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Jun. 14th, 2022


This is probably karma but FUCK

Can someone get me off of this station. Please. Just for an hour or so while Philip's in school.

Jun. 6th, 2022


So a few weeks ago I posted a thirst trap picture, as a guy, and I'm curious if I post one now that I'm a proper woman, would it get more attention, or less.

Click here to see the picture )

May. 13th, 2022


Would there be any interest from the young people here in a debate club as an extra-curricular?


My head still hurts. I think mixing Blue and Beer was a baaad idea.

May. 5th, 2022



Does anyone I know that a lot of people here don't have anything to go home to, but Is there anyone else here who just really wants to go home now? Are we just not meant to talk about it? I miss my wife. I really fucking miss my wife. But Philip lives here, with me, ten years from now, so what does that mean? I never get to see her again? I never get to see her again. Fuck.

Is there another version of me living my life? I know I do more than this. I know I achieve more. Is history altered, or am I just a cheap copy of a better man?

Drop-in office hours are Mondays 4pm-5pm.

Of course, I'm always available through the usual means of communication the rest of the week.


May. 3rd, 2022


Hi all,

For those who have noticed, we did not have a town meeting on Saturday. We apologise for that. We had a successful start to the meetings and some of the important topics have already been talked about. From now on, we would like to hold them quarterly and only discuss urgent issues in the meantime. If there is anything urgent you think needs discussing in the meantime, drop me or Alex a note and it can be addressed. Additionally, Alex is also putting up office hours if you feel more comfortable to discuss issues in person.

Overall, I would like to thank him for the effort he has expanded to help improve this community. That someone who is new already contributes this much is not a given in my eyes.



I'll drop off the watch we talked about tomorrow. Would you and Philip like to come to dinner to us one evening this week?

Apr. 20th, 2022


Can someone help Mr Duncan and I unload carts and distribute goods to the correct place on the station? It won’t take too long if a few of us chip in.

Thank you. I’ll post an inventory of everything once the door closes and it is finalized.

Apr. 10th, 2022


[Filtered to Miguel O'Hara, Bucky (cafe), Dr Cuddy, Applejack, Finn Collins, Sookie Sully, Abigail Hobbs, Lacey Burrows]
[CC: Liberty Becket]

I'm planning on doing some trade deals through the door, it's a market I'm familiar with.

Is there anything that you need, that might be acquired in France, 1783?

If not, I will turn it to gold for future doors, but I wanted to speak to you first as people who offer services, or have shared plans that will help the whole community.

- Hamilton


Good news, mes amis. The door does indeed open into mine and Belle's château. You are all very welcome to come through, be our guests and stay for as long as you like. There are plenty of rooms, and our staff will make you feel extremely welcome.

I think we must have a ball, oui?

Apr. 4th, 2022


Dear Sirs,

Having arrived yesterday morning, I would like to ask whomsoever should read this to confirm these particulars.

- We are circling a faraway star.
- There is no way to leave this place of our own volition, but we will someday leave.
- There are people here who should be long dead, or not yet born.
- Most of the property and goods here are unclaimed, and so taking them is not theft.
- Hamilton is

Thank you for your assistance.

A. Burr

Mar. 31st, 2022


Atención, cualquier persona en clase de español. El martes, vamos a empezar a aprender sobre la comida. Y la mejor manera de aprender sobre la comida es comerla, por supuesto. Por favor, no coma un gran almuerzo el martes, ¡porque habrá mucha comida en clase!

(Use your dictionaries, and tell Mr Madrigal and myself what I said in a private reply to this post.)


To anyone who is looking after/responsible for any of the kids in Spanish class:

Let Bruno or myself know before Monday if anyone has any food allergies, please!


Mar. 25th, 2022


Filtered network post to everyone who attended the garden party, cut for length )

Mar. 21st, 2022


I apologise, but a few more things have been brought to my attention that I must address before Saturday.

1. I must insist that these town hall meetings are to be safe spaces for anyone and everyone to attend. Acts of intimidation and threats of violence will not be tolerated. There is plenty of room for heated debate, but when that crosses into threatening and intimidating, you will be forced asked to leave.

