May 2016

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March 13th, 2016

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network post: mordin solus



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We found Marie.

She's been turned to stone. And yeah, Edmund, I heard sleigh bells in the area.

So is there an actual plan for dealing with the one doing this?

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I'd like to thank everyone who's been so kind and welcoming to me the past week! You might've been standoffish, or vague, or perhaps even homicidal with a dash of paranoid, but no! Instead you've embraced me as one of your own. What unexpected warmth! Thank you, Mount Weather!

As an extremely small token of my gratitude, I've gone ahead and done all the dishes. All the dishes, yes, even the not-dirty ones. Fellow dishwashers, enjoy a well-deserved day off! All the dishes in Mount Weather have been restored to their former state of clean before the daily wear-and-tear (most were manufactured in 2011, but several were as early as 1951, can you believe it?), and I've gone ahead and whipped up a few of the sets that were broken and incomplete. Go ahead, make new dirty dishes! I'll take care of them. I could do this forever!

[ Filtered to Poe ]

Thank you again for your hospitality last night, and for the cards, and for the drinks, and for the... everything. It made me feel less lone human included. Your friends are lucky to call you such.

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[ Sergeant Pentaghast ]
There is a great deal going on inside and outside of the mountain at present, it seems. Is there anywhere I can be useful?

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-- Is it very busy in the tavern today?

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[ Christine, Ravi, Bruce, Mordin ]
Good news. I find many of what I need for testing by our means. Now we know what we facing, I try our methods to find weakness.

There are tools I need, but I do not know your names for them. I can look at what you have to see, please?

I also test my people, since someone think to suggest we are the source of the infection. As expected, this is not true. Quarantine is over now, yes?

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Network Post

[Filtered to Pevensies]
If you haven't heard or seen Rogue's post to the network, Marie D'Ancanto has been found in a cave, turned to stone. Rogue and her compatriots wished to know what I could tell them about the Witch and about the state of the enchanted. I am preparing to meet with them, if you are available and willing to join me.

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(023) Anakin Solo

I'm beginning to think I'm just bad luck for Capture the Flag. On the other hand, at least the snow waited until today.

[Filter: Nico di Angelo]
I don't think I'll blame you if you put me on the other team next month.

More pirates tonight?

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This has been a really, really weird day. And if you knew my life, you'd know that's really saying something.

Anyway, hullo, weird future world. I'm Amy.

Filtered to Medical
Thank you for taking care of me and making sure Melody was okay. Giving birth in a mountain wasn't really part of my plan, but I don't think I could have asked for better.

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Log: Dela and AGB

WHO: Dela and Alexander Graham Bell
WHEN: Sunday evening
WHERE: The Mount Weather gym
WHAT: A training session so AGB doesn’t tragically die like in the Friday Meme, and also smooches.
WARNINGS: Fluff. Pure candyfloss. You’ve been warned.

So really...really, what was being just a teensy bit more improper? )

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Good to know humanity is still goddamn predictable when it comes to wars. Fucking atomc bombs. We really didn't learn anything, did we?

Alex Summers. They said I have friends here?

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I'm reaching out to you because we've either been in this discussion since the beginning, or you are friends with Marie D'Ancanto. Myself, I feel the weight of responsibility because the woman we seek is Jadis, the White Witch of Narnia.

So, I'm reaching out to Steve Rogers and Snow White. Not because I do not think we're incapable of figuring up a way to save Marie and the others who came to this fate, but because we can't do anything without a plan - we found Marie because she wanted us to. We don't know where she is, what kind of associates she keeps, we do not have any intelligence. Therefore, we must wait for her to come to us.

Aslan's right out. There is no hope in him. We must look to our own strength. That's why I think the best idea is to include our Councilors and Command to set up some rules. But in the meantime, if we all watch one another's back and if we don't go off alone ... we'll be in a better position to fight her when she finally shows herself.

Edited to include Edmund Pevensie and Asala Adaar

I'm sure you've seen by now that Marie D'Ancanto has been found turned to stone. And while we've all been guessing at the activities of this White Witch, the one our people called Jadis, I'm now confident that it's her. In Narnia, she could travel between worlds. She'd even been to our London once, before going back and obtaining immortality.

But when Rogue found her - when she spoke of sleigh bells, when the snow began to fall again - I've got it all sealed quite up in my mind. It's her. And here are a couple more ways to know it:
Track the patterns of people who live around the mountain. See where they're going and how they flow. She'll start to gather power around her.

Watch for snow. It's begun again, and it's a herald of her power. I have hope that the snow is wet, heavy and hard to stay, well. Snow. Perhaps she is not full-powered. But if she can sledge about in it, that's her sign. She wants us to know she's come.

Watch our people, please. Many of them are very powerful in their own world and I think could be tempted to Jadis' way of thinking if she positions herself in the right of their thinking. It wouldn't shock me if she'd already had spies among us.

At the edge of this, I truly don't believe we'll find her until she is quite ready. Her power will shield her from our view, unless you have technology I'm not familiar with. But I think we can be well-prepared to defend against her, whilst we find a way to determine exactly how to fix those people turned to stone.

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Mother's Group

I know that our meeting is scheduled for Tuesday night but I'm afraid I won't be there. As you probably know I've been in Medical the last several days helping care for Jim Kirk and I'll be here until I'm sure he's out of the woods.

The room is already reserved so if anyone wants to go ahead with it and have the meeting, that would be great. Since it's informal anyway it doesn't matter who puts it together. I didn't have anything in particular planned so feel free to do whatever.

Just let me know if you're going ahead, I hope you do because I think it's a good way for us to get to know each other. Also, if you know of any expectant mothers, they're welcome to come too.

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Greetings, salutations, et cetera. I am Sherlock Holmes. One 'version' of him, by the looks of it. A fact of which is disconcerting.

While I initially had reason to believe I was being quartered with Legolas, a second inspection of his appearance has not aligned with Tolkien's description. I still do not, however, agree with what it is my eyes have seen. Circumstances are not, as any new arrival can imagine, ideal.

My thanks for the mug and colourful pamphlet, it has given me a great deal of information of which I have, overall, very little use. I have been told I will be a part of law enforcement. To whom do I report? There's something I wish to discuss in private.

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WHO. Marie & the White Witch
WHERE. Her favourite place to hide
WHEN. Approximately 2 weeks ago
WHAT. Marie rejects an offer. Part 1 of 2.


Maybe I don't want to go home. )

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Well, my roommate Raleigh is gone. Hopefully this means I'll have the place to myself for a while