May 2016

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May 18th, 2015

[info]heelsoverhoodie in [info]the100

Ninjas and Reavers and dead guys and mynoks. Man you guys got the interesting ones. One guy even saw a unicorn.

I just see a blonde little bitch with an ego problem. And she's whining, and crying. And its driving me boring

I feel cheated

[info]glasswater in [info]the100

I did not consent to this pod, nor did I consent to being stripped of rank and title to be ingloriously dumped inside a mountain lacking the space or consideration of my

Can I go home now?

Journeying through time and space is a new experience each and every time. Technology, for one, is very different. Though I shouldn't think it necessary to bore you with the details of my burgeoning familiarity with it ...

There is little to be said other than to offer my thanks to those of you who cared for me. I hope, one day, I shall also be able to pay you back for your kindness.

Hello, then. I am Susan Queen of and I hope we can work together to achieve much while we are here.

[info]acceleration in [info]the100

I miss K Soooooo does anyone else here fly? I know a few, but I thought I'd ask in case I missed someone.

Hey, I know we haven't talked much lately, but want to hang out sometime?

[info]notdaredevil in [info]the100

network post: matt murdock

I'm pretty sure you've noticed by now, because I think someone else is in my old space, but I've moved. Nothing against you, you've all been fine roommates, but a friend of mine showed up and I'm now staying with him. It's all a little overwhelming for him, so he needs the helping hand.

Either we keep different hours or I can't seem to say hi to both of you in person, but my name's Matthew and I moved into the room adjacent to yours. I tend to stay up late and wake up early, and I'm a light sleeper, so I apologize in advance if I tell you to keep it down in the middle of the night.

Foggy may have mentioned this, but I'm also blind — so please don't rearrange the furniture in the living room without telling me. And I might sit in the room with all the lights off and not realize that it's creepy.

Real glad I didn't have the pancakes.

[info]witchypowers in [info]the100

Backdated to the 17th

Is this someones idea of sick joke? Making people see things that aren't there, because it's not funny.

[info]littlequeen in [info]the100

I still can't get what I saw yesterday--

I'm revealed the hallucinations have worn off. Is anyone still experiencing any?

[info]sagemelrose in [info]the100

Talking lobsters were not on my list of things I ever hoped or wanted to see. However, it was clear it wasn't real, although it did bring me back to the time I saw the Little Mermaid. Even though my father thought it was a waste of time Mom-

[info]thewaywardson in [info]the100

log; dean winchester & castiel

WHO: Dean & Castiel
WHEN: Monday, May 18th, afternoon
WHERE: The hallways… somewhere? Yes
WHAT: Dean's on his way to find Illyana and get stabbed without telling his friends and he runs into Castiel. He doesn't tell Cas about Illyana, but he does something super gay instead.

You said you weren't going to lie to me, Dean. )

[info]thewaywardson in [info]the100

log; dean winchester & magik

WHO: Dean Winchester & Illyana Rasputina
WHEN: Monday, May 18th, slightly later afternoon than Dean's last log
WHERE: In the halls, then outside
WHAT: Dean sneaks away from his friends to get stabbed. The Soulsword doesn't work, but there's some adorable bonding awwww.

I thought it would exorcise you, but… )

[info]deeringdo in [info]the100

Well, that sucked Merlin's big saggy bollocks. Never eating jobi nuts again.

I'm sorry I In my defense, you do look a little bit like Voldemort when you've just woken up.

That's a terrible joke. Thank you for not letting me hurt you, I appreciate it. I'll make my apologies to the sofa later.

That wasn't about [...] anything that really happened. I was seeing things, and I thought they were your fault. Well, I was really blaming myself, but it was easier to be angry at you.

[...] Won't happen again.

[info]youknowspies in [info]the100

Sounds like Mike and I missed all the fun yesterday, with the hallucinations. I guess it's a good thing we headed out before breakfast and had to rely on jerkey and crackers to fill our bellies. So, everyone feeling okay today? No unicorns or faces behind masks?

I have to say, I really miss Miami right now.

[info]makehimpay in [info]the100

I think it's pretty bad that I regret not having those pancakes. I'm almost curious on what my brain would have wanted to show me.

[info]sohawkeward in [info]the100

network; hawke (005)

Is whatever's bringing us here taking requests? I miss my dwarf.

[info]teamclone in [info]the100

Oh pancakes. Why you do me wrong like that? We've had such a great lifetime of memories and now you do that whole business yesterday. How will I ever trust you again?

[info]featherington in [info]the100

Filter to Alison
I'm sorry for my reaction yesterday. It was entirely out of line. Are you feeling better today?

I believe I speak for many people when I request that jobi nuts no longer be available on the menu in the kitchen.

[info]thebrowncoat in [info]the100

Filter to Simon & Zoe & Kaylee
I don't know if you noticed it, Doc, but River had somethin of a reaction to those pancakes most of us ate yesterday. Think she was seeing those fellas we had followin us on Ariel. Zoe and Kaylee, maybe you two could help us keep a closer eye on her for a bit, make sure she isn't goin to have any other side-effects of those nuts.

[info]borntoresist in [info]the100

Hey, I need a fresh reminder you are here, like every other day. Okay?

Answer me, please.

[info]annewithane in [info]the100

There isn't a whole lot I wouldn't do for a real cup of tea right now. With, perhaps some buttered toast that isn't made from jobi nuts.

I see that we have some new residents. I wonder if we shouldn't put together a welcoming committee of sorts, to greet our new neighbors with what little gifts we can give, a friendly face, and someone to speak to in those first few days when everything is new and a little frightening.

Filter to Locals and Medical Staff
Is it known what sort of effects that the flour from yesterday's pancakes would have on a person who is expecting? I did have a hallucination yesterday, while I was in the classroom with my students. I thought I was back in Avonlea, teaching in the schoolhouse there. It was a pleasant hallucination, but I still worry.

And, well. How bad is morning sickness supposed to be?