2. Does anyone have an objection to a well-behaved service dog attending, that will stay by it's owner at all times?

3. I have been informed that there will be a harmless perception filter in effect, which essentially filters out anything that isn't child-friendly to those aged 8 and under. If you do not wish your child to be affected by that filter, please sit further back. I will place a sign to indicate the end of the filtered zone once I've had a chance to confirm distance on that point.

I very much hope that this will be a theoretical request only, but can I call on you for assistance and security if anyone needs to be removed from the meeting for the safety of other residents?

Mar. 20th, 2022


Posted Monday, 9.05am

Good morning.

Our next town hall meeting will be on Saturday, March 26th, 3pm at [location].

Attendance is not mandatory in any way, but everyone is very welcome. We will not be doing any lengthy introductions this time, but if anyone has not attended before and would like to introduce themselves to the community, you are encouraged to do so.

If anyone would like a copy of last month's minutes, you can let myself or Miss Citizen Becket Liberty know and we can arrange that.

I have noted already that we will be hearing from Applejack regarding agricultural needs, and Dr Cuddy will be speaking on behalf of the medical staff. If anyone else has any points for discussion they would like raised, you can let myself or Katherine know in advance and it will be added to the order of business to ensure we cover it. There will be time set aside for open discussion, so don't worry if you don't get your point 'in' on time.

Maryanne, are you able to provide snacks again?

Maria, are you able to set up the holographic interpreter again?

- Alexander Hamilton.


Bonjour. Je suis désolé, mais... non, en anglais. I am sorry but I have broken a table in the food court. I did not mean to, I simply leaned on it too much and one of the legs has snapped in two.

And I have broken the chair I was attempting to sit on at the time.


Well, I have my fingers back... And toes.

Would anyone be so kind to bring me some clothes?

And no I'm not wearing Loki's face, I'm still me.

Er, this is Applejack.

Mar. 19th, 2022


I have slept better this past week than I have in very many years, thanks to the kashapti of this station. I feel ready to ask if anyone might want to learn Kordalan, the language of my people? It seems a good thing to share with anyone who is willing.

Those of you who said to me that you would stand at my side if a doorway opens - as things are you would be in danger if you were there without a word of Kordalan and you were separated from me, and that happens easily on a battlefield, or even at the encampments these days. I would give you uniforms for the Avtel Letyara'i but that might do more harm than good if you are clearly not Kordalan.

That is not the main reason, though. I would like to teach anyone who wants to learn. Perhaps someday I will be able to take you to Kordala at peace.

Mar. 15th, 2022


If you have children, what are their names?

If you don't have children, what would you name them if you did?

You can say why if you want, but you don't have to. I'm curious what people do in other places.


This might sound strange, but I suppose the bar for what is considered strange is set high here.

Has anyone ever gone home without physically leaving this place?

Now, I'm pretty sure that the logical answer is 'crazy fever dreams', but I just can't shake the feeling that these things really happened. They feel like memories, not dreams. And yet I can't have gone home, not really, because someone would have noticed if I'd disappeared from medbay.

I don't know what I want anyone to say. I'm just curious.

Mar. 3rd, 2022


I've done some thinking, and some planning, and here are my thoughts for the classes on technology and getting those who want to be up do date:

First thing is going to be a crash course on the absolute basics and communication. This is something I'll do every other week or as-needed and anyone/everyone can come at once. It'll be the starter course on the things you need to make due every day: the lights and plumbing systems in your apartments, navigation through the station (ie: elevators, opening doors) etc. and on the means of communication: the very basics of your phone and computer

Beyond that, I'm going to kind of sort the classes by starting time. So those who come from earlier points or less technological places will start first and we'll go through advancements as they come. I'll post weekly on the school board in the Wheel 3 foodcourt where we left off the previous week so if you're interested in joining at any point, you'll have an idea when to show up. We'll start with anyone coming in from before electricity was available in personal residences.

Classes will be at 4 pm on Mondays, as long as that doesn't conflict with anything else.

And for those who don't know me beyond my quick introduction at the meeting: My name is Steve Rogers. I was born in 1918, and am a byproduct of an experiment to create better soldiers. Due to the enhancements made to me when I was fighting a war in the 1940s I survived being buried in ice for decades and was revived in 2012 in a society almost as technological as this one.

I know the feeling of waking up in a world that has advanced incredibly from what you know and remember, so I'll do my best to make it easier.

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