May 2016

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October 7th, 2015

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We can't just hold Emerson forever.

In Skyhold, a trial consisted of a public reading of the crimes and sentencing. I had the luxury of never punishing anyone I wasn't sure committed their crimes, and no one is going to dispute exactly what Emerson did. Snow, I know that Chancellor Griffin is incredibly busy; has she talked to you about this at all? Has she said what she wants out of this?

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All right, ladies, I know we've all been busy, so we need to just have a night to wind down and catch up. We're all meeting at my and Sarah's place on Friday night. I found a few decent records and a working player going through the warehouses these past couple of weeks, and I'm relatively sure I can get some of that paint thinner they're calling alcohol if we want it.

And let's keep this small, shall we? Maybe one extra person each? It's about time Cos and Sarah got to spend more time with Foggy and for you all to properly get to know Remus.

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It's a Trouble.

Whatever it is, I've got a handprint on me that only Audrey can see, like someone just slapped me with it. They don't know what's going on, but they know it's a Trouble. Like I'm replaying time over and losing memories of what I did, or I'm in two places at once. Dunno.

But I'm finding out.

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First off, I'd like to offer my apologies to those who did my admittance yesterday and any who I introduced myself to since I arrived. I provided you with false information about myself and the child within my care because I, understandably, was wary of this entire situation. However, I've encountered enough people here to realize that precaution was unnecessary. I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

So, hello. My name is Norman Osborn, not Franklin Allan. Most tend to refer to me as Normie. To those who met little 'Matt', his name is actually Benjy.

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Network; Max Guevara (002)

So what's a girl do for fun around here?

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Everyone seems to have the feeling that this Grounder mission went well, and [...] it did, but I can't shake the feeling that we're walking on eggshells. They outnumber us. They have us surrounded. We're essentially trapped in here with limited means of expansion, and we're agreeing to play by their very strict rules. It's not like we have a choice, we're backed into a corner on this, but I'm just waiting for the day when one of our hunters makes a minor mistake in trading etiquette and it incites a massacre.

Out and about. I had to pull myself off you at some point.

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network post: ginny potter (several filters!)

I miss baby you. You got so big and I've had no time to adjust.

I feel like I don't know you. And that's awful. And I told you that your parents split up. I'm the worst mum.

Oi, you. So.

Here's the thing. And I'm not saying it in person because this texting thing is grand. I can get everything out and not worry about you looking at my face, and I can edit what I have to instead of just vomiting up words and hoping they come out all right.

You should move back in with me. For real. For good. I know I've been leading you on a bit, and I wasn't trying to lead you anywhere, but I wasn't saying yes or no and now I'm saying yes. Yes, okay, let's give this another go, you and me. If you want me, I'm here. And I want you.

I don't want it to go back to how it was, because how it was was broken. I want it to be better than it was, because we're better, and sometimes I just look at your face and I hate how much I want to kiss it.

I miss you, is what I'm saying.

I may be drunk? A little drunk.

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[Filtered to Alison & Foggy]

Thank you. Again.

[...] How do I tell him about the new Elsa? I have to tell him, right? She looks different enough, but if he sees her using ice magic...

[Filtered to Friends]
[ooc: you're on it if you want to be!]

I'm officially off the crutches. But my leg still hurts like Have been since just before the mission, actually. We could've used a few magical healers back home.

So who's up for a game of... anything, really? Basketball? Croquet? I'm not picky.

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My head is still cloudy and full of the dreams which I had while under the influence of the medicine of man, but my nephew tells me that I must use this small window to tell you that I am here. I am Thorin Oakenshield, King of Erebor, leader of the House of Durin. It has been explained to me, but I still find it ridiculous that a man can share the face of a hobbit. I also wonder, in my thickheadedness from the herbs used to keep me asleep as I begin to heal, who this mysterious you is, to whom I am introducing myself.

I am also told that I have been here before, yet I have no memory of this.