May 2016

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February 23rd, 2016

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Damon's gone, isn't he?

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network; dean winchester (31)

Where the fuck is Cas?

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network; felicia hardy (022) - voice post, accidentally unfiltered

[ The recording starts with the loud, thumping music in The Rose and general party noises, as well as a clatter from Felicia dropping the device. ]

"Christ, this fucking... okay so like, I would text but you hate texting...? And? And I don't drink, this is why I don't drink, but Bull was all 'whooo this is my song now' and I was already drinking, and his pants are pink, so obviously... obviously I got up, right? I think I gave him my underwear, I don't know, he's over there.

[...] I think my boobs smell like blue liquor.

Matt this is stupid, our problems are stupid, and you know what? I love you. Men are stupid and every... shit goddamn it—" [ Muffled clattering because she dropped it on her face for a second. ] "I am—haha—it's like I'm bad luck, because I like the crazy ones, right? And I like you, and you suck. A giant man cow has my underwear, and I'm like... I'm not even bothered. Not even bothered. Because they're not my nice underwear, I stopped wearing my nice underwear, because I... am very... very attractive, I'm hot, did you know that? You're blind but I'm like an eleven? Okay maybe a nine right now. Eight. Because I need to shave. I miss you and I really want... hey. Heeeeey, no, I want another one. Hey. Hey—"

[ You can faintly hear Alistair in the background not giving her another drink before the post ends. ]

( ooc; all replies but the one to maya are from tuesday morning )

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If any babies are born 9 months from now, Darcy is a great name, mmkay?

Also holy shit way to exceed expectations, people. Thumbs up.

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Slightly left-field question. What do you think of August? Or for that matter, Ravi?

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[Computer staff]
I got hold of a phone someone left behind that has Candy Crush on it. Is there some way to make it compatible with the network tablets so more people can have a copy?

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Alright I got three of these Sera-named 'tit holders' and two more sets of frilly panties. Claim 'em before my boyfriend burns' em cause he's jealous they're prettier than his.

Sorry, Warden. For dancing on your bar. I break anything, I'll fix it. You don't shit where you eat, people.

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If anyone wants some distraction today or is just sick of Chrome's dinosaur game, there's a new endless runner for download and online play. Get your high score on.

Next project will possibly be Space Invaders. Which is way overdue. Though I'm open to bribes/suggestions.

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[Lincoln + Daisy + Bobbi]

Daisy made a good point last night. Whether it's board games or dinner, we should regroup. This place might not be home, but I still don't want to lose any of you. So let's get the cards on the table and figure out how we can do what we do best - helping and protecting people.

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(010) Severus Snape

I seem to be without a roommate, which to be honest suits me just fine. I do offer condolences for any who are missing friends they cared about however.

[Filter: Lily]
How are Did you lose

Would you be interested in a cup of tea sometime this week?

[Filter: Draco]
I suppose that you are likely happy in the room where you are, but if you would like to switch to the other side of my room, it would be acceptable.

We would need to set up some ground rules, however.

[Filter: Remus]
How are you feeling?

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Well, it seems that my arrival to this world comes in the midst of turmoil. But sometimes that is what life is, surviving and thriving in the midst of adverse situations.

My thanks to Dr. Tam and the staff in medical for fixing me up. I thought I was sure to be meeting my Maker soon when I woke up here with such skiled and kind people taking care of me. And Kaylee, your smiling way was as welcome a sight as ever.

I forget myself. My name is Shepherd Book and I'll be working in mental health. I'm a religious man where I come from - spent a fair bit of time in the monastery before traveling with the fine crew of the Serenity - but I'm not the type to force that upon anyone. But if you'd like to talk to someone, well, my door is always open.

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[ Filtered to Lucifer ]

Howdy doody, Satan. I've got some questions for you, if you've got a minute out of your whole eternity to spend on little ol' me.

(And yes, I'm one of the ones who is side-eyeing your entire schtick, but curiosity killed the cat anyway, so here we are.)

