May 2016

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June 30th, 2015

[info]aracely in [info]the100

This is so cool! I live in a mountain!

Hi! I'm Aracely! So how long do we have to live in the mountain? Are there other creatures that live here too? Do I have to be a dishwasher? I never had a job before, do I get paid? How much do I get paid? Is there anything here to spend money on? Do you have shopping malls? I totally went to one with Annabelle and it was fun! Is she here? Is Kaine here? He's totally grumpy, and if he's here, I bet me owes me like $1000 in the swear jar.

Oh, I don't have it here with me. I'll have to start over.

Does anyone have a jar?

Am I even using this correctly?

How far into the future am I? Do they still have raves in the future? I was at a rave in Prague before I ended up here. It was so much fun!

[info]borntoresist in [info]the100

How are you and the little lad doing? Is miss Rosie taking well to her new sibling?
Hey. Have you gone to see Hermione yet? I imagine you have but I was hoping to soon if you wanted to come along.
Tell me more about Teddy.

I got one lamb who reminds me of one of my girls back home. Same ol' temper. I've taken to calling her Sorcha 2.0. It could also be I miss my reservation so much that I'm projecting on the animal here.

[info]liesbecomeus in [info]the100

Would you be up for a walk this evening?
The library has an assortment of old standard muggle games. Perhaps we could take one and have an evening of merriment? I believe I saw Pictionary and that, it would seem, does not have limits on the number of players.

Or perhaps even Charades? I know at face value it seems a little lame, but desperate times and all. Plus, the idea of never seeing Lily possibly again is frightening and I want to actually spend time with you all.
I miss Lily.

I wonder if The Invisible Man is in the film archive. Does anyone happen to know?

[info]quitethehero in [info]the100

Здравствуйте, Ванда. [...] Did I do it right?

Do you know any other languages?

Does anyone have the ability to make a necklace glow?

[info]iamfire in [info]the100

Is it customary to wear clothing when sunning around here? Some seemed offended today.

[OOC: yes he was sunbathing nude. you're welcome.]

[info]youareperfect in [info]the100

network; mystique (001)

Does saying hi on this thing make it easier?

I agreed to help in systems administrations and I'm rooming with someone named Aracely.

[info]changingtide in [info]the100


Hey, you.

[info]antgirl in [info]the100

SOME people I know are in BIG trouble and I'm taking guesses on who and why!

[info]victoryred in [info]the100

I've got a pair of silk stockings that have seen their last legs (quite literally), so if anyone can put them to good use I'll give them a good wash and donate with a glad heart.

If there is but one thing which plagues me more than any other, it's stagnation and inactivity. While cobbling and discovering this world in its own right has its own merits, I find myself with idle hands and begin to wonder if any active hearts and minds here feel the same? If so, allow me to propose a small thing? Please do allow me to play host to a ladies' circle. This group would gather to socialise, certainly. But I should also think that we could put our backs to a host of good works:
  • Building out the Library, whether through copying or through memory
  • Stockpiling knowledge of our own various worlds
  • Honing our self defense skills & keeping physically sharp
  • Building good cheer and grace amongst our hosts & friends, alike
  • Playing host to any number of activities which may require our own specific influence

  • What say you?

    My dear, you are quiet.