May 2016

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August 12th, 2015

[info]tylerose in [info]the100

I hope everyone is starting to feel better. I'm sure everyone is with me when I say that I would very much appreciate not going through that again.

Filter: Jack & Ianto
He hasn't woken up yet.

[info]dellycartwright in [info]the100

I sincerely hope that everyone who has fallen ill are feeling much better. To those of you that did not fall ill, and choose to use your time in helping others, thank you. To those that did their best to take care of others even while ill, thank you. Thank you all so much for your kindness.

[info]annewithane in [info]the100

Filter to the Ladies Circle
I don't suppose any of you would be able to find a set of knitting needles and some yarn, and bring it to me in medical. I'm allowed to have visitors, I'm told, and would dearly love the opportunity to keep my hands busy while doing so.

Otherwise, I hope everyone is feeling better?

Filter to Kaidan & Shepard
Shepard, thank you. I don't know what would have happened to me if you hadn't taken me to Medical. That I didn't lose the baby is a miracle, and I can only think that part of the reason why is you moving so quickly to help me.

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[info]fucksociety in [info]the100

This should be over. If this is withdrawal, it should be over and done with by now. I shouldn't be spending every minute watching the second hand go by. My fish would be telling me to move him to the goddamn window, and Angela would eat him, trying to pass off me a bite across a cubicle wall. I wouldn't be sitting in my same old clothes, watching my roommate trying to button his shirts while missing a finger. How did he lose that finger? That seems like an odd, important detail, but I can't figure out what it symbolizes. At least I could do that before. Where is Krista? I need to talk to her. She could help me. Or I could help myself by helping her. It's a toss up.

Is there a therapist here?

[info]featherington in [info]the100

A very old copy of Sense and Sensibility was ripped out of my hands today while I was in the library, by some strange man I have never seen before. He was very, very shouty and he threw it at the wall and now it is ruine. He's ginger, he wore a sort of waistcoat, he had spectacles on. Who is this man?

[info]changingtide in [info]the100

Private to Annie Odair

Where are you and Tristan?

[info]maximoffgirl in [info]the100

[Filtered to Friends (a loose filter)]

Pietro is gone.

[info]waytogo in [info]the100

Why wasn't Cecil on the radio this evening? Has anyone seen him recently? Oh, no. He didn't die from that illness we all got, did he?

[info]spidergwen in [info]the100

Okay, so, I'm trying to make sure what I'm seeing wasn't the remnants of illness like a hallucination maybe but did anyone else see a really creepy kid asking about books in the library?