[ /Filter ]

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filter to clara
He's gone, Bow tie. I'm sorry.

Hell of a loss. I'm sorry, so sorry.

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So, uh, I have this thing with brain waves that comes with the plastic, and I'm pretty sure we just lost a whole lot of them.

eta: Is there some kind of process for this? Ticking off everyone who's still here, organising search parties in case someone timed a hiking injury really badly?

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network; lily potter (015)

In case no one's given you the rundown, here's what happened yesterday:

40+ people disappeared all at once. Andromeda, Hugo, Luna and Molly are gone from ours. James and Sirius are still here. Felix and Cullen are also still here.

There was a dirty dance party at The Rose, so anyone looking miserable is either in mourning or possibly still drunk from last night.

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network; elena fisher (004)

Everyone still alive? Relatively? I'm sober and awake, so if anyone wants food delivered or something, now is when you ask.

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Everything going on lately started me thinking. How many people around here have actually jumped from one world to another before waking up here? Like intentionally crossing the barriers, I mean.

FILTER TO 505W (Rose Red, Nico Minoru):
Hey, so you both know that John went... I guess wherever people go to when they leave here. I have a friend from home named Cisco, and he's good people. Any objections to me asking if he wants to grab the other half of my room? I can bring him over if you want to meet him first.

I think you might the person to ask, so here goes: I was thinking about all the smart people we have around here and all the people who have these special abilities. I know we have a lot of stuff to focus on just to keep Mount Weather functioning, but I had this idea that I could use the Mess Hall after dinner one day to pull together a Town Hall style meeting. Maybe some of us can start taking a closer look at exactly how we all got here and... well, possibly how to get back home.

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Maybe a little warning before the next dance party breaks out at The Rose? I'd like to make sure I'm no where near the place.

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Some day.

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Chatty: Crowley to Moose and Squirrel

» itS NOT CA

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Yesterday was kind of exhausting, right? Glad it seems to have stopped. I'll miss Elsa. She was nice. They all leave eventu

The rest of you are here, right? And by the rest of you, I mean those people I've gotten to know and who are awesome.

So I don't know that I really can completely qualify for your AA thing, because of the werewolf thing, but I'd like to come if I could. Is that okay?

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Now that was a party. Is this a weekly occurrence?

I was wondering if I could get your opinion on something.

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Who: Luke Skywalker and Han Solo
When: Monday February 15
Where: The Solo apartment
What: Talking
Rating: PG

This place seems to grant second chances )

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network post; gabriel

Seriously, a Castiel suit?

Are you stalking me?

Do me a favor, stop thinking so loud. I can hear you from [...] the place I am.

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log: crowley+lustiel

WHO: Crowley and "Castiel"
WHEN: After this thread
WHERE: Outside Mount Weather
WHAT: Crowley is screwed :D but not in a way he likes D:
WARNINGS: Typical SPN-style innuendo and threatening behavior with sexual overtones; mild violence. MASSIVE SPN season 11 spoilers.

Castiel was acting… weird, even for Castiel )

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log: dean+lustiel

WHO: Dean Winchester and "Castiel"
WHEN: After this log with Crowley and this conversation with Gabriel, in the middle of the night
WHERE: Dean and Castiel's room
WHAT: Lucifer can't keep pretending that he's Castiel anymore, not when Dean is getting up close and personal with him.
WARNINGS: SPN Season 11 spoilers, threats of violence, sexual overtones, the usual when it comes to SPN!Lucifer

He's not built to hold onto an archangel. I am. You want a body, take mine. )

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network post: lucifer (to lucifer)

Morningstar, come out to play.

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chatty to leia

» I've got a real bad sense of timing. But, with the twins, and Anakin's got [...] a thing, and Luke's --
» Look, I do can't live knowing that I might wake up tomorrow and not have the chance to say this. So he
» I can't live without you.
» And maybe other me's got a real good act going for him, but I know that if he were here, he'd say the same thing.