May 2016

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September 5th, 2015

[info]spidergirl in [info]the100

Okay, so I'm still new here and apparently there's not much crime. Still, there's a lot of things going on — werewolves, Grounders, weird animals — and I kind of want to get a group together to occasionally do our own patrols. Does that make sense?

Anyway, you guys came to mind first, and if you have any other suggestions, I'm all ears. If nothing else, we can get together and keep up our skills because let's be real, not being able to swing around is going to suck. I need to keep fit somehow.

[info]youareperfect in [info]the100

network; mystique (010)

Well, we can safely assume that I don't have much in common with myself.

[info]thebigbad_ in [info]the100

network; bigby wolf (004)

Grounder werewolves will never be a problem again, unless one of you newly turned fucknuts does something stupid and decides not to learn from this.

And I'm human again, for what it's worth.

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network; asala adaar (022)

I am very proud to announce a few more promotions into Command. In an effort to make sure that our citizens have more representation in our government, we have a number of new Second-in-Commands of Departments, effective today.

Our new Second-in-Commands are the following:
Medical: Dr. Beverly Crusher
Civilian Services: Alison Hendrix
Infrastructure: Veronica Santangelo
Agriculture & Animals: Neville Longbottom
Crafts: Peggy Carter
Technology: Natasha Romanoff

As part of the chain of command, our new officials will have the ability to act with the Council's authority within their own departments. If you have an issue or an idea specific to your job, these are the people who will be hearing your comments. If need be, of course they're expected to refer to the department heads or the Council, but consider them in charge of day-to-day operations.

Congratulations to our new Second-in-Commands!

[info]tylerose in [info]the100

Filter: Whoverse
Jack and Martha are gone.

Filter: Ianto
I hope you don't mind that I told them. I'm sure they'd want to know, especially the Doctor. How are you feeling?

[info]whereitcounts in [info]the100

network post; military

Military & Law Enforcement People
Leia and I found another one of those dehydrated bodies out here in the woods. Not too sure what happened, but I think we should send a team out there before we bring them in.

[info]beverlycrusher in [info]the100

Filter to Medical (Admin Included)
I would just like to let you know that we will be having an all-staff meeting on Monday morning at 8 a.m. It shouldn't last over half an hour. Everyone needs to be there.

Filter to Technology/Engineering-type folks
As some of you may know, I've been here a little over six months. I've had my tricorder here the entire time, and it's been used fairly regularly. I've cut back on using it lately, though, because it hasn't been truly calibrated since a few days before I left the Enterprise, and the battery within it is starting to show signs of losing power. I feel like I should hesitate to do this, but either way, there will be no tricorder to work with, so. I would like to offer it to you, with the hopes that you will be able to both find an easy way to calibrate it, and a way to recharge its batteries so that it can remain as a useful tool here in medical. If you're unable to do this, my hope is that you'll be able to use the technology within to somehow build your own machines like this, or find a use for the parts within it elsewhere.

You may have heard the rumor mill, saying how many of the cursed individuals from last Saturday's fight have passed away from their injuries. It saddens me to tell you all that eight of the fourteen bite victims have passed away. The remaining six are remaining under close watch by the doctors and nurses and medical, and we're doing everything in our power to make sure that they are resting comfortably and as pain-free as we can allow them to be.

If you would like to visit any of these individuals, then you must be on a list, pre-approved by them. And even then, if they say no visitors, the only people who will see them are their care teams. As for their leaving medical for short amounts of time, we are deciding that on a case-by-case basis.

[info]dropthemagnolia in [info]the100

It seems most folks weren't brought here by their own design but placed in these pod-things and deposited like little gifts for those of you that are native to this world. Well, that's one hell of a hello. And some of you are from similar continuities while others are very much alone. I can't say how that feels so much but I'm sorry if you feel alone. It doesn't sit well, does it? Letting the whole world flow around while you just observe from some far-removed piece. Least those pods could do is bring you a friend.

Anyway, hi. My name's Marie, but most folks call me Rogue.

[info]tohopeagain in [info]the100

We are a week out from the terrible fight that we fought last Saturday -- and one. Most of us are only now really beginning to process what we have seen, and what we have done. You must all remember that you are not alone in your horror and grief, and that there are people who are there to help you, in whatever way you need. Some of you may feel that you must speak to someone, a professional perhaps. So consider this your reminder that mental health services are available to you all, at any time of day or night.

[info]worldisamess in [info]the100

This was not something I was expecting. Who'd have thought time travel was actually real.

Hi, I'm Dr. Horrible Billy. Ugh, how am I supposed to keep a secret identity when I arrive dressed like

So, this is what the world turns out like, huh?