May 2016

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May 20th, 2015

[info]doctorfun in [info]the100

who ten & donna
what FEELS
where donna's room
when shortly after he's arrived/posted, before going to see Rose
warnings FEELS didn't I mention FEELS

... )

[info]secondspectre in [info]the100

chatty: kaidan → nathan

» How many is that now? Three?

[info]rubythewolf in [info]the100

I know some people have gone missing, and I'd like to help. If you have something that belonged to them, preferably clothing or something that would carry their scent, I can try and track them down.

[info]bachiyr in [info]the100

[Filtered to Sam Winchester and Reyna Ramirez-Arellano]
I hope that this filter works as I have been told it should.

I am sure you will be as relieved as I am to know that I can indeed consume the blood of animals here. However, as you both have some knowledge of creatures similar to myself, I would like to ask the two of you for a favour. I have some knowledge of the Bachiyr but not as much as I would like and the only examples of what may be my fate come from Bachiyr centuries, even millenia, my senior. Their ruthless and... callousness is something I fear becoming. Would it be too much for me to ask the two of you to eliminate me should I start to show signs of... enjoying being what I am?


[info]willingtopay in [info]the100

Hey, Bruce. It's been - a few months, at least. Sorry I wasn't here to welcome you. How are you settling in?
I hope your dance card isn't full for tonight already.

That's a joke. In case it isn't clear. Well, I mean, I know I take up most of your time.

[info]notdaredevil in [info]the100

network post: matt murdock

Can anyone tells me what qualifies as legal counseling around here? Do we have established laws that can be studied, do we have any kind of justice system? I know we're all focused on what to eat and potential outside enemies, but eventually if we're stuck in here long enough we're going to get into arguments that can't be easily solved. People are going to commit crimes against each other.

I don't like not knowing how that's going to be handled.

And selfishly, I'd like to take this time to mention that Nelson and Murdock, attorneys at law, are happy to offer mediation for personal disputes.

Surprise, you're involved.

So? Going to explain why you were up all night texting?

[info]mouthymerc in [info]the100

nobody panic

........but if you see a hand, could you return it to me?

[info]someonehasto in [info]the100

Well, that was pointless.

God, I need something fun to do. Preferably before I go mad from boredom.

[info]dellycartwright in [info]the100


i am not sure if i am using this correctly.

my name is delly cartwright. i am new here.

has anyone seen my brother/ his name is bay and he is only fifteen years old. they say no one came with me. he must be here.

[info]continuityerror in [info]the100

[Caroline & Marlene]
Hey. So, thoughts on when we should throw that End of the World party we were all talking about?

I'm officially over pancakes. Which is something I never thought I'd say. Yup. All that dimension-hopping for breakfast, and a few bad nuts put me off for life. This place is weird -- and not good, I-memorized-Sindarin-and-Quenya, weird. Okay?

[info]snowglowswhite in [info]the100

Filter to Michael Westen
You'll be happy to know that I'm fine. Nothing happened, and no one got hurt.

Charlie will be sad to know that I don't have my magic back.

I'm sad that I don't have my magic here. I guess I get to really know what it's like to be [...] normal.

[info]beverlycrusher in [info]the100

Hello, Mount Weather! I'm sure that you've all heard this by now, but the jobi nuts, and the jobi nut flour, have been removed from the pantry stores, and won't be used again until our fine scientists can find a way to effectively test the nuts to know when they have gone bad. I've also been told that the latest crop of wheat is very close to being ready to be harvested, so it won't be long before we'll be able to have pancakes that won't make us hallucinate.

I'd also like to announce that beginning on the first of June, the medical staff will be providing classes that will lead to those people becoming certified midwives. We have some expectant mothers among us, and while we are more than happy to provide their care, it would be better to have a few people who are dedicated to that facet of medical care only. If you're interested, contact me or come into the hospital and you'll be signed up.

[info]falsworth in [info]the100

I saw that Antoine Triplett has gone missing. Has anyone seen him since he was reported as absent? I should hate for his grandfather to show up and not be able to see the fine man that Trip grew into. Regardless, I'd like to join any searches that are ongoing for him.

Filter to Sam Wilson
You name was given to me as someone to whom I might speak about various troubles that I've been having since arriving.

Filter to Septimus Smith
Hullo, old chap. I'm Monty Falsworth, although I don't know if the name will mean anything to you. Your name is vaguely familiar to me and your story as well from a course I took whilst at university, and I wondered how you have gotten on here, since your arrival.

[info]bornunder in [info]the100

Tell me what happened.

(added in later)
Has Dean talked to you yet?

[info]hanners in [info]the100

Back home I had never expected that I would find myself back in any sort of job relating to food service. I had actually done a decent enough job distancing myself from it after selling the Leaky Cauldron, but there's something about doing it again that's rather comforting. I'm still getting used to actually being here, so having tasks that I'm relatively used to and give me a bit of a reminder from home are nice.

It's unnerving that people are going missing, though. I'm sorry for anyone that is going through it. Luna