucifer Morningstar
Lydia Martin
Malia Tate
Marcus Cole
Maz Kanata
MJ Watson
Nico di Angelo
Normie Osborn
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Peggy Carter
Penelope Murray
Pepper Potts
Phil Coulson
Poe Dameron
Prue Halliwell
Rachel Summers
Ravi Chakrabarti
Remus Lupin
Remy LeBeau
Reyna Ramirez Arellano
Rory Williams
Rose Hathaway
Rose Red
Rust Cohle
Sam Merlotte
Sarah Manning
Sarah Walker
Severus Snape
Sirius Black
Stacker Pentecost
Steve Rogers
Tali'Zorah vas Normandy
The Doctor (10)
The Doctor (12)
The Iron Bull
Thorin Oakenshield
Tony Stark
Verity Willis
Veronica Mars
Wanda Maximoff

[info]littlespider in [info]the100

mount weather.

I'm going to need you all to check in. Rogers, Danvers, Rocket, and Groot all disappeared this morning. Rocket and Groot, I witnessed myself.

[info]absorbs in [info]the100

storybrooke; marie springer

[Paul and Layla]

Guess who I woke up to scratching on the backdoor this morning? Looks like Bee wanted to start the play date earlier than usual. I'll drop him off on my way into work unless one of you want to pick him up.


I'm gonna be home late tonight. There's a casserole in the freezer or leftovers in the fridge. Don't touch the fish. I claimed it already.

[info]liesbecomeus in [info]the100

Please tell me you are here.

Are you here? I rushed out this morning and now I'm worried you aren't here. Have you spoken to any of your people today?

Where are you?

[info]romantichero in [info]the100

Storybrooke; Rene d'Herblay

Spring has sprung, my lovely neighbors! As such, a reminder that the first Farmer's Market of the year will be tomorrow. The Sisters have quite the garden they've been tending to this year, and as usual they offer out their remarkable candles in order to raise money for the school system.

If you show up early enough, you may actually be one of the lucky ones to nab the Mayor's famous turnovers.

[info]fenrisbroods in [info]the100

Storybrooke: The Faculty Meeting

[Filter to Moira, Dorian, and Catherine]
Faculty meeting, 4:30, The Rabbit Hole.

First class of the day, student tries to bullshit like he read Simulacra and Simulation. Spoiler alert: He did not. Baudrillard is half bullshit already, it isn't even hard to fake like you have any idea what the fuck is going on. Just fucking skim it! I've never been so disappointed with attempted bullshit in all my life.

I miss Spring Break.

[Filter to Veronica]
Hey sugar - are you bringing the boy with you for Sunday dinner? I'm asking so I can do the shopping, not so I can conveniently be cleaning my guns when you get there.

[Filter to Stacker]
Hey baby - I'm calling a faculty meeting this afternoon. Come on by the Rabbit Hole if you got time.

[info]romantichero in [info]the100

Storybrooke Backstory; Rene & Isaac

WHO: Rene d’Herblay & Isaac Anthony
WHEN: Backstory! Several years ago.
WHERE: Rene’s house.
WHAT: Isaac (Porthos) breaks into Rene’s (Aramis’) house, and instead of getting shot he gets a friend.
WARNING: PGish, no warnings realy.

'Don’t know what an abuela is, but odds are I can take her.' )

[info]takebackearth in [info]the100

mount weather network; commander shepard (022)

Report in. Kaidan and I are both here.

[info]cdrcullen in [info]the100

Mount Weather: Military

[Filter to Mount Weather Military]
As best I can tell, Sergeant Pentaghast and I are the only sergeants remaining here.

Everyone else, sound off. I'll report our fighting strength to Command as soon as we have confirmed numbers.

If you know of any missing, report them on Messere White's post.

[info]agentofsass in [info]the100

Storybrooke: Edie/Marshall Backstory

Who: Marshall Cole (Phil Coulson) & Edie "Swift" Holmes (bb Flash Thompson)
When: Back in highschool, early senior year
Where: Holmes house
What: Marshall got dumped, Edie distracts him.
Status: Complete
Warnings: R / fade to black for sexy times

you can't sulk through Fast and Furious )

[info]thewaywardson in [info]the100

storybrooke network; dean wesson (035)

Not coming in today. My kid caught some kind of bug and Ali needed to go into work, so I'm spending half the damn day at the doctor's office.

Sorry I bailed on last night.

Yes, he's still alive. Stop texting me.

[info]notthefinalgirl in [info]the100

So like, since everyone's gone, does that mean that I can get my own room? Because I want my own room.

