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October 15th, 2015

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You know, I knew I wasn't a morning person, but I guess I didn't realize that I literally wasn't myself in the mornings.

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So, I was given a list of names of people that are here that would help me acclimatise. Which is all well and good and everything most of them I'd be delighted to speak with but some of that list is just entirely impossible and rather a cruel joke if I'm honest. And others I have no wish to see.

But they tell me Nymphadora is here?

I'm honestly unsure of what to believe right now.

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(003) Severus Snape

[filter: Lupin]
what have you done now?

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[Posted after Katniss's entry but before the Wilderness survival class leaves]

I'm going on the camping trip. I'll be back in a few days. Don't

[PRIVATE TO: Claire]
Can I ask for a favor?

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You can't keep me in here forever.

[ ooc - Murphy got turned into a BtVS-style vampire for the plot! Assume he has the traditional face bumpies and was skulking about the shadows because sunlight = death. Also assume that Betsy Braddock got him contained before he did more than threaten anyone because luckily even vampire!Murphy's kinda wimpy. Longest disclaimer ever guys.]

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I think we have a problem. Or well, a situation to be precise.

Doctor Crusher, I don't think this is one of my allergic reactions. But I woke up short, stout, and hairy. Like full beard hairy.

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We need to talk.

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chatty: lupin → tonks

» Good news: Your mum's here!
» Bad news: She probably hates me.

[added later:]

» Good news! She actually doesn't hate me.

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Filter to Uncle Pete and Auntie M
I'm hoping that at least one of you isn't caught up in this... new variety of weird. Because it's probably best if one of you could pick up Benjy ASAP.

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You know I was just about ready to believe that the gods from my world aren't here at all, and then I wake up this morning.

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I see several of you are experiencing an off-rhythm type of morning. Let me know who you are and... what you are. It's an official count for official business.

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It looks as if I'll also be joining the Awake and Drastically different contingent. Is anyone keeping a list I'm mostly sure that I'm not a vampire. Even though I look like I'm suffering from bl [...] pale enough to be an anemic. That wouldn't explain why I look like a vat of bleach was dumped on my head. [....] Would it? [...] [...] I'm also starting to feel

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So this is new.

Even for me.

Hi everyone. I'm Lexi, I'm going to be a Nurse here, which totally takes me back bt dubs. So catch a girl up

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This is so not okay, it's not funny. Whoever did this, you're a dick! A giant, dick. And, when I'm back to normal, I will find you.

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Okay this place has done some fun interesting things, we've all laughed.

But making me a friggin vampire. Not okay. Not even a little bit okay.

Small mercy that I don't feel a homicidal demonic urge to kill but I do feel...freaking everything. A lot.

Anyone. Anyone laughs at the irony someone's getting punched. B, that absolutely includes you.

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network post: phil coulson

So. I may have set my room on fire. At least I managed to put it out.

[Team Bus + MCU Avengers]

So I can spontaneously burst into flame now. Interesting, but unexpected. Containment ideas other than keeping me in a non-flammable environment?

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Well, that was certainly some strong magic that got used this morning. And, rather annoying.

And, while this is quite frustrating. I still need to ask. Is there possibly a cane around that I could use?

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How's this for bullshit:

The day that I'm mysteriously myself again, Major IS AN ENORMOUS TREE.

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Filter: Team Bus

Filter: Grant Ward
Did you talk to him yet? Because if you didn't, my bodyguarding is going to be put on hold.

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[posted in the morning]

So Clarke and I had an interesting morning. Did either of you wake up inside a shell or something?

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I've always wondered what it would be like, to be tall and statuesque. I can at least say that I am now tall, and I have quite lovely ears. Not that I didn't like my ears before, but my new ones are pointy and have a delicious curve to them.

I am having trouble remembering to duck every time I go through a doorway, however.

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I can feel my heartbeat.

Chocolate. I need chocolate. Do we have ice cream here?

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network; echo (002)

please help

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If anyone is... not their usual selves right now, and is concerned about their health, I'd be glad to take a look at you and make sure everything's fine. Although, not knowing what's causing this is

I have to say, I'm feeling a little left out.

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Hey, so, weird question. I know, it's just been one of those days, right? Anyways, does anyone have a spare pair of glasses? I'm finally caving to listening to all the hints my head is giving me to say that all this squinting isn't making it happy.

[info]teamclone in [info]the100

WHO: Ben Reilly and Loki
WHEN: morning, Oct. 15
WHERE: hole in the wall room (really, it's a room Loki's magicked up)
WHAT: Ben wakes up and realizes that somethings off. AKA all work and all play make Loki still something something.
WARNINGS: don't think so? alluded sexy times?

Oh no… Loki… What did you do? )

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Time to check in, everyone. Are we okay? Who's different?
How many of us has this affected? I feel the same as I did yesterday.

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I don't mean to be rude or anything, but would somebody mind trying to

Look, it'd just be one touch.

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So. Which of you wants to be Dean's next of kin? I mean, it would be me, but I probably forfeited that right when I killed him. Right?