June 2023




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Jun. 2nd, 2020


Greetings, everyone on the station. I was told by a... Friend of mine that I should try and reach out to.

My name is Dr. Johnnatian Redel, and I apologize in advance for the information/question dump.

1. I have also been told that there are many other scientists here on the station. I would like to meet you, to exchange research and ideas. I was also told that there is a University somewhere on the station. I have not scanned the entire station yet, so I am not aware of where it is located. Would any one be willing to give me a tour?

2. I have created an autonomous companion: B.I.N.C.S., the Bio Interactive Natural Care System. It is a robotic entity that is in the form of a small cat. If anyone who would like to use it as a parenting tool, or anyone in want of a companion. The colors and size of the B.I.N.C.S. can be configured to your personal preferences.

3. Is there a place where I can destroy myself with little to no repercussions to any living beings or structures?

[Filtered away from Blank]

3a. There is also a favor to be asked: I require someone who is affluent in magic to help me change bodies. I would ask another friend, but it is an intense process, and according to my records, he has done it twice for me already. It would require you holding my soul and transferring it in to my new body. The side effect is that you may experience "highlights" of my life. If no one is comfortable with helping in this aspect, I will ask my friend, though I prefer not to.

{End filter]

I look forward to meeting and greeting you all.

[Filtered from Blank, again]

Edit: I have found someone willing for point 3a. I appreciate everyone's consideration for that task. It will take place on June 16th, in the evening, at Dr. Sarah O'Hara's "Boom Room."

Feb. 6th, 2019


This island has some really cool digs underwater. Did you guys all know about this?

[Attached are pictures of the underwater kingdom.]

The beach is nice too.

Jul. 30th, 2018


I have two questions. How do we get money for this Star Wars land? And is there anything to see in Jotunheim other than the cave?

May. 24th, 2018


The dead should stay dead. Who is responsible for this?

Oct. 24th, 2017


Hello, everyone! I am Nandita, here now with my husband Kai. We are "new" as it's been said and look forward to meeting you all. Given the circumstances and the unique nature of this place I will be blunt in our introduction!

I am a yakshini from India, a messenger to the gods of wishes and hope, if you will. I used to run a fantastic hookah bar in New York City that I hope to find a way to open here. Everyone can use a little hookah in their lives! I'm never without my pipes.

My husband is from the islands and is herald of spirits to their life beyond life as well as god of the ocean. You should see him surf. He is just fantastic. A total god. So talented! So amazing! He is incredibly handsome! He also refuses to take this photo but I stole it anyway. ;)

[Attached is a selfie of Nandita laughing, trying to get Kai in the photo with her over her shoulder. She is average height but appears small by the ocean god's side.]