May 2016

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March 6th, 2016

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I already have at sunrise each day rituals for the dead in the mountain, but I do the same today for those who died in the battle this week. You want to come see? I show you how we honor our dead in Floukru. These may not have been our people, but I honor them anyway. I know some say they want to know our culture, so I think to offer.

Left for Alexander Graham Bell this afternoon )

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Hey Seeker! Good news, that shit I ate the other day? Passed right on through. Not being controlled or possessed or any of that shit!

But seriously kids, don't eat food given to you by strangers. Fuck. Unless it's jerky, cause that shit was delicious.

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I made baklava today, and seem to have made more than I planned, if anyone would like some.

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network post: clint barton

You know, once you get over the fact that we're all underground in a nuclear wasteland, the digs are pretty nice. I've lived in way worse.

Am I too late for baklava? I bet Wanda didn't save me any, because I'm not the Hawkeye she knows. Boo.

If I jam my ear up against a speaker I can almost hear the awesome music. A+, Star-Lord. Is that gonna be a regular thing, or is it mostly talk radio?

(Hey Kate. Katie. Katie-Kate.)

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So someone mentioned that a bunch of instruments were around, does anyone know where they might be and if a flute was amongst them?

I know it might sound a little odd, but I was hoping to return back to playing a musical instrument.
anything to help pass the time

Any information would be appreciated.