May 2016

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August 5th, 2015

[info]wildpowerwitch in [info]the100

I mostly made sense of the explaination I got given. Or, well, okay not so much all of it. But I figure that will follow and I know the people here mean well.

So I guess now I need to know how I help? Till I get home I mean. I'm working as a farmer which is fair. I'm good with plants and things. But is there anything else I can do? What do people do around here for fun, social stuff?

OH also, I'm Iliana. Because, duh, I should do the intro thing properly.

[info]katebishop in [info]the100

You didn't tell your dad about being a superhero! I totally failboated on that, and might have mentioned that supervillains didn't like you.

Where's Damage Control when you need them?
Wanna go for a run?

[info]colonelrhodes in [info]the100

Filter to Medical & R&R
You guys, I got a case of some stuff you guys should have a look at. It's red, and it looks like it could be sticky. It's not blood, though. Not sure what it is, and given this place, I'm not about to open this to see what it is by sniffing it.

[info]two_smoothies in [info]the100

I wake up late because I was out celebrating our victory over the bad guys, you know? and I go into the kitchen to make waffles, but I'm out of Bisquick, so I'm like, Aw man, this sucks. So I get dressed to hit up the 7-11 on the corner and the next thing I know, I'm lying in some hospital bed with all sorts of wires and tubes stuck in me and shit. And I start going, What the hell?! Yo, where am I?! Then this Indian guy with a British accent shows up and he's like, Whoa, whoa, hold on there, chillax bro. Everything's gonna be cool. So I ask the doctor, because this guy's a doctor, I ask him, What happened to me? Did I have a heart attack?" And this doctor, he says, Naw bro, let me lay this on you. Then starts talking about being in a place where different universes collide or something, and how James Bond could be here any day now.

And Ravi - the doctor's name is Ravi, right? He says I'm safe and I've got a place to stay here, and food and how I'm in good hands. And I'm listening to him and listening to him and then suddenly I get it and say, Now I know who you are! You're from that zombie show! You know, the zombie show on television? And Ravi's like, I don't know what you're talking about, bro. There's a zombie show? being all confused. And then I go, Oh yeah, you're totally from that zombie show, man. Your character works with that pasty white chick who's a zombie who eats brains and solves crimes. But I haven't watched every episode, because I'm not really into zombies, since they creep me out, especially Walking Dead. Then Ravi, he's trying to be cool and says, Yeah, I get it, bro. Zombies ain't everybody's thing. So you have any questions?

That's when I ask if I can have my pants back, since I'm wearing one of those hospital gowns, you know, one of those things that shows off your ass in back? Since I don't want to go walking around the place with my ass hanging out. And Ravi is all cool about it, but acting nervous like, and goes Maybe later you can tell me more about this zombie program, and I'm like, That's cool, at least the episodes I remember.

And then I get my pants on, and I check out John Stamos, and I go, Yo! John Stamos! Bro! I thought you were awesome on Full House. My cousin, Rosa used to have a huge crush on you! And John's looking at me like, Say whaaaat? I also see that chick from Star Trek Next Generation, and I go to her, Make it so! even though I'm more of a Star Wars kinda person, you know? But only the old Star Wars, because the prequels were all messed up by Lucas who figured packing each scene with a bunch of special effects would make up for the fact that the characters lacked depth so you couldn't really identify with any of them as the protagonist, and that they would also somehow hide all the plot inconsistencies in the story.

Now this is what I've been thinking, is that, I've been sent into the future, right? Kinda like John Carter in reverse. And like, maybe now that I'm one of the good guys, I've been chosen for some sort of wack mission or something?

That's pretty cool.

By the way, my name's Luis.

[info]loveishope in [info]the100

Kind as the medical people are. I think this is going to take some getting used to.

Hello Mount Weather, I'm Belle.

[info]thegreygull in [info]the100

So can anyone tell me if there is any way out of this hellhole? The quacks in medical said there isn't, but I think they were trying to keep me calm when it was obvious that I was, and am, itching to punch something. Or someone. They also said I should introduce myself, because apparently going to group therapy over a network without access to Netflix is helpful. Sure. Okay.

I'm Duke Crocker, and I'm not mentally ill.