May 2016

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January 7th, 2016

[info]feelingepic in [info]the100


You know I could legally kill you now. No one would convict me. No one.


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I like breakfast. Simple pleasures in life, right? Food and warmth when you're tired and cranky, no matter how burned or watery the coffee is. Usually a win/win situation.

Know what I don't like at breakfast? Hepped up chode-raging morons who can't share a goddamn public space for five seconds before they arrive at the conclusion that 'I have all this penis, and by golly, the world should know, so I'd better start asserting myself pronto'.

Here's a note for anyone else looking to beat the January doldrums by attacking someone else over a muffin: don't. I don't care what you are. Floukru, Trigdakru, Sky People, Pod People, get over yourselves. We already put one kid in the hospital over this stupidity, and we are not going to keep at it. None of us are better than the others. We all have the same right to life; I don't care what your backstory is or who owns the land or who died here ten months ago because this is survival and it's messy and it's brutal and if we start to go at each other, really go at each other, surprise! Starvation and radiation won't have to kill us because we can't even share a frickin' mountain.

Get over yourself and think about it before you pick a fight with someone you don't like or understand. We may not be better than that but I'd appreciate it if you can fake it for a few more months, okay? Okay.

My coffee is cold.

[ ooc - As per the calendar: "The Floukru and Trigdakru do not seem to get along very well, but maybe that's just tensions running wild. ONE VOLUNTEER breaks up what looks like it will be a fight between the two group leaders." Veronica attempted to calm them down using 'hey now, enough of that', and when that didn't work, she shoved her 5'1 body between them and Mom Voice'd them until they backed down. Feel free to have seen or heard about it! ]

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network post: carol danvers

Uh, so. First of all, hey!

We're back from our trip out to Raven Rock. We've got supplies and samples, and we managed to figure out what happened to the people who were holed up there.

... Which means Martha thinks it's best if we're all quarantined until further notice, just until we all get totally clean bills of health. The disease that got Raven Rock shouldn't still be viable, but we're not taking any chances.

So we're all here, we just can't have welcome-back hugs just yet. And you can't hug the stuff we brought back, either. Give it a couple days and we'll be all good.

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So, I thought long and hard about what the creepiest part of the body pillows that look like my old Boss is.

It's that he'd love it, he'd absolutely love it and he'd want one. He'd hug it, he'd probably dance with it.

It's a weird image.

I'm not allowed burn them. Something about supplies. So, mostly just, keeping those away would be appreciated. He was evil and became a giant snake thing and died and I wound up in a coma. They're not my best memories.

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If you need anything from your rooms, let me know. I can summon them from within the mountain without leaving quarantine. They can't go back though, so make sure it's not something that other people will need.
Sorry, guys. I won't be heading back just yet as you can see by Carol's post. There was some kind of disease that killed people there, so we're in quarantine for a while while they make sure we're not going to infect people.

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You've been around a long time, right? So you can probably guess what this message is about.

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After that bout of honesty, I wonder if my own feelings on the matter are as important as Ravi's. I had no idea that he struggled with those feelings for Liv. It makes sense. Liv is the best person I know. Of course a good guy like Ravi would find himself with feelings for her. I can't help but feel like a bad friend for being in the way the way I am. I know it's Liv's choice, and I respect that, but I wonder if he'd be better for her in the long run.
Up for a game of basketball?
You guys up for Invasion of the Body Snatches this weekend? Bad movie night. Come on. It's a tradition now.

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THE TROUBLED (who want their Troubles changed) + NATHAN:
I was thinking we could get together this weekend, maybe Saturday or Sunday depending on your schedules, and working out those changes. I'd like to do one of you first, so I'll need a volunteer to go first. Then we'll see how things go after that.

I wish I could say with absolute certainty that this will work, but it's the first time I've actually done it. I have Mara's memories, and they're like my own. She's done it, so we should be okay.

So who's ready to put their Troubles in my hands?

