May 2016

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October 6th, 2015

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We're back! I'll leave the summary of the trip up to Clarke, but I'm glad to be home.

Who missed me?

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I crashed a Pod God meeting, and yes, it is as weird and uncomfortable to watch as you're all thinking it is. Although the upside is that there's now a little group of Sky People who think we were set here by a god to help them, and that they're obligated to take care of us out of gratitude or it will stop sending them presents.

So... yay?

All right, I know my little confession last month made things awkward with the three of us, but that wasn't what I was trying to do. So now you're banned from being sad about it. Are you sad about it? Nope, you're not, because now it's against the rules. You're welcome.

I haven't had a headache in a week, just by the way.

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As far as kidnappings go, this one's got legs. Remote forest? Mountainside lair? Nice attention to detail, except for one thing: the bulk of the Wayne holdings was filtered through charities weeks ago. So if it's money you're after, you're about to have a real bad day, friend.

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We're back!

It was nice to get to see more of this world. Some of those animals are super weird.

Anyway, what did I miss?

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WHO: Peter Parker and Normie Osborn
WHEN: noonish time, Oct 6
WHERE: hallways
WHAT: A case of mistaken identity leads to an interesting conversation.
WARNINGS: none that I can think of? Uh, spoilers if you're really, really, really behind on Spider-Man reading? Like 1980s behind. Plus maybe some Spider-Verse spoilers too?

That’s one of those ‘You’re not the way I remember’ glances. I started being able to spot ‘em better in the last few months. I mean, aside from no one ever having opened up their questions with asking for my age without it being soaked in exasperation. Or it being followed by how much I don’t look like Tobey Maguire. )

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Jan Van Dyne
I have acquired three new roommates in the course of three days. I think we should go "green"-ing this weekend, or next, or permanently..

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》》Hey, can you take 15?
》》Something important is happening.
》》More important than Batman.

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[PRIVATE TO: Sarah (?)]
Who are y Are you even checking th

Why What do you know about Judgment Day?

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Sooo, secret identities....I'm honestly curious. Since, I pretty much never had one.

Pros and cons...go!

[OOC: OMG, I'm so sorry. But, he had to know!]

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Hey guys. We're back from the diplomatic mission to the Grounders' capitol city with some good news.

We've worked out a trade arrangement with the Grounder Coalition which means we'll have a lot more freedom in where and how we travel. They have a couple major stipulations for us and we have to be extremely prudent about not breaking any of their rules, so please read this carefully:

Although we're being allowed to hunt, gather and scavenge on Grounder territory, we are forbidden from scavenging from Grounders, their homes, or their dead.

When we scavenge in Grounder territory and encounter Grounders, we are obliged to trade with them or offer our services to them.

If we encounter Grounders who do not want to trade with us, they are under no obligation to trade with us or offer us their services.

Additionally, everyone should know a few basic phrases in the Grounders' language like how to introduce yourself, negotiate prices, and apologize.

Anyone that wants to go on scavenging missions outside of the Mount Weather perimeter will have to attend briefing meetings on these and other regulations. We'll be holding the first one tonight after dinner in the mess hall.

Have a good evening, and thanks again to everyone who accompanied Lincoln and I on the mission.

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Filter to Medical Staff and Administration
First, allow me to tell you how proud I am of all of you, for the jobs that you've done lately with the werewolf situation, and with the odd illnesses and injuries that are a normal part of life here in Mount Weather. You are all exceptional beings.

But I would like to address a situation that may or may not be becoming a problem for us as medical workers. We are each expected to take on the burden of caring for everyone in this mountain, but I've discovered that all too often we neglect a significant portion of the population: ourselves. We take extra shifts, or stay longer, or take on extra patients, at the expense of our mental and physical well-being. While we may work like machines, we are not. We are living, breathing beings that need sleep and time off and, yes, sex. Don't neglect yourself. Take time to be with your partner, if you have one, to read a book, take a walk, visit the schoolrooms to see the children, or to just sleep. Keep an eye out for each other. If someone is showing signs of fatigue, stress, grief, or anything that may be affecting their quality of life, speak to them -- or approach me and I will speak with them. Don't do what I did, and bury yourself in your work out of some misguided idea that would take your grief away or make it easier to bear.

Starting tomorrow, each of us -- including myself -- is expected to adhere to the hours we're scheduled. Don't stay late to get just one more test result logged; the next person can handle that. Of course there will be times when we'll be needed to stay longer, all hands on deck, with only a brief break here and there for sleep or food. Now is not one of those times. Things are relatively peaceful, and we all need to take advantage of that.

In short: keep to your scheduled hours, find time to play and to sleep and to eat.

Secondly, after some discussion with Drs. Griffin and Jackson, we are implementing a new processing procedure for new arrivals. Upon awakening, after giving us their name and the names of people they know at home -- a loved one, friends, or otherwise, we will use the database that has been gathering information since we all arrived to ascertain if someone that they are familiar with is here. If there are, then we will inform the new arrival of that, and will also contact next-of-kin or a friend, so that they can help acclimate him or her to their new home. This procedure is to be implemented immediately. If you have any questions, ask.

Filter to Alison Hendrix
I wonder if, down the line, you'd be willing to have a guest director for the Mount Weather Community Theater? I've directed many plays on the Enterprise, and I continued with it once my time on the ship ended. I'm not particularly good at directing musicals, but plays I'm quite good at.

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I don't understand why chicken noodle soup never fills you up? No, wait. It does. but like an hour later you're hungry again and it's not like a little hungry. It's hangry, because you tricked your stomach into thinking that it was getting a good dinner. And it did, but it just didn't stick, not like chicken and dumplings does. Kitchen, can you make chicken and dumplings? I want chicken and dumplings. I think the moral of this story is that I'm hangry and I want something that's going to stick with me. :(

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Who: Katniss & Peeta
What: talking about ~marriage~
When: Unity Day (backdated)
Where: at the dance!
Warnings: fluff?

... )

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Back unscathed, for the two or three of you that might matter to.

It seemed to go well but obviously the negotiations were Clarke's thing

Did I miss anything interesting?

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chatty to matt murdock
» i have a fucking step-son

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I have a surprise for you.

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You know what. Never mind. That was a bigger can of worms than I anticipated.

No offence. But. I'm probably not going to reply to all of that. You gave me something to think about.

ETA: And, for what it's worth. I'm sorry for dredging up what is clearly bad memories.

[Filtered to Rhodey]

I need a drink.

ETA: [Filtered to Steve]

We need to talk.

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Bananas. I really want bananas. Banana pudding. Banana taffy. Banana runts. Banana bread. Oh man, banana bread. Why! WHY DO I WANT THESE THINGS I CANNOT HAVE.