[info]agentofsass in [info]the100

Storybrooke: Coming Home

[Who]: Marshall Cole (Phil Coulson) & Edie "Swift" Holmes (bb Flash)
When; March 31 after the little kids soccer game
Where: Soccer pitch ; clubhouse
What: Cole's home from Afghanistan & comes to surprise his bff
Status: Completed log!
Rating/Warnings: R - sexy times / fade to black.

C’mon, pack mule. Yip, yip. )

[info]cityelfwarden in [info]the100

Storybrooke: Yoga and Babies and Soap

I swear, if not for yoga class I'd go totally crazy. Ben, you are an absolute lifesaver. I miss doing inversions, though! No headstands with baby on board. :( The belly is big enough to make Wheel awkward now, too, so I'm back down to just doing Bridge.

Alison's got the shop today, so everyone who likes smelling good should go see her at Bare Necessities! The spring scents are in, and if I do say so myself, they are beautiful.

Also, we're looking for some part-time help! If you have a nose for perfumes and fine bath products and a passion for helping people feel their best, come have a chat with us ASAP!

[info]red_five in [info]the100

Filter: Star Wars

Please check in and let me know if you're here or if you know of people who have gone. Mara, Ben and I are here. Rey is gone. According to the list that's been posted, this is who is missing from our group so far.

Poe Dameron
Jaina Solo
Han Solo
Anakin Solo

Let me know who else and I'll give the names to the person keeping the master list.

[info]mynightoff in [info]the100

mount weather.

How many of us are still here? I'm coming in to help adjust the schedule, so check in ASAP and stay tuned.
You still here? No news isn't necessarily good news here.

[info]fromfreedonia in [info]the100

mount weather (chatty to ianto jones)

-- PLEASE tell me you are still here.

[info]agentofsass in [info]the100


So, I'm home on leave and despite my mom's best efforts to keep me occupied for the forseeable future, anyone need any help for the next few months? Hard labor? Coaching sports? Flipping burgers?

You should give me your schedule.

[Coach Harrison]
Got time for lunch or something?

[info]spiritmark in [info]the100

storybrooke: ben+dorian (flashback)

WHO: Ben "The Bull" Irons and Dorian Grey
WHEN: Flashback/backstory, I think this was a few months ago?
WHERE: Ben's apartment!
WHAT: Dorian's been having an affair with Ben Irons for months now, despite the fact that he's married and despite the fact that he insists to the rest of the world that he's straight. But feelings are in the way now, and Ben asks Dorian to leave his wife.
WARNINGS: The usual for Adoribull (sex/BDSM), nothing overly explicit.

How often do you tell Maria you love her? )

[info]terribleidea in [info]the100

(mw) log: clint/sam

WHO: Clint Barton and Sam Winchester
WHEN: Way backdated to when Clint got here (like a month ago, oops)
WHERE: The gym!
WHAT: Clint and Sam meet, talk about Kate, that kinda shit.

So, you're The Boyfriend. )

[info]thebuffster in [info]the100

storybrooke; anne summers.

Date night.

Batman vs. Superman.

Hear me out: there's a whole hour and a half in the middle there we can skip out on for hot make-outs.

[info]harvelle in [info]the100

storybrooke: maggie soprano

[Kate Wesson]
I'm going for it.
[Sam Mickens]
Hey, you. Been a while.

[info]hellotrickster in [info]the100

storybrooke network; daniel soprano

Wow. It's bright out today.

Maybe it's time for an iced coffee instead of the usual caramel macchiato?

[info]wisdomchild in [info]the100

Network Post: Mt.Weather

This is really strange and I've seen a lot of strange.

Magnus, Thalia, Samirah and Piper, are you still here? I've been looking wherever I thought you might be but no luck. Check in and let me know! Nico and Reyna are gone, so is my other roommate, Hope.

[info]victoryred in [info]the100

STORYBROOKE: Mary Jackson - 001

Sugar in the gas tank would be a better April Fool's joke, you little heathens. But you're one and done. As it is, the next time anyone thinks it'd be good fun to cut the fences round the horse pasture I'll have a lesson for you. And I dare say you'll truly love it.

Supper's at six. Don't be late.

[info]cosmicflame in [info]the100

Storybrooke: Summer Dayspring

Don't be an April Fool!

Visit *~The Other Side*~ and start April right with 50% off* your first April reading!

* Display this post on your mobile device to receive discount. Offer valid 4/1-4/3/2016 only. Offer not valid for multiple readings and couples readings.

