May 2016

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April 12th, 2015

[info]smartestwitch in [info]the100

Okay.  So, I suppose I should introduce myself.  I'm Hermione Granger, the little two year old tear away with pigtails is my daughter Rose.

Also, thank you to all of you who answered my numerous questions.  It's a pity most of them don't have answers yet.

Anyway, I got told there were people here I should know.  So, roll call, people.

[info]continuityerror in [info]the100

network post; billy kaplan

One question: Is it too late for the end-of-the-world dance party? Because -- I think we could all use one.

[info]deeringdo in [info]the100

Who: James Potter & Peter Pettigrew
What: meeting. talking.
When: Sunday night.
Warnings: mentions of betrayal, character death, stuff like that?

... )

[info]bornunder in [info]the100

So, we've got an assignment. Apparently there's a new pod out there, or was. It didn't make the landing, and exploded. We're to find it-- that part might be pretty simple if it's on fire, but also could make this more dangerous-- clean it up, salvage anything we can.

I'd recommend warm clothes, good shoes, and water. Enough to be used for more than just drinking, if we need it, but not so much that it'll slow you down. If you have a handkerchief, piece of cloth, or a spare shirt that could be tied around the back of your head, bring it along. You'll want that to cover your mouth and protect your lungs if there's a lot of smoke. If you've got anything else you think might be useful, bring that too.

Lastly, for those of you I haven't met, I'm Sam. Looking forward to working with you. Meet me outside in twenty-- or sooner, if you can.

[info]littlespider in [info]the100

Saddle up, boys. We're heading off into the great unknown. Got us a scout who knows the area pretty well, but otherwise, we're on our own. Grab the crappiest walkie talkies you can find, and let's head out. Meet me at the main doors. No dank tunnels for us.

[info]triplett in [info]the100

Filter to Rescue and Recovery Team 2
Hey folks, we're being called out. We've had a few more pods drop from the sky, and the one we're heading for is at [coordinates]. Dress warmly and in layers, we're still dealing with some chilly weather.

Wilson, you want to break out those wings of yours? It'd be a lot of help if we can have some eyes in the sky.

Let's be ready to move out in about an hour.

[info]burntheland in [info]the100

network; zoe washburne (001)

Zoe Washburne. I hear tell more than just my captain's here. Simon? Kaylee? River? You out there on this damn thing?

[info]thecat in [info]the100

network; felicia hardy (002)

So who did we all piss off to get this crappy job?

They've got me washing clothes. I've gone from bathing in money to cleaning personal stains.

[info]blanchard in [info]the100

I'm sorry, it's very kind of you all to take us in, but my son and I need to get home to Storybrooke. There has to be someone here with light magic, right? Someone who can undo this? If I have to cast the Dark Curse again, I will