May 2016

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January 31st, 2016

[info]agentofsass in [info]the100

[ Phoebe ]
I had a good time last night. We should do it again sometime if you're willing.

[ Grant ]
I don't want this to be a one time thing. It'll take time with the rest of the team, and I don't even know what's possible, but I mean it when I say my door is always open for you. I'm going to work to make things right.

[info]liesbecomeus in [info]the100

Watching Enchanted last night may have been a mistake. I woke up to my three year old singing the "That's How You Know" over and over this morning. I thought she was finally tired of it but she started humming it once again when we got down to breakfast.

I need to practice my Chess skills more. You up for playing one night here soon?

[info]lunie in [info]the100

Oh, dear. Hanna's disappeared as well. No need to go looking for her - I saw it with my own eyes.

I lose so many roommates. Maybe something's the matter with me.

[info]bigwalkincarpet in [info]the100

Chatty to Maz Kanata

Would it be possible to have a knitting lesson tonight?
I'm not busy.

[info]wanttowrestle in [info]the100

I punched someone in the nose earlier today, and I don't know who it was. But if you're reading this: I'm sorry. I hope it makes you feel better that I broke my finger doing it.

[info]herosjourney in [info]the100

People are disappearing in droves. You didn't go anywhere, did you?

[info]onmyown in [info]the100

..This world is unlike anything I've ever known.

Doctor Parry, I thank you again for your help with my hand.

[info]breadandcircus in [info]the100

network post: peeta mellark

I don't know why everyone's fighting over the gym, but when someone's just trying to get out of the way, could you not knock his fake leg out from under him? Great, thanks.

Let's try again My name's Peeta Mellark. I had talked to some people in this department before, but they keep disappearing. [...] I've been trying to handle things myself, based on what my therapist at home taught me, but it'd be stupid of me to think that I can do this alone.

I need someone who can help me, but I don't want anyone who goes into my head and plays with my thoughts, because I know some of you do that. No offense, I just [...] don't want that.

[info]katebishop in [info]the100

Dean and I bonded a little over how protective we were over little you, and I realized something. I really, really, ridiculously love you. If you had stayed that way, that little, for the rest of the time here, I'd have been sad that I'd lost that, but I'd have been so happy that you got to redo your childhood. When I think about what the two of you went through, it just baffles me how strong you both had to be just to make it to your teens.

And I take it back. You're still adorable, along with those other things.

[info]absorbs in [info]the100

[Chatty to Daisy]
--Thought you should know that guy Ward is asking questions about my world
--And wanting to insure you're gonna be safe if things all go south

[info]okaybye in [info]the100

Umm, has anyone seen Michael and Charlie?