May 2016

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November 18th, 2015

[info]thewaywardson in [info]the100

log; destiel

WHO: Dean & Cas
WHEN: Super late Monday night/super early Tuesday morning. Hard to tell.
WHERE: Dean's ~dream~. No, really.
WHAT: Cas crashes Dean's dream. It's kind of sad and kind of cute.

I thought you might like company. )

[info]toomuchlife in [info]the100

network; chuck charles (005)

So... I'm officially making a new rule for the apiary. And the greenhouse. And the rest of the animal and agriculture areas.

Please don't have sex in the animal or agriculture areas. Please.

Please don't.

[info]malfoyheirdraco in [info]the100

[Filtered: Harry Potter]

If it really is dementors here, I want you to teach me the bloody Patronus spell.

[info]ladynoble in [info]the100

network post: donna noble

Let's not have any of that happen again, yeah?


[...] I need some time, so if I could take an extended little holiday from medical, that'd be great.

[info]thornypath in [info]the100

Who do I complain to about job assignments?

And also I heard Angel was here. We need a talk about parting on good terms. Wasn't even out of California when that damn sign got me pulled over. Lucky I'm a damn good lawyer I guess.


They told me you were here too?

Are you okay? I mean, I guess you would be, I just...

Been a while

[info]icanglower in [info]the100

Tonight, a treat. I'm making my abuela's Mexican chocolate cake, for dessert in the mess. Adjusted, ever so slightly, to accommodate the supplies here, naturally. But I have been impressed this far by how stocked the kitchens are, given the circumstances outside. I am sure that credit goes to the growers, gatherers, and hunters. May your journeys be fruitful.

I promise it will not stretch supplies, before anyone protests. Just enjoy.


[info]runbarryrun in [info]the100

This is going to be a total new guy post, but did I just see Captain America walk by?

[info]durinson in [info]the100

The novel known as The Hobbit, where might I find a copy? While I've discussed some of it's information with my uncle, I think I would like to read it for myself.

Do you want to read it with me? I'd like to know what this world has on us, and our home.

[info]cosmicflame in [info]the100

Filtered to Medical Staff: Rachel Summers


We're likely about to have a spike in crisis cases of depression. I'm sure the rest of Medical is going to be equipped to handle all cases that don't have some underlying, non-magically-induced basis. Other patients are going to need longer-term care from Mental Health because of what those creatures forced them to confront. What space can we use for that mix of physical and mental care? I don't really mean isolation, but something that could give more privacy while still being convenient for the medical equipment.

And reminder (to me included) to take good care of ourselves because we're anticipating an increase in taking care of others. I'm going to suggest that if one of us gets attacked, we have a mandatory leave of absence (or whatever's the mountain equivalent) to receive care?


I don't know if what was done to you makes you Dementor-immune... but maybe don't go putting it to the test.

[info]glasswater in [info]the100

This is bone-shattering, teeth-chattering cold. This is cold that goes straight through you, Narnian cold that can only be shaken by Lion's b a warm fire and a dream of spring.

This cold, these uncharacteristically 'weird' happenings, I think they make us ask the question:

Who do we trust? Is trust relevant in Mount Weather with the snow piled up to our knees?

That's what I ask myself, anyway. That's what my mother, my sister, my brothers would want to know. Who do we trust? What do we do? How do we build ourselves into the framework of a million universes, a million timelines, a million lives?

[info]notintheface in [info]the100

-- I should tell Hernando about me, shouldn't I?

[info]littlespider in [info]the100

Congratulations, Spidey. Tech leadership is all yours. I resigned this morning.

And before you ask, I'm not really leader material. I agreed to it before out of a sense of responsibility, but I'm just not that great at delegation.