You've got friends on The Other Side

[info]lilu in [info]the100


My grandparents, my potions partner and my boss are all gone. :| Today has been a stupid crappy day. I'll be pulling a double shift at The Rose to keep the tavern open for everyone since I'm guessing you need it as much as I do. Take any of this out on your bartender and I can't be held responsible for what I do with my wand. It's charged and full of glitter, okay!?

[The Rose staff]
Anyone else still here?

[info]youngestsolo in [info]the100

Storybrooke; Anakin Smith

Someone give me something to do Tuesday so I don't spend my whole day off in some sort of weird marathon ritualistic watch every Star Wars movie in order with popcorn and beer with my Dad because they finally released the new film on blu-ray? Please?

Alternately, if someone wants to be the good, interested-in-star-wars son he never had, just let me know and I'll send you the details.

[Filter: Angelo]
I'm looking at you. Do you need an extra person to cut tulips on Tuesday or something? I promise I'll only marginally mess them up.

[info]lux_ferre in [info]the100


Who: Daniel (Gabriel) & David (Lucifer)
When: Friday, April 1 , noon
Where: The Inkwell, Storybrooke
What: David wants to get a tatoo & comes in for a consult.
Status: In progress
Warnings: shirtless boys, not-quite-flirting between these two

tattoo time )

[info]willingtopay in [info]the100

storybrooke: steve shields

My fifth graders got me with silly string today when I wasn't paying attention, and the third graders tried to get out of school by pretending like they all had lice (they don't; they backed out real quick when I told them we'd have to shave all their heads). Happy April Fool's.

Want to invite some folks over this weekend or next? I can fire up the grill now that it's nice out again.

[info]19_53_88 in [info]the100

My everything hurts.

[info]isaaclahey in [info]the100


I am convinced that Spring Break is actually a form of long-term torture disguised as a week of bliss. A week of laziness capped by a return to class -- and my senioritis is acting up something fierce.

I know the degree is worth it, but at what cost? I'm going to go sleep for a million years or until Catherine makes me wake up, whichever comes first.

[info]floukru in [info]the100

Anyone who wish to join me in mourning this evening is free to do so. I mourn those dead, and wish well those who have left us.

I am going out this evening for short time for mourning losses, both in battle and those sent away. I will return. I let you know for the medical staffing -- I am not disappearing.

[info]notanidjit in [info]the100


WHO: Steve (Bobby Singer), Maggie (Jo Harvelle), Ellen and Josh Soprano
WHAT: Maggie’s come home!
WHEN: Easter Friday
WHERE: The Soprano house
WARNINGS: As fluffy as cotton candy

It was better than Christmas )

[info]firstcharmed in [info]the100

Storybrooke: Holly Wells

So it's been a beautiful Friday and looks like it will be a beautiful Friday evening. I don't want to sit at home. Anyone have any ideas about something fun to do?

[info]withoutgrace in [info]the100

(mw) network post: lustiel

Hello, bitches.

I need a favor, who wants to help out?

[info]changingtide in [info]the100


Who: Finn and Katrina Magby (Finnick Odair and Katniss Everdeen)
When: This morning
Where: ... a graveyard
What: Finn and Katrina visit Lynn's (Mags') grave
Rating: Low

... )

[info]skaikru in [info]the100

Brace yourselves. This is a lot to take in here.

Mount Weather's military divisions were hit hard in the recent large wave of departures. As our reduced population does nothing to reduce the size of the area we need to protect or the size of the threats we may face, we are reorganizing, consolidating, and calling up some additional volunteers to ensure the safety of our home and its citizens.

The Soldier and Guard divisions have been merged, and will share duties among three squads: Bravo, Charlie, and Echo. To maintain a 24-hour guard on Mount Weather, the Scout divisions will also be taking one shift per week, alternating days and nights. The Mapping division is being consolidated into one group, reporting to Sgt. Spock. We called up Fair Weather Friends, so you'll need to take a look at this if you've signed up for the position.

All Mount Weather Military members may find their current assignment and schedule in the following list:

Cut for length! )

[info]fullmetal_heart in [info]the100

storybrooke; edward rusk


[info]thewaywardson in [info]the100

mount weather log; dean & castiel

WHO: Dean & Castiel
WHEN: Backdated to sometime before the Lucifer fiasco started
WHERE: Their room
WHAT: Dean and Cas are up super late (or super early?) and they talk about the state of things and how humanity works, and it’s very bittersweet.
WARNING(S): Nnnnnone I don’t think? It’s kinda depressing.

How long does this last? )