May 2016

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October 8th, 2015

[info]thisismypower in [info]the100

Mary Jane Watson just told me that

Hi. How are you?
I'm beginning to get the idea that a friend of yours is trying to set me up with Ben. It's weird, I don't know. She just told me I should go talk to him.
Does it ever NOT get weird when someone tries to set you up without your knowledge?

[info]rubythewolf in [info]the100

We should start some sort of spa here. Or really, I just need a massage. I must have slept wrong last night, my neck still feels tight. Everyone needs massages, right?

Hey, it seems like you're adjusting pretty well here. Everything going all right?

[info]victoryred in [info]the100

Mum always said waste n

I would like to reach out to anyone who knows how to knit. Given that we were just gifted with a bevy of supplies (needles, skeins of yarn, &c), it has been suggested that we ought to put our hands to good use.

As such, I will take volunteers who can:
  • Knit cold-weather accessories including gloves, mittens, blankets, scarves, socks
  • Instruct in knitting
  • Assist knitters

  • Given that this is a skill which goes beyond our typically delegated tasks, I thought I would offer it up to the community to determine if there are any secret experts who might like to try their hand at supplying still another useful resources for the coming winter.

    [info]cityelfwarden in [info]the100

    I think we've gotten the alcohol content on the whiskey a little less terrifying. It's an art as much as it's a science, particularly under these sorts of conditions. With such limited resources, the experimentation process takes a while. So while the alcohol content is more what we're going for now, the taste is still leaving a lot to be desired. I've started three new batches of mash today. Here's hoping one of them gets us closer to the victory.

    Killing darkspawn was much easier than this. Significantly more likely to have me meet an untimely end, but easier. It's funny how that works, isn't it? When you have one major overriding goal (kill the archdemon, end the Blight, track down the key to ending the Calling), a lot of decisions are simple. You do the things that lead to the goal, the end. That's it. I have to make small decisions now that don't affect anyone other than me in any significant way, and every single one of them is harder to make than any of the ones I've made that affected whole countries.

    Urgency breeds clarity, I suppose.

    [info]removedhisheart in [info]the100

    [Chatty to Anastasia]

    ~ You wanted to talk.
    ~ Fine. Let's bloody talk.

    [info]feraltag in [info]the100

    Now that I have settled in a little and have been granted permission to speak, I will make the introduction quick. I am Nicolas Brown, but just using Nic is okay and what I'm used to. Right now I am currently assigned as a prison guard and will be more efficient due to the previous stated permission.

    If I may ask a favor -- If you do speak to me face to face, please do not talk too fast, that is all.

    [Filtered to Medical]
    It's a pain to admit, but I will need assistance. It is not urgent, but it's needed due to certain conditions. I am sorry in advance.

    [info]rebornhunter in [info]the100

    Filter: Anakin Solo
    Hi! How confident do you feel now about your archery skills?

    Filter: Nico di Angelo
    I have a kind of a weird question that I never thought I'd be asking you.