May 2016

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September 3rd, 2015

[info]halfterran in [info]the100

It's a pity more things can't be beaten by dance-offs.


Probably as good a time as any to make you lot check in. I hear it's a thing.

[info]stoptheclock in [info]the100

September already? I My son's birthday was three weeks ago. Slipped my mind when I got here. Usually Max would h He would have been twenty two.

Things like that, birthdays and anniversaries, holidays, those feel different here. If you're the only one who remembers what it means, if you're the only one who knows, there's not much to do about it, and everyone here keeps busy enough. I think that's a blessing, in a way. No remembrance ceremonies to attend. No big speeches to write. I could do with less of those. I never did like the spotlight, and I've seen enough to last a lifetime. There are things I'd rather not remember.

How's Neal been doing since the weekend?

[info]annewithane in [info]the100

Until my nausea passes and I'm able to return to working in the kitchens, I've been given the opportunity to help in the school. It's a tiny return to normality, as it wasn't so very long ago that I was teaching, for three years in Sunnyside, as both principal and English and literature. Most of my teaching duties here won't resemble any of my previous ones at all, but I've been thinking that it would be lovely to teach a small class, much like one of my literature classes at Redmond. We would be focusing on the likes of Tennyson, Longfellow, Wordsworth, and not simply reading their works for enjoyment -- which should always be the primary motivator for reading. We would also look into the meanings behind the poems, and discover our own, as we face our own "brave new world", as Aldous Huxley put it.

If any of you would be interested in this, please do let me know! It would be separate from the book club, of course, and not intended to compete with them at all.

[info]pymparticled in [info]the100

How's Scott?

I suppose it's within the normal realm of concern to check in with you after a werewolf attack. How are you?

[info]swhite in [info]the100

I don't mean to be a nuisance, but we have a situation in 505M. Martha Jones went in there to shower, I believe, and it's been an hour that the shower's been running and she hasn't come out. Either she's injured or she might have disappeared. She's not responding to my knocks.

[info]liesbecomeus in [info]the100

Are you busy at the moment?

cut to save your friends lists )

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I wanted to take this moment to thank the Chancellor and Councilors for implementing a new law enforcement and legal system and placing me and my partner Nathan Wuornos in charge. We take our duties seriously and will do our best to uphold the laws that protect us all.

In the meantime, we need some officers and administrative staff, so if you're interested in making the switch, you can fill out a form [form here] and we'll schedule an interview.

[info]cityelfwarden in [info]the100

Do we have any entertainers among our number here? People who sing, play instruments, tell stories, anything like that? Let me know if you fit that description. We're working on a project.

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Are we losing?

There's a whole lot of woods out there.

[info]westen in [info]the100

WHO: Michael Westen and Elsa of Arendelle.
WHEN: Slightly backdated to Tuesday, 9/01/2150.
WHERE: From medical to Michael’s apartment.
WHAT: Recovering from the battle.
STATUS: In progress!
WARNINGS: TBI (traumatic brain injury) & other physical injuries, discussion of war & its aftermath, etc. Probably some evidence of acute stress reaction will pop up too since they’re both likely traumatized by the war.

How arrogant had he been to think that he could march into a werewolf war, after a year and half of retirement, and he'd be fine afterward? )

[info]foggy_nelson in [info]the100

Good evening, Mount Weather! As you're no doubt aware, that Mount Weather is making strides towards becoming a self-sustaining community. We already have our own elected council members, and as Audrey Parker mentioned, a new Law Enforcement and Legal Departments. Matt Murdock and I will make up Legal as we are resurrecting Nelson & Murdock. Currently, due to the lack of crime (please keep it that way), we will be using our skills and our practice to provide arbitration, negotiation, and conflict resolution services to the residents of Mount Weather. In the event of a crime or a trial, we will do our utmost to represent you as our clients.

We will, of course, require an administrative assistance, so if you think you would like working with us, fill out the form here.

I know some of you will have some questions. This is the place to ask them.

[info]hideandseeker in [info]the100

This place is a lot nicer with my family here. All three of them.

Filter to Ginny
Did you see this? They put me in as a prison guard here. To be honest, prison guard is a little below my skillset. But if you think I should stay away from law enforcement, I will. I just don't want to make the same mistakes I made at home.

Do you want me to keep living here, in this room with Mordin, or would you rather I be over there with you and Jamie?

[info]imbittered in [info]the100

Who: Severus Snape
When: September 2, after his arrival and subsequent introduction to the network.
Where: His room in the mountain.
What: A lot of feels competing with numbness.
Rating: Low-ish.

Severus was used to situations with no guidebook. )