May 2016

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October 20th, 2015

[info]nobodysson in [info]the100

Thanks to whoever shoved me in the cage thing. Sorry I tried to kill everyone.

Regrettably, don't remember any of it.

[info]inthealley in [info]the100

[ Filtered to Tech Department ]

All right, what's the potential turnaround on a batsuit? Light and durable are going to be the watchwords here.

[ specs attached ]

[ /Filtered ]

[info]aroyalprat in [info]the100

I'd like to thank the physicians who saved my life. And, the sorcerers and witches too.

And, the people who showed me how to use this device. Which I am assured is not sorcery. Are you sure it's not sorcery? I mean how can it really communicate with other people if it's not magic?

Anyway, I was told I should introduce myself on here. My name is Arthur Pendragon. King of Camelot. Not that that last bit is actually relelvant in this situation.

[info]emmline in [info]the100

Now that it's getting closer to Halloween, I'm missing Hogwarts a little. The decorations, the food, watching Quidditch, and general teenage debauchery.

[info]dropthemagnolia in [info]the100

It was interesting, watching y'all change your behaviors with the abilities you accidentally possessed. You had to get used to the possibility of hurting people you loved while being unlimited in your potential. And I mean, I know some of you got to drink blood and be wolves and stuff ... weird. But hey. That's pretty relative, right?

Now that most things are back to normal, you tell me. Would you swap it back again?

Hey, you. All the help you gave me when I found out I could touch folks will not be forgotten. I'm really sorry about what happened to you, though. You have a voice like a bell.

[info]spidergirl in [info]the100

No one's seen Violet since yesterday, and I know she could do the whole invisigirl thing, but would she do it for this long?

Hey Violet? If you're there, let us know so we know you're okay!

[info]victoryred in [info]the100

Did you yet run into the young Frenchman?

Why are all of you being tested with these trials? I don't know how to talk to my friend, given her predicament.

I have ammo to spare and you two need a day shooting at targets that won't shoot or talk back. No arguments, ladies.

[info]swordmaker in [info]the100

I've been here a week now without properly introducing myself, but now that this past weekend's [...] events have been taken care of, I have a quiet moment.

My name is Mako Mori. I was born in 2003 in Kagoshima prefecture in Japan, but I grew up in Tokyo, Anchorage, and Lima. Most recently I lived in Hong Kong, and the year for me was 2025, so I lost 125 years arriving here. I'm working in the technology department as an engineer, although my background would be difficult to explain to somebody who was not from my world - which is a good thing, not a bad one. I was trained by and worked for an organization called the Pan-Pacific Defense Corps, and to keep a complex topic brief, my field of specialty was robotics and weaponry. My work was very specialized, but I hope to be of help here.

Pleased to make everyone's acquaintance.

[info]deeringdo in [info]the100

Hey. You want to go do something?

[info]toujoursentache in [info]the100

Chatty to Peter Pettigrew

~ You and I need to have a conversation.

[info]someonehasto in [info]the100

Can someone do a psychic witchy locatory thing for me. I appear to have lost a blonde vampire. And, she was the least irritating of the two of them.

[info]stoptheclock in [info]the100

You're the one keeping track of these... Troubles, I think they're called? How can you tell if someone's got one?

[info]ignoretheodds in [info]the100

chatty: Kirk → Spock

-Now that you're Vulcan.
-Do you need to share body heat again?

[info]readthecontract in [info]the100

Network Post: Crowley

To anyone and everyone who actually laughed at that immature little "Weekend at Crowley's" routine a certain someone pulled: don't ever ask me for anything. You can't offer enough to pay that back.

I'm not going to waste radio time on this, so no call-ins, please. Yes, that big churning red smoke was me. No, I didn't possess anyone in my exorcised state, unlike certain other demons I could mention (the Winchesters), and yet they won't shut up about what a "threat" I supposedly am. Remember that next time one of them has one of their little fits about me. Anything I damaged: whoopsies. Put it on Sam's tab, or my dear roommate's. They're the ones ultimately responsible.

[OOC: Sam exorcised Crowley from his adopted body; Loki played Weekend at Bernie's with it; but let's say it was NOT at a peak meal time because that would have been very disturbing, so feel very free to have your character NOT around during that incident. If you want them to have been around for it, or smoke!Crowley to have come across your character and witnessed something or just plain startled/freaked them out by being this, go for it! "He" just floated around observing stuff until the devil's trap was broken and he could get back into his body. He was a very sulky smoke, too >:( ]