[info]firstcharmed in [info]the100

Network Post: Prue Halliwell

I'm sure my sisters are going to laugh at me but I think I'll go to chess club tonight. It's one of those games I always wanted to lean how to play but never had the time or anyone to teach me.

Well now I've got plenty of time. So Phoebe, Paige? Are you in?

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Network Post: Luke Skywalker

Would anyone like to explain the giant pillow of Nien Nunb that I found in my shower this morning? Although i have a feeling I know how it got there.

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to whoever just made the joke that i should stay in quarantine because i look infected with SOMETHING...

ha-HA very funny. this is just my face.

it was a pretty good joke though



well now we just have to play it off

[info]mercilessworld in [info]the100

Tell me there are more of you not complaining about being quarantined. I'd rather make sure that everyone is safe personally, though I'm no scientist or doctor here when it comes to keeping people safe from illness. The only scientist I knew had...less than conventional means sometimes.

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So there's chocolate shakes and hot chocolate. Mocha shakes and hot coffee. Green tea shakes and hot tea. So why isn't there a hot peanut butter drink?

[Betsy & Rachel]
He's gone again, isn't he.

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network post: magnus chase

Uh, sorry to whoever I freaked out this morning in the greenhouse. Fell asleep there without meaning to. Can't sleep anywhere else.

Also, um, sorry if I uh... helped the plants.

[ Sam ]
Do you want to go outside?

[info]thegoodblood in [info]the100

I had hoped to assist in the defense of the Mountain by providing its military with the best of Yharnam's defensive mechanisms - namely potions that assist in healing - but I have just come across the distressing news that apparently lead is quite poisonous? If so, this is alarming as I've been testing a variant of our famous lead elixir (assists one in reflexes), and I've no idea how many of these I've consumed over the last few years. I suppose this explains the habitual hallucinations and tremors! Once again, knowledge is power.

So I've put that project to the side. Next up: fire paper to brandish upon our weapons!

Also, thank you to our brave men and women in quarantine. I'm sure everyone in Mount Weather is grateful.

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WHO: Claire Temple & Jacob Frye
WHEN: 12/31 - 01/01, midnight
WHERE: Medical Ward
WHAT: Three, two, one! HAPPY NEW YEAR.
WARNINGS: Minor language, some swapping of gross (and historically accurate!) medical stories, paralyzing self-doubt, top hats

You think you're just having a nice, normal day, and then all of a sudden, aliens. )

[info]notdaredevil in [info]the100

network post: matt murdock

Foggy Nelson's gone. Don't bother looking for him, I've already done it. Already talked to Alison. He's not here.

Lindsey, I swear to God if you ask me about a promotion in legal, you will be picking teeth off the floor. Talk to me next week.

[info]virtualvirgil in [info]the100

Hello, friends and acquaintances in quarantine!

My name is Dr. Catherine Chun. I understand that it's uncomfortable and a little dull to be confined to a certain section of the Mountain, but it's for everyone's good, because the last thing I want is to be stuck in the mother-flippin' network while everyone dies gruesome deaths all around me again. With this thought in mind, I'm keeping the security feed showing everyone's whereabouts very, very crisp and clear so everyone knows exactly what's happening at all times.

But I'm not some jailer! I'm fun! I'm one cool cat! I have at least three music videos I found buried in the network that you can watch (1, 2, 3), I can play Hangman with you, and possibly Snake if I can figure out the code on the fly, and I don't sleep so I'm always going to be here, watching!

This is going to be the best quarantine ever! WHO'S WITH ME?

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I guess it’s a bit much expecting this place to come up with a plain body pillow. Though, to be fair, I wasn’t expecting any. As far as “presents” go these are pretty awesome, if really creepy. Thanks, “Pod God”. But I’ve got to say this the most positive I’ve ever felt about a top 40er.

You should consider getting one of those trackers. If you haven’t already How’s your suit doing? Say anything besides malfunctioning. Because the resident use-local-material suit expert was just sent back yesterday. And I wouldn’t