May 2016

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May 31st, 2015

[info]asala in [info]the100

log/thread; asala + kaidan

WHO: Asala Adaar, fake!Sera (&eventually Kaidan Alenko)
WHEN: Saturday, May 30th
WHERE: Asala's dreamscape, then Kaidan's
WHAT: Asala steps through a disc to see what's on the other side, seeing as it's so rift-like, and walks into a dreamscape. On trying to escape, she walks into Kaidan's first. Note! What's under the cut is the first half, with the Kaidan/Asala stuff in the comments. I wanted to get this posted so I could post in the network.
STATUS: Ongoing.

I'm not alone! )

[info]asala in [info]the100

network; asala adaar (007)

Do not go into the portals if you can help it.

I'm not sure how this is possible, but they lead into some strange version of the Fade. If you do end up in them, try not to believe anything you're seeing; I know that it's convincing, and anything you experience in there is the Fade getting into your brain and forcing you to believe in its illusions. Mages from my world are used to forcing themselves to become lucid in order to avoid being tricked into possession, but the rest of you have never been in it before.

I went into one and managed to get myself out because of my anchor. I can open and close rifts on my own, but most of you don't have those powers. I don't know how many people are stuck in the Fade, and I definitely don't know who knows they're stuck and who doesn't, but when I went through the portal disappeared behind me. I need help looking for them and getting them back out again.

There may be demons there. I would prefer only people with magic volunteer to help; you can't rely on physical weapons or necessarily rely on outsmarting or outfighting what's in there without them. If you can help, give me something of yours to power with my magic so I can locate you. You need to take note of where you found the initial portal in Mount Weather and then stay with whoever you find inside the Fade until I can get to you and get you out again. I've already done it once, so I know how to go back and forth. I can stitch up the portals if I find them. It's not perfect, but it should keep people from falling into them until there's something more permanent to be done.

[info]clayrschild in [info]the100

WHO: Lirael, the Dog, & Mogget (brief mentions of Eddie Carmichael being in the general vicinity)
WHAT: arrival!
WHEN: Saturday, afternoon-ish.
WHERE: medical -> her room -> wherever the nearest portal is -> dreamscape
WARNINGS: feeeeels. tears. crying.

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[info]snowglowswhite in [info]the100

Who: Elsa & Open to a KNIGHT OR KNIGHTESS IN SHINING ARMOR (or a narrative)
When: Evening of May 30
Where: Michael Westen's Dreamscape
What: ~LET IT GO, LET IT GO, TURN AWAY AND SLAM THE DOOR!~ aka, Elsa can take care of these bitches, but someone needs to let her out.
Rating: M for ~maaaaaaaaaaaaaagic~ Also B for badass. Also please excuse any lapsing into present tense, as I did it without realizing it and it's 3 in the morning.

Where do you come from? When will you end? )

[info]snowglowswhite in [info]the100

at the end of this, late evening, May 30; elsa doesn't realize that she is using her tablet while in the dreamscape. she thinks that all who reply to her are standing before her, similar to ghosts.

Where do you come from? When do you end?

[info]favere in [info]the100

Hello. My name is Hannah. I did not introduce myself before. Human communication is still new to me.

I would like to thank everyone for their hospitality. My own Earth was not nearly so friendly to me when I fell from Heaven. If there is anything I can do to return the kindness, please let me know.

Has everyone returned safely from the portals?

[info]metamadness in [info]the100

I should probably say thank you for trying to save me when I was falling. And, you know, I'm sorry that you fell in too.

On the plus side, I'm pretty sure that was Thorin Oakenshield's dragon sickness world. The weird melty gold and the dragon swimming around underneath. We were in Lord of the Rings! How cool is that?
So... um. When did you say you were from again?

[info]whatwedid in [info]the100

Is anyone else having trouble figuring out what to say to these people here? And what the hell is going on here?
I saw your friend's back. Glad he's okay.

You been doing okay? That guy hasn't been bothering you, has he?

[info]notdaredevil in [info]the100

network post: matt murdock (to foggy nelson)

Where the hell are you?

[info]cword in [info]the100

network post: alison hendrix

Hello, everyone! Two things:

  • First, I'm pleased to announce that my soap-making project is underway, and I will begin taking orders and listing scent offerings soon. Please keep an eye out!

  • Second, I'd like to remind everyone that the auditions for Mount Weather Community Theatre will be held tomorrow, Monday, June 1, from 4:30-7:30pm, in the gymnasium. Our first production will be The Pirates of Penzance, which is a classic Gilbert and Sullivan operetta from 1879. Don't let the word "operetta" scare you — it's a comedy! We require strong actors and singers in the lead roles, but anyone can audition regardless of experience. This is a community project, and we're more than happy to include as many people as possible, even if you've never been on stage. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask me. Your production team so far:
    Producers — Alison Hendrix, Foggy Nelson
    Director — Alison Hendrix
    Choreographer — Alison Hendrix*
    Music Director — Alison Hendrix*
    Costume Designer — Alison Hendrix*
    Prop Mistress — Alison Hendrix*
    Set Design — Alison Hendrix*
    Stage Manager — Alison Hendrix*

    *I am taking volunteers! Please submit to me your relevant experience and we'll talk.

