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Jun. 18th, 2021




Jun. 16th, 2021


Sagranda Info and Volunteer Request

Hi everyone,

I'm not sure you all follow the news coming out of the sector, but I read up on Sagranda and decided to take a field trip...
Political tensions are rising between the native life-forms on the planet for a variety of reasons, but oddly, it appears that the mines are displaying similar phenomenon to the station.

As I understand it, the natives are not necessarily magically gifted however are gaining temporary abilities around that specific area.

With that said, I'm looking for some help in a few areas;

1 - If anyone is knowledgeable with Sagrandan technology, get in touch.
2 - If anyone is willing to take a trip with me to the Tra'zit mines. Preferably someone knowledgeable in magic but I'll take what I can get. I'd rather not go alone.
3 - If anyone has a rapport with the Scuvo government, I'd like an introduction. They were unwilling to grant me an audience.

That's all, let me know if you have questions. Happy to collaborate as it seems our problem is not solely our problem...


Jun. 15th, 2021


[OC] For a few split seconds anyone who is looking at a reflective surface (mirrors, glass, screens etc) in the station would have seen Annie's face, or her full body (depending on it's size) around the middle of the day on the 14/06. She appears to be looking around for something, then realises that you can see her, looks shocked and then blurs out of view on the surface. [OC]

Hey guys, I'm sorry about yesterday. I was trying a glass walk to see if I could figure out anything more about the weird goings on and...

Well you know what happened. I'm really, really sorry. It's usually way more targeted.

I'm going to take a rest now, because my brain actually hurts.


I know it's not common for other people to go there, but everyone should avoid wheel 5. especially after dark. there is something wrong there.

Jun. 14th, 2021


So, um... one of my spells is broken.


I am not amused.

Does anyone have any tips on shaving, and walking around with a perpetual boner? I ask for a friend.

Jun. 11th, 2021


FAO All Station Members

Hi everyone,

No doubt you have been seeing changes to yourself and others on the station. I have been remotely monitoring station diagnostics over the last few weeks and there are significant changes to electrical signatures around specific sites such as;
Wheel 5
The Ley lines
Little Asgard
Food Courts
Various other private residences (which host magical residents)

These sites seem to follow their usual electrical signature, however there are extended periods of time where these sites fluctuate in energy in a waveform pattern.

It might just be my paranoia and I am not looking to cause panic and hysteria, but I think we have a serious problem on our hands. My gut tells me this is going to get worse if we do nothing, and I always trust my gut because it's always right. Magic however, isn't my thing so I suggest those that do know more about it start to look into it.

I am going to try something else and I'll report back.


Jun. 10th, 2021


Filtered to the adults in his family, Sarah & Dan

When Higgs was here, my ability to look into the future was impaired. The same thing is happening right now. I do not wish to cause a panic but this might be a reason for concern.


[anyone who was around Richie on Wednesday 6/9 would have seen him wearing a short sleeve shirt for the first time since he was attacked and his mood would have been markedly different. He'd forgotten it happened. At some point after 2 am he has a nightmare that brings them back. This triggers a sort of shock wave that radiates from him through Little Asgard.]

is everyone okay?

i didn''t

i don't know how I did that.

i think it was me

Jun. 8th, 2021


Hi ya'll, I know it's late, but, we got cut down to only two birthdays this month.

Doctor Johnnatian Redel's birtday is the 16th.


Professor (he made me say that) Jack Torrance's birthday is on the 25th.

Jun. 6th, 2021


Why didn't anybody tell me wings are so fucking annoying? I keep knocking shit over.


I'd like to put in a formal request for a new holiday in June. we don't get ANY extra days off from school this month.


Now that all the doors are shut and my brain is less I'm going to go back to normal operation at the cafe. Open at 6, close whenever I run out of most of the food for the day, usually around 4 or so: breakfast or lunch, pastries, milkshakes and ice cream, espresso drinks, and coffees. Help yourself to drip coffee or ice cream any other time.

I've restocked on meats so sandwiches will go back to 'normal' earth-based meats and stuff for the most part, still have a few things from the local planets if you like them. Also going to start doing some pack-ups, premade lunch boxes ready to go if you'll be somewhere else.

Bread, bagels, breakfast pastries, cookies, etc. all still available and open to requests for anything else.

If anyone wants a job, I can show you how to work the espresso machines or do some baking.

May. 18th, 2021


Why is Dean Less Blue again?

Dean went through a lot to be become Blue again!! WHY IS DEAN LESS BLUE AGAIN!?!! Dean doesn't understand!!

Dean doesn't want to be Less Blue again..!(There is sadness in this last sentence.)

May. 9th, 2021


I know this is short notice, but I'm having a party on the 11th. It's going to be 40s-50s themed. I know last year was a big year for me, but this is too. I've lived ten years longer than I should have. So it's a birthday and anniversary rolled into one!

May. 4th, 2021


I can't find Pop. He can't be gone.


May the fourth be with all of us today! I almost missed it. Being a mom keeps me busy.


(Backdated to 4/1/2021 because Amy is a dumdum)

It's that time again!

Frigga's birthday is the 1st!

Finn's birthday is on the 2nd!

My birthday buddy is next! John Constantine's birthday is the 10th!

My birthday is the 11th!

Hrodolf's birthday is the 22nd!

Happy birthday everybody!


Sooo... this is new.

(OOC: Attached is a picture of a human arm morphed into a wing. Its original human structure is still clearly visible.)

And disturbing. Did I mention disturbing?

It's clearly time to learn some shape changing.

Apr. 23rd, 2021


Losers, et al.

We should go to Coney Island.

I bet if we did street magic or psychic shit we could get enough money. Or maybe sell Eddie to the freak show?

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