May 2016

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January 23rd, 2016

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(018) Anakin Solo

[Filter: Jacen]

I have condoms.

Do you I mean And, well, you actually have a girlfriend or someone you kiss or whatever so.

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Filtered to Steve Rogers

~ So, I need to talk to someone impartial and you said you'd help me out.
~ Kara and I had a scare. Y'know, she thought she was pregnant
~ I might have freaked out at her. A lot.

[info]nosuitnoservice in [info]the100

I'm no god of thunder, but an Ask Me Anything is bound to dredge up something interesting anyway.

For those (few?) who don't know me I'm Ianto Jones, I work in IT, but back home I was with a secret alien research facility. I spent two years at the main branch in London and three years with the much, much smaller Cardiff field outpost - five people and a pterodactyl. Hit me with questions.

(As a free bonus answer, no, the pterodactyl did not do fieldwork.)

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-- Thorin's back
-- Don't freak out!

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I suppose I should be glad that at least this space pod situation didn't end in flames. I can handle being 1 for 2.

I'm Lois Lane, hailing from Metropolis. I'm usually a news reporter, but apparently I'll be channeling my talents into the radio and surveillance while I'm here. Which, I'm going to guess, involves reporting a lot of particularly interesting stories, being the radioactive apocalypse.

I'm not sure how many of you I know, but there are probably (hopefully) some. Either way, hello. Discovering the existence of alien planets and their alien people has me feeling a strange sense of here we go again instead of being as confused and panicked as I probably should be.

I'm just glad I brought a coat.

[info]ignoretheodds in [info]the100

Who: Jim Kirk & Spock
When: Tuesday January 19 after he visits Christine
Where:their room.
What: Starts out with Kirk going "OMG ADMIRAL PIKE HAS A KID" and someone ends in a Vulcan mind meld. Go figure.
Rating: PG13 for some kissing / fade to black at the end.

It is logical that…should Christine and the Admiral have offspring, that the Admiral...that their child should resemble him. )

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[Jane Foster, Darcy Lewis, Natasha Romanoff]

I think the four of us being here together at the same time deserves some kind of acknowledgement at the very least. Would you care to join me for a girls night at the tavern?

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Who would I need to talk to about having a night devoted to dancing at the tavern?

I wish we could forget her again. Just that. I'll take all the other memories, if someone could just take away the memories of May.

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We've got more trackers made for those of you who would like to wear a tracker. We've also got a few trackers that can be implanted behind the shoulder — think of a microchip for a pet — that would make it so that you couldn't lose it. Those are still prototypes and will need to be tested.

If you're up for it, I'll make a waiting list. This should help us figure out what happens to people a lot sooner.

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network; elena fisher (003)

Attention music, art and lit nerds! Are you a well of seemingly useless trivia? Are you a well of wonderful trivia? Did you annoy all your friends with your obsession of any particular genre of music, art or literature? Then Elena Drake wants you to pour your heart out on camera so I can shamelessly use your words and passion to make one or two half hour long episodes a week about the topic of your obsession.

Specifically, I'm shining a spotlight on the things we have available to us here. We have a limited range of the available music and other media (and thank you to everyone who was dropped into this world with their iTunes libraries and iPods who graciously donated their stuff to the radio station), and I'm putting a show together that will educate people about what we do have and let fans celebrate it and talk about their experiences at home. Consider it half informational, half nostalgic in a History Channel format.

The warehouses here are full of things for archival purposes, so I'm specifically looking for artists and art students to talk about the visual art in the vaults, music nerds to talk about the different artists and genres that we've been broadcasting over the radio, and literature buffs who can talk about the classics in our library. Once I know who we have and what you're all interested in, I'll draw up some episode summaries and start scheduling when I can film whom. I'm also interested in doing episodes on everyone's reality-specific holidays and customs if you're willing to talk to me about that.

The working title for this is "Life in a Can". It'll be better when it actually airs. Maybe. Production on this series isn't going to be an official job, but if anyone has experience in television and media production and is willing to donate their time, I could use an extra camera person, as well as a couple of people to help me research and edit each episode. We're going to have a bit of a low budget feel, since the only cameras we have access to are my hand-held from home and my iPhone, but I can give anyone who came with their laptop a copy of the video editing software I have on mine. (In fact, I'm uploading that to the servers tonight, so that anyone with a compatible device can grab it and edit anything they feel like making.) The goal is to do two shows a week: one on media history and analysis, one on a custom or a holiday.

Still dying?

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Who: Christine Chapel and Jim Kirk and Lauren (NPC)
When: Tuesday January 19 after Christine’s arrival
What: Reunions and surprises
Rating: F for Feels..lots of feels

I have something to show you )

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There was just the one dragon out there wasn't there? I know there's plenty of dangerous wildlife out there anyway but there was just one dragon, right?

I'm going for a walk outside, I need some air. I'll be back before the movie tonight.

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I must say the snowball fight/fort thing was a lot of fun to be involved in, so thanks Major for that.

Hope you all enjoyed the various creations I threw in your way.

Also Anna deciding to pelt me with a snowball did kind of backfire on her in the end. Once the game was over I may have pelted her with about five in quick sucsession. I suspect she learned nothing from this and will plan an elaborate revenge.