    Please come prepared with a song to sing and a monologue, if you have one. We will also be doing readings from the script.

    If you are in fact still trapped in a portal on the day of the auditions, please contact me at a later time and we'll set up an audition by appointment.

You're ready for tomorrow, right? I need you to manage the flow of people and make sure that everyone's prepared when they come in, and field any questions that you can.

Oh! And try to get your new friends to audition, we're in desperate need of men.

Tell me to breathe. Tell me it's going to be okay. It has to be okay.

[info]beencompromised in [info]the100

Nat already knows this, but with people turning up from our world I figured I'd mention. Keep anything about my home and personal life to yourselves. Pretend you don't even know about it if you have to. Normally I'd assume common sense would cover it but I'm not sure how high the common sense level on this team actually is.

[info]antgirl in [info]the100

You know what we should watch for movie night? Battle Royale.

Hey, I probably should have mentioned this before, but I wanted to know what was going on 100% before I worried any of you guys. One of the ladies I work with in medical, Cosima, is going to run some tests on me to see how the Pym particles I took are affecting my body. She thinks one of the mages here might be able to cure me like they did for her.

[info]bloodlost in [info]the100

The good news is my magic's off the fritz. The great news is I conjured a ton of prophylactics and I'm giving them away no questions asked. Seriously, get them out of my room.

On a related note, I'm very sorry about all the condoms in the living room.

I have a new idea on the get-us-home spells front, if anyone wants to help me out.

[info]halfthedead in [info]the100

Not to sound like a bitchy broken record, but did anyone ever find that rabid werewolf?

[info]alwayshashope in [info]the100

Some of you I've met as you passed through medical upon your arrival. A few while you were working. And others through private conversation. But until now I haven't had the chance to address all of you. My name is Abby Griffin, and as your Chancellor, I would like to thank you all for the way you've conducted yourselves in the time that you’ve been here. I know it hasn’t been easy but I also have hope that things will get better if we continue to work together.

[info]maximoffgirl in [info]the100

I know many of you know who we are, but I would like to properly introduce ourselves.

My name is Wanda Maximoff. My brother is Pietro. We come from the same world as many of the Avengers.

[info]herosjourney in [info]the100

Does being underground for so much of your life make anyone else's teeth itch? Being landlocked is bad enough without having more land above your head.

Guess what?

[info]dogstarred in [info]the100

Who: Sirius and Gwen
When: Evening
Where: Starting out in the cafeteria
Warnings: Probably low

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[info]wildtype in [info]the100

People here talk sometimes about waking up with new memories. That happen to anyone?

[info]dogstarred in [info]the100


[info]posie in [info]the100

How many brooms do we have here? Could we play Quidditch? I don't even want to play myself, I'm just right bored and I could use some I can place bets on.

[info]snowglowswhite in [info]the100

Thank you to everyone who helped to bring me back here. I'm glad to know that the nightmare I was in isn't really a place that anyone will truly have to live in.

We should talk.

[info]beverlycrusher in [info]the100

Tomorrow evening will mark the first of the midwife classes that the hospital here at Mount Weather will be offering to interested persons. This is actually a course, and there will be exams, and each student will be expected to work hard to earn this certificate. You will be expected to be at every class meeting on Mondays and Wednesdays at 6:30 p.m., for two hours, and at other days and times throughout the six months of your training. These extra times will be announced well ahead of time, so that you'll be able to make arrangements within your personal life and with work to be available for these extra sessions. I've only been able to speak with one of our pregnant women, and Mrs. Blythe has agreed to be available to the class as a whole while you are learning to do certain exams. Otherwise, we will be relying on textbooks and videos.

Tomorrow night's meeting will be, primarily, an organizational meeting. You'll sign up, meet your instructors, and be issued your text books, and then we'll have a small introductory lesson. If you are interested, be there at six-thirty.

Filter to Hermione Granger
I'm sorry that I haven't been in touch with your prior to this. If you are willing, I would be extremely grateful if you would agree to be the other of the pregnant women available to the class. It won't be every class meeting, and at this point, you will primarily be answering questions they might have. Also with your permission, I would like for the students to be present at a few of your newborn's appointments. And I can assure you that if you agree now, you will not have to agree to any of these when the time comes. Your comfort and privacy is my top concern.

How are you feeling?

Filter to Medical Doctors and Nurses
If any of you are interested in either helping to teach, or to even take the class, please be there. You'll be welcome, as will your experience.