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Sep. 27th, 2021


How many different types of ghost are here?

Sep. 5th, 2021


Filtered to Hródolf, Brenna, Bryn, Zu, Jack, Dan, Abra, and her Bucky

look how i have learned to use this

[please imagine a picture of Astrid's baby is here, as advanced as the station's tech will let it be]

doctor cuddy has done tests and given me medicine to help the baby be strong

the baby will be born towards the end of the snows after dans birthday

Aug. 24th, 2021


(OoC: Backdated to a couple of days after this thread)

so this is space, huh?

space hospital

Aug. 5th, 2021


Rhys is gone. I need a few days. Maybe longer. Thank you.

[OOC: She will have informed her family in person before this and probably won't respond directly - that doesn't mean she won't read it.]

Apr. 7th, 2021


Ladies, Gentlemen, and those in between,

I have spelled the portal to Ingouf, once you step through the portal you will be gifted with the people beyond it. You will be able to speak Old Norse, and understand it as if it was a language you were born to.

If you wish to keep this skill after simply see me, and it can be arranged.



Another new door, and we have it for almost two months this time. The sign says it's going to a place called Ingoulf in what's going to be Norway, and the dates are April 7 to May 31 in the year 836, which is like 1200 years ago or something.

Anyone recognize this view?

[Photo of the view from just through the door, showing some of the branches of the tree and the road down to the village]

The room of Doors is right beside Bad Things.

Mar. 28th, 2021


Two things:

Firstly, I'll be putting up new posters for the support group over the next few days, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to put a reminder about it here as well. So here goes.

I run a support group for recovering addicts (alcoholics, substance abuse, etc) which meets on Thursdays between 7pm and 9pm. It's in [location] which is pretty close to the food court, and there will be coffee (obviously) and snacks available.
If you want to come along, you're more than welcome.

Secondly, I've been working with Cuddy for a while now towards me becoming a therapist. I've been using whatever resources Cuddy had available, or that I could get through the various doors and anything that was left behind by Dr. Lecter that I thought was appropriate, and while I'm in no way saying that I'm on a par with him, I am saying that if you do want to talk to me for any reason, I will listen and I will do my very best to help you.

If you're interested in either of these two things, you can reply here (this post is set so every reply is private. Nobody else will know you've been talking to me) or call me, or even just come and talk to me and we can go over what happens in the support group or we can pick a time for talking that suits us both, whatever's relevant.

- Dan

Feb. 27th, 2021


Anyone else on the countdown to No Snow?

Feb. 17th, 2021


Thanks, Station or Future Tommy&Miguel or whoever.

I'm (obviously) no longer a teenager. What did I miss?


Hi, love. Miss me?

Feb. 10th, 2021


i see that people have finally remembered who their true gods are

miguel you did not tell me that people here worship the aesir


There are so many ghosts here.

Who's the angry man?

Feb. 9th, 2021


Alright. I've decided.

Party time!

Friday night, at [fancy hotel in Wheel 1]. We're taking over the lobby. Come dressed like it's a wedding but like, a fun wedding. No one needs to worry about food or anything, we're gonna get it catered from through the door, but I am taking requests.

Everyone is invited.

I also need a favor.

Feb. 2nd, 2021


[OC - Annie's picture is a younger, blonde and blue eyed version of herself, in the area of 10-12 years old.]


One has awoken in a strange room which is not one's home and one has determined that this is how you all communicate, even initially.

Could someone explain, perhaps, why one is in this woman's strange room and why one is here?

If this is about money or power, One's father has given one permission to negotiate on behalf of the Czarian Empire befitting the titles one holds.

Do Svidánʹja

Tsarevna Leonhardt

Jan. 28th, 2021



Filtered away from anyone Dan thinks will try to stop him, like his dad or Abra or Brenna )

Jan. 27th, 2021


what the fuck

[OoC: For a change, teenage Dan! He's going to be 17 tomorrow, so yes, he drinks and smokes and it's not good, but it's better than how he is when he's 25. I couldn't find all that many pictures of Ewan as a teenager, so I'll be using some of the icons for 25-yr-old Dan as well.]

Dec. 2nd, 2020


Provision of Therapy

Hey everyone,

Sorry I wasn't around to help when things got really bad. I panicked and went off the radar, I hope you can forgive me.

As a measure of "doing my part" and helping, I know that Higgs employed some awful tactics and these things can leave scars we can't see.
I am a qualified and practised Psychotherapist, so if you need to talk and have someone listen and help you through some of the darkness, I'm here.

I hope you are all ok!


Dec. 1st, 2020


Am I allowed to hibernate until March?

Aug. 27th, 2020


Filtered from Higgs and kids

My dear members of the station, for all of you who do not know me yet, I am Loki, son of Odin, Prince of Asgard. As you are aware we have an enemy among us. Some of you have already bravely tried to threaten or fool him. I applaud you but I say we should stand united against this man. Unity and team work have always been our greatest asset.

To win a war, one must know two things: you must know yourself and your enemy. When it comes to knowing Higgs, there is much we are lacking. I say we change that. Let's coordinate our attempt at confusing. Let's throw every mental noise at him that we can. Think at him, telepaths.

Jedi, please, I ask you humbley to monitor the effect it has on him.

Who is ready to assist me?

Aug. 21st, 2020


[Filtered away from Higgs so he can't see this or the replies.]

As I am sure some or most of you aware, the station has a new arrival. His name is Higgs, and he is not to be trusted. He is dangerous. Stay away from him. If he approaches you, record yourself with your device to alert the rest of us. If you have another means of reaching out, then do so, but since he had reach into peoples minds, I would advise trying to keep your thoughts as focused as possible.

Try not to think about him or the danger he presents. Carry on as normal. It is safer that away, trust me.

Aug. 12th, 2020


Looks like I lost a bit of time doing research. What have I missed, if anything?

And does someone fancy taking a trip to Wheel 5 with me? I want to take a look around again.

[Filtered to Gen]

I missed your birthday. Sorry, I didn't know. How can I make it up to you?

[Filtered to Dan]

Just checking up on you, mate. Are you doing all right?

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