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Nov. 12th, 2021


This is tiresome. I am tired of being sent to strange realms. I want to go home.

I do not expect that any of you will be able to assist with that request, so perhaps you will aid me in a smaller one. I do not wish to live in a suite of muggle rooms powered by muggle electricks and with a view of open space that reminds me how perilously close I am to certain death.

Is there a real house anywhere? A house alone, preferably in a field of real grass? I am not in a position to be demanding. A cottage would do. Even a barn. I do not know who owns the land here, such as it is, but I can pay in the muggle dollars.

Nov. 10th, 2021


Okay... Oh, fuck... Yeah, I have to do this...

I think a lot of you hate me for what my Other did, and I hope I'm wrong with that "fact."

But, I have a crazy announcement to make:

I'm pregnant.

As far as I know she is half-Human-half-Axaslearean.. Her name will be Princess(Title) Celeste Margaret Lightheart-Winchester.

Yeah, Dean(Not the Dragon Guy, ew!) and I got together a while back, and I just found to myself to be pregnant. Dr. Redel confirmed it, and confirmed she is a girl. I will be keeping her, and.. Yeah, I'm not really sure how else to go about this.

[Private to Dr. Cuddy]

Uh... Hi Dr. Cuddy, I would hope you can help me otherwise? You're the only medical doctor here, right?

Sep. 27th, 2021


How many different types of ghost are here?

Aug. 24th, 2021


(OoC: Backdated to a couple of days after this thread)

so this is space, huh?

space hospital

Aug. 11th, 2021



something is wrong with Dan.

need immediate medical in XX corridor near the food court on 3 or tell me where to bring him. I think his femoral has been cut. he's going to need blood, a lot.

someone needs to get Abra as far away from him as possible. protect her.

he's hostile, medical may need protection too.

don't let any kids come over here.

Jul. 30th, 2021


So obviously there's a lot going on right now. Both here and on the surrounding plants. Maybe it'd be good to have everything in one place? We might be able to see patterns we didn't before.

If everyone could list here anything you know about the situation or its effects, hopefully we can get some more info. Nothing is too small, even if it seems like the normal goings on here-like the age changes or weird abilities.

Jul. 5th, 2021


(Backdated to the 1st because Amy's focus sucks)

It's that time again!

Steve Rogers' birthday is on the 4th!

Stevie Rogers' birthday is the 4th!

Mouse Rogers' 7th birthday is on the 12th!

Mackenzie Stark's birthday is on the 16th!

Georgia, John, and Loki Stark's 3rd birthday is on the 16th!

Heather Lisinski's Birthday is on the 21st!

Blank Adler's Birthday is on the 21st!

Astrid's Birthday is on the 25th!

Harriette O'Hara's 6th birthday is on the 31st!

All the babies are growing uuupp!

Jun. 15th, 2021


I know it's not common for other people to go there, but everyone should avoid wheel 5. especially after dark. there is something wrong there.

Jun. 14th, 2021


So, um... one of my spells is broken.


I am not amused.

Does anyone have any tips on shaving, and walking around with a perpetual boner? I ask for a friend.

Apr. 7th, 2021


Reeve's Birthday

Hey, everyone.

So, Reeve's birthday is on the 26th. We're planning on taking over a portion of the big park on Wheel 1 for a cook-out/party/what have you. I am inviting everyone on the Station to join us.

I know we've had several parties in the last couple of months, but it would mean a lot to Scarlet, I, and Reeve if as many of you came and joined us.

There's no need to bring gifts unless you want to. I will be taking care of the food myself, though help would be appreciated.

So, yeah, come join us. It'll be fun.

I am so bad at this..

Apr. 4th, 2021



I remembered the beginning of the month before it was anybody's birthday!

Abra Stone shares a birthday with Commander Shepard on the 11th!

Willow House, The elder Sunilla, and the younger Sunilla share a birthday on the 14th!

Applejack has a birthday on the 20th!

Izzy's birthday is on the 23rd!

And little Reeve Adler turns 1 on the 26th!

Happy Birthday everybody!

Mar. 28th, 2021


Two things:

Firstly, I'll be putting up new posters for the support group over the next few days, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to put a reminder about it here as well. So here goes.

I run a support group for recovering addicts (alcoholics, substance abuse, etc) which meets on Thursdays between 7pm and 9pm. It's in [location] which is pretty close to the food court, and there will be coffee (obviously) and snacks available.
If you want to come along, you're more than welcome.

Secondly, I've been working with Cuddy for a while now towards me becoming a therapist. I've been using whatever resources Cuddy had available, or that I could get through the various doors and anything that was left behind by Dr. Lecter that I thought was appropriate, and while I'm in no way saying that I'm on a par with him, I am saying that if you do want to talk to me for any reason, I will listen and I will do my very best to help you.

If you're interested in either of these two things, you can reply here (this post is set so every reply is private. Nobody else will know you've been talking to me) or call me, or even just come and talk to me and we can go over what happens in the support group or we can pick a time for talking that suits us both, whatever's relevant.

- Dan

Mar. 27th, 2021


[minor Falcon and the Winter Soldier spoilers in the comments]

No food in the cafe today.

Help yourself to coffee.

Jan. 10th, 2021


Right. Think I've had enough rest for a lifetime.

So, what's been going on around here? What have I missed? How is everyone doing?

Dec. 19th, 2020


Right, so, Christmas? I assume, given how many of us seem to come from the same place, that it is recognized as a time of celebration here aboard the station. Are there any plans or local traditions of which one ought to be aware?

Dec. 2nd, 2020


Provision of Therapy

Hey everyone,

Sorry I wasn't around to help when things got really bad. I panicked and went off the radar, I hope you can forgive me.

As a measure of "doing my part" and helping, I know that Higgs employed some awful tactics and these things can leave scars we can't see.
I am a qualified and practised Psychotherapist, so if you need to talk and have someone listen and help you through some of the darkness, I'm here.

I hope you are all ok!


Dec. 1st, 2020


Am I allowed to hibernate until March?

Oct. 29th, 2020


[Filtered to AUs. Filtered away from Higgs]

Hey everyone.

Not too long ago, a friend inspired me to seek out something more than this life we're living right now...

It seems that the situation has become very "us or them." Yeah, we can play the blame game, be at each other's throats all we want. But! We don't need to be that way anymore, this universe is better than ours could ever wish to be.

I'm tired of hiding, tired of being hunted down.

So, I have to say:

Fuck our Station!

Fuck this Station!

... Fuck Higgs.

Let's go do our own things. I've been looking around at near by planets.. They are NOTHING like what we had on our station. They're hospitable not only to our basic needs, but the people on these planets are (mostly)friendly to other species!

End of the day; let's get the hell out of Dodge, and start over somewhere better than all this..

Edit: Y'know what? Fuck it. I'm about to do something no one can ignore...

Sep. 17th, 2020


[Filtered to the AU's and Higgs.]

I never thought I would see the day. This station's whole. Something seems strange about Wheel 5 but I have yet to look into it further.

Is everyone doing okay so far? Have you managed to settle down yet? There are places where you can find food more easily. It's better than I had imagined things would be.

Thank you for bringing us here, Higgs.

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