May 2016

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March 3rd, 2016

[info]brokenlocks in [info]the100

network; jessica jones (005)

All right, come on.

Carol keeps looking at me weird, and anytime I go near the blind one, he pretends he can't hear me walking. I'm friends with some of you in your reality, and I assume that's fucking awesome, but I don't know you, and you don't know me very, so can you all just come and talk to me like normal people? I get along just fine with Sideburns Wolverine, no shared universe needed.

So, I dunno, I'm not good at friends and I'm not very nice, but you should talk to me and I'll talk back at you and we'll get to know each other.

[info]longbrightdark in [info]the100

Been here a month. Time flies with you're trapped in a temporal construct of your own design.

Getting warmer. Ice sculpture witch is gonna have to step up her game.

[info]partnerintime in [info]the100

HEY girls who play instruments. Name's Chloe Price, and I do drums or guitar. I was thinking we've got a 100% Pod God-endorsed opportunity to jam together, what with all these instruments all over the place. I'm talking real, grungy, badass MUSIC, none of that faux "girl power lol" bullshit. Let me know if you're interested here and what you can bring to the sisters.

~Ladies~ only. Dudes, respect your game but fuck off already.

[info]teddyaltman in [info]the100

Billy -

So I spent a lot of time thinking about what I was going to do today. If we were at home, this would be easy. I know exactly what we'd do in New York, I know exactly what I'd get you (I'm not going to spoil that for future birthdays), and I know exactly who'd be there. Here, it's hard. I can't just go buy your favorite dessert or something new to put on your nerd shelf. I can't bring Tommy here. I'm not good at making things, and I can't whisk you off to some far-away beach. (Well, I could, but it'd take hours to get there, with my wings.) I don't have magic to just ... wish whatever you want into existence. All you get is me. So here I am.

By the way, everyone, it's Billy's birthday. Now I'm going to embarrass him.

I never really believed in true love and fate and all that stuff until I met you. I didn't even think you'd like me when I first met you. I was nursing the biggest crush I'd ever had, and I really wanted to be cool and to impress you, because you were amazing, you know? I knew right away that you were special. Way more amazing than some kid who didn't even know what he was and had no idea what he was doing. I'd spent a lot of time trying to be someone I wasn't so that people would like me, and I thought I'd left that behind, but I'd look in the mirror and see this big doofus and I couldn't imagine how you'd ever like me. But you did. You did, and you accepted me just as I am. You loved me just as I am, because that's just who you are. You're one of the kindest, most accepting people I've ever met, and the way you care about everyone makes me a better person just by being around you.

And so ... happy birthday to the best dimension-hopping, bad-guy-fighting, superhero husband a guy could ask for. Thank you for never giving up on us no matter what's standing in the way. I love you.

Okay, that's it, everyone. I'll save the rest of the gross schmoopy stuff for just Billy. You're welcome in advance.

[info]maskedmenace in [info]the100

Surveillance, keep me in the loop, okay?

Engineers, I need all hands on deck. We have Trigedasleng on the channels, but we need to know where it's coming from.

FILTERED TO LEIA (after a bit):
Hey, orders from up top. We have a location on a Grounder party that needs some investigating. Looks like your team is on call for it. I'm pushing coordinates your way.

[info]zeroeightfour in [info]the100

Got some word on the wire from our buddies. It's all in Trigedasleng. Something Not Great is happening out there and they're trying to mount offense.

Problem, though: I don't have a location for them and we don't have trackers.

[info]shortonmemory in [info]the100

Ow. That was... not orderly.

[info]victoryred in [info]the100

Hard-hearted is this "PodGod" who gives and takes with no real thought for those who are under its very particular thrall. And as such, I have many condolences for those of you who lost friends. Likewise do I have hope for those of you who found them again.

Would such a thing as a memorial quil
No, I will wear my poppy and be glad
Now I know rightly what you lot talk about when there's a memory "upgrade" in play. What a most singular delight for those of us who have experienced such things. I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy.

[info]agentofsass in [info]the100

Thor, if every training session is like that, I think I'm going to need a masseuse and a hot tub. It was good though. I haven't been pushed that hard in awhile.

[Daisy + Lincoln + Bobbi]
So, I think it's fair to say I haven't always been the best about sharing in the past. On a scale of totally cool to super awkward, thought on how weird it would be for me to bring my girlfriend Phoebe to one of the dinners we have so you can have a chance to get to know her.

[info]teamclone in [info]the100

[Filter to MJ]
Phew, now that that's over... Hey there my super duper favorite kinda sorta sister-in-law. You got any free time today?

[info]cityelfwarden in [info]the100

A letter to Leliana, written on paper and later burned )

[info]anotherhope in [info]the100

I've got a debriefing on what happened out there, so I need as much information from you all as I can get, in case I missed anything.

We arrived at the coordinates and discovered about ten dead bodies and six frozen statues. All of the frozen were mid-attack, and all the dead had frost bite, which tells me they got it before they died. There were tracks everywhere and then disappeared into freshly fallen snow. I think I recognized one of the dead, but I couldn't place them. Did anyone else see anyone they recognized?

Does anyone else have anything to add?
[If you're on this mission, feel free to embellish a little or make up the name of the former Skaikru.]

[info]notthefinalgirl in [info]the100

Hi. I'm Emily, Em if I like you (don't assume that I like you). You might know me from such events as Medical Presents: Roundhouse Kick to the Head, and Ungodly Shriek II: The Bitchening. I got here a few days ago with the not-Grant Ward and now I'm free to go to my room to see my roommates for the first time (ew). I'll also be working in admin or whatever for legal, which, okay. Wish I had my secretary outfit.

I think this is pretty much bullshit and I hate this place but I hate wendigos more, so here we go. It's really something to meet you people. If you mess with me, I'll kill you. Cheers, bitches!

[info]skaikru in [info]the100

I need volunteers to head out tomorrow. Military's found some dead Grounders and what they think might be some of our people who left the mountain. Either way, these people deserve to honored by their people, so that's what we're going to go: head out there and bring them back.
You think you can get a hold of Lexa? Some of her people were among the dead.
Earlier today, we were informed of an altercation or some other event with some Grounders who were communicating via their walkies. We couldn't get a confirmation on what was happening, so we send a scout team out to the location.

Unfortunately, it wasn't a great sight they stumbled on. About half a dozen people were found in that frozen state, and another ten or so were killed. It looks like a battle of some sort, but we're not sure what happened.

We're sending R&R out to recover the bodies so we can give them proper burial. The statues are just like the others. Hard as a rock, no real way to draw blood or any other kind of medical test to see what's going on.

[info]warmaiden in [info]the100


[info]x_facility in [info]the100

very very early Thursday morning

I need to go I went to do some hunting further out and to keep looking for anything strange. I guess I will be back before dinner tomorrow (Thursday - night - Friday). I don't think anyone will notice one night so you do not need to tell them unless I am late. I am going south west.

[info]cdrcullen in [info]the100

[Filtered to Cassandra, Susan Pevensie, and Edmund Pevensie]

Cassandra and I just received this report from Rescue & Recovery, which I've cut down to the relevant points:

"About half a dozen people were found in that frozen state, and another ten or so were killed. It looks like a battle of some sort, but we're not sure what happened.

We're sending R&R out to recover the bodies so we can give them proper burial. The statues are just like the others. Hard as a rock, no real way to draw blood or any other kind of medical test to see what's going on."

Is this in keeping with what you know of the witch's powers?