May 2016

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June 28th, 2015

[info]breadandcircus in [info]the100

log: everlark

WHO: Peeta Mellark + Katniss Everdeen
WHEN: Sunday, June 28
WHERE: A hallway? Somewhere probably public, I'm sure a few people walked by during this so if you wanted to see Katniss and Peeta make out in a hall, knock yourself out XD
WHAT: Peeta's helping Katniss walk after her hunting accident; they have an important heart-to-heart.

You're enough. )

[info]burningwings in [info]the100

Did anyone catch that person? Do we still have to go outside with an armed escort?

I miss having our own rooms. I want to stay with you.

(ooc: added in a few minutes later)
[...] Hi.

[info]thiswaslove in [info]the100

network; veronica santangelo (005)

So this is going to be awkward, but bear with me.

I'm friends with MJ, who seems to have some kind of redhead network? I don't know, but the point is that she told me you like women, and I like women and you are... really, really cute. And smart.

I build things. I brought back a battery. And a generator. I like computers. I'm trying to make myself sound attractive, it's not working very well, do you want to get a drink?

[info]shallbeworthy in [info]the100

network; thor (002)

Are your people here always so free with affection, or was it the energy of youth I saw in the halls today? Either way, it's good to see this place still has a hope and energy, even as people are taken from their home.

[info]subject89p13 in [info]the100

Poker tonight in the mess hall. I'd filter this, but you people know who you are. Same rules as always. You complain, you get kicked out.

Oh, and I'll introduce you to Quill and Gamora. She's green and can murder you. He's got questionable judgment but I guess he's okay. They're my friends. Everyone make 'em feel welcome.

[info]felicity_smoak in [info]the100

I'm curious, do we have say a masterlist of people who are here and their skills?

[info]phrynefisher in [info]the100

Hello? I am assuming this is working. I'm Phryne Fisher and I've just arrived here. I'm supposed to be working as a Nurse here too. Are there any other nurses?

[info]disinform in [info]the100

If death is the great equalizer, I wonder what one should call this.


Well, well, well. It seems we're sharing the same hallucination, though I can't determine why or how. Last time I checked, it wasn't me who was thrown out the window.

[info]phoenixmetaphor in [info]the100

Filtered to MCU

The hot werewolf made a pretty awesome suggestion.

Come on, you lot are joining me. It'll be fun.

[info]falsworth in [info]the100

I say, I found that film the other night quite exhilarating. I am told that there are three more in the series -- does anyone know if there are plans to show the others soon?

Filter to Katniss
How's the leg, my dear? I'm hearing reports you were seen walking with a young man, always a very good sign.

[info]angelnotdemon in [info]the100

I still quite strongly miss my bookshop. I've spent some time in the evenings starting to put the library in some order, trying to locate some of the books that have been requested to be put into digital form that haven't been found yet. That has helped, but it certainly isn't the same. Alas.

Filter to Susan Pevensie
Allow me to introduce myself. I am Aziraphale, and Angel of the Lord. I understand that you were the unfortunate victim of the werewolf's recent wrath, and I wondered how you fare? Are you still in hospital? Would you like visitors, books?

[info]flameon_ in [info]the100

It's the Fourth of July next weekend, not that that means anything here. I'm going to miss the fireworks, though. Those were always the best. And the hot dogs. And the parades. Who doesn't like a good parade?

Does anyone need to get out of this mountain as bad as I do?

[info]willingtopay in [info]the100

Hey, Peggy. I hope you're settling in all right.

This is Natasha. She's one of my best friends. She's been helping me write up... well, a summary of the big events at home, since you won't be able to look any of that up here and since it seems people keep showing up from different points in time. Or at least I'm not sure if I thought having it all in one place will help us explain it to you and anyone else who arrives, that way everyone understands where the rest of us have been if they want to know. And I know you want to know, and this way you can read at your own pace. Either of us can answer questions for you. Most questions, anyway.
Hey. Guess what.
Do you remember Did you see Peggy's here?

[info]victoryred in [info]the100

WHO: Steve Rogers & Peggy Carter
WHEN: Not long after her arrival. Backdated to approximately 1 hour after that.
WHERE: The common room; 501
WHAT: It's reunion fun! Oh ya.
RATING: Disney low.

I’ve seen you land words just as hard as your fists. )