May 2016

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October 19th, 2015

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Can the group of us get together sometime and just.. I don't know, just hang out together? I saw something that sca Just because.

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I know there is... quite a bit going on right now, but the longer the wait the harder it'll likely be to ask and if everything is as crazy hectic as this on a regular basis especially with whatever that was last week...

Anyways. At the risk of opening a can of worms here, does this place have some form of group therapy? I figured I'd ask you guys first before opening it up to the general masses.

Filter to Major Lilywhite
Hello. I was informed that you'd be the one to talk to in regards to group therapy in this place. Could you tell me a bit about the set up here?

[info]aracely in [info]the100

I KNEW Araña would be beneficial to have around! You should have seen the GIANT RAT he took down!

I also think he likes it when I sing to him. He really likes the one from Hocus Pocus. The one the witches sing! I LOVE THAT SONG. So if you see Araña and get scared, try singing to him.

[info]shocktrooper in [info]the100

For anyone who knew him, Dr. Ravi Chakrabarti — the gravy to my mashed potatoes, the juice to my orange — disappeared, presumably back to whatever world we came from. I hope that's where we

And yeah, I am Major.

Sorry I missed our last session. Being a tree was kind of a new experience. One that, some day, I'm sure I'll enjoy having had, but not being able to communicate with anyone? Kind of puts a damper on my sessions.

How have things been going? With you and Penelope?
A vampire, huh? Better than a tree, I guess.
Hey. You don't really know me, but Pete and I are friends (still weird to say), and I thought since he and I get along. And you and him get along... Maybe you and I could get along.
I think I still have splinters.
How's it hanging?

[info]letothersrise in [info]the100

I would like to thank those that explained my situation to me, showed me how to use this device and assigned me to work for the command structure here. It still seems strange that so long has passed and that war has taken a toll on the world but what you have all built here is inspiring and I hope only to play my part in that.

My name is Enjolras. And last I knew it was June 1832 so I would be grateful for any aid in this adustment people can give me.

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network; mayday parker (001)

Well, crap. I'm definitely missing my finals now. Do you think they'll accept "trapped in another dimension" as a legitimate excuse, or should I go ahead and get a doctor's note?

I'm Mayday

The little birdies in Medical told me you were here. Multiverse reunion, anyone?

[info]rubythewolf in [info]the100

I'm happy to be back to my normal self again. It was a horribledifferent feeling, not being able to change.

I saw what happened to Ravi. I'm sorry, Liv.
How are you doing now? It was really cruel, with what happened.

[info]stormin in [info]the100

Do we have enough pumpkins for a pumpkin carving contest? That's probs considered a waste of food, ain't it?

We could bake the seeds!

I'm just sayin.

[info]flasking in [info]the100


Still sunshine and roses or do you actually want to talk?


How are you adjusting, Meadowes?

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[Filter: Alison Hendrix]

It's not a Trouble after all. Or it was, but it's gone now.

So I can start on those repairs any time. Just need to pick up the concrete.

[Filter: 504A - Tony Gates, Beverly Crusher, Minerva McGonagall]

Sorry I've been MIA. Had to work through some stuff -- far away from other people. But I'll be back tonight. With Charlie, and also with whiskey. Anybody else need a drink? Drinking alone's a little too close to

[Filter: Sam Winchester]

How are you feeling?

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Left hanging on Alison Hendrix's housing door. )