March 2024




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Mar. 28th, 2024


VoiceMail ♥


Hello? Anyone out there? D.Va is reporting in!

Okay, it's Hana Song, but I'm wondering who's out there? Who knows a good arcade to go to? Does anyone else stream? I'd love to do collabs with someone. I'm new here and I just wanna have some fun!

Feb. 19th, 2024


Internal security on this network is nonexistent and the devices seem dated for a space station. How boring.

Mar. 19th, 2023


[Filtered away from the kids]

To everyone that came along for the Arcology trip,

I just wanted to say thanks. I know it was a lot. I didn't really know a lot of what was going to happen. What we were going to find. That place being cut off from the rest of the world, all those people being trapped there. It didn't really make any sense. I got some answers, and we managed to save a lot of people too. So, thank you all.

If anyone has any questions about my world, about Seattle or the Arcology, feel free to ask me here.

Anyways, Johnn and I set up shop on Wheel 2. We offer up tech repairs and can make stuff for people too. We can do custom builds as well as repairs. Computers, gadgets, you name it! We can try and make it right for you. [Location of the shop is here].

Feb. 15th, 2023


[Filtered away from kids]

So, the Arcology. If anyone wants to come along and see what we can do to help the people inside, I'm gonna need you to reply here so we can sort stuff out. I've got someone to help us get inside, but anyone else who can teleport or do some magicy thing to get in, and you want to help, let me know here too.

So, Renraku Arcology. It's been shutdown for a while now. There's still a lot of people trapped inside there. People have tried to get people out and the Ork underground has done what it can to help but it's not been easy on them. That and they're kinda only pro-Ork so, that's a thing and it's also why we're not going to them to help us get in. It's not gonna work.

So if anyone is interested in joining us, say something here. It's going to be really dangerous. I don't know a lot about what's happened but I have seen the news reports and this trip is not for the faint of heart. We're going to need people capable of fighting, people who are good with tech, and maybe some medics to help the wounded? I'm not sure what else we'll need because we're all kind going into this blind. No information has gotten out of the Arcology since it shutdown nearly a year ago. Nothing gets in, nothing gets out. Mages can't astral walk into the place, deckers can't hack into their net, it's totally cut off and isolated. Anyone who tries to fly in gets shot down. Every entrance is sealed off. Which is why we're using Espejo's teleportation.

I gotta be honest with you all. Something about the Arcology. It kinda resonates with me. Something told me I needed to try and get in and when some of you guys seemed interested in helping people out there, I guess it just sort of gave me the motivation to actually do something about it. So, for what it's worth, thanks.

Chaos Tech

Feb. 5th, 2023


I found a pyramid. It's really tall!

Jan. 26th, 2023


My dudes and dudettes! We have a new door! And it's to my world. I mean, it's to the place I was before the other station and then you know, this one. The door leads to Seattle. Looks like it's summer there too, so you can all get a break from the freaky snow! So I went through and when I got there, I had a credstick. It's basically a thing that has money on it you can spend so you can buy things when you get there.

The door takes you to downtown Seattle. Probably should prepare you for some stuff.

Info here )

Dec. 29th, 2022


Festive Wishes

Hey all,

I took the time to read through your messages for "Christmas" and whilst I'm not sure it's something I understand it is aligned to a week-long celebration of SLA Industries, brand sales and then a large series of events, parties & Vid-Specials to celebrate Formation & the Big Picture. I think, the timing roughly aligns, but I much prefer your collective celebrations than that of my home amaranth.

So... Merry Christmas (belated) and a Happy New Year when it arrives.

Did I do it right?



Jun. 28th, 2022


Greetings one and all. For those of you who do not know me, I am Dr. John Redel. My doctorate is in Robotics and Engineering.

I have been working in a project for the past few months and I am proud to announce it's completion. The project is an enhanced Virtual Reality room using hard light holograms. To put it in layman's terms, the room can be anything you want it to be. Would you like to be in Japan during the Feudal days? Have at it. Want a date night on one of the moons of Saturn? Enjoy.

It is located on Wheel 3. (Shows a map of its location.) Please enjoy it to your hearts' content. If it is successfully enjoyed, I will start plans to make another.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

Edit: The only thing I will be requesting is that no one use it on Thursday nights between 8 and 9PM.

Nov. 17th, 2021



Nov. 16th, 2021


I hate being a girl, I've decided.

And my magelight isn't working properly and the last time that happened was because of him and Rawm used one of my keyboards as a chew toy and my hands are bad and I'm just going to stop complaining now or I might not stop.

Nov. 14th, 2021


Hello, I'm Prudence, the tiefling warlock, and I don't really see the point in all this but I have to ask, has nobody on this floating space thing ever seen a tiefling before? Yes, they're real horns. No, I don't shoot lightning bolts out of my eyeballs, although I wish I did.

My patron probably brought me here on purpose. That, or when I opened a portal to darkest eldritch space to destroy my enemies, someone pushed me into it, but come on, how likely is that? So my real question is whether any of you have seen any followers of Cthulhu around these parts? Maybe some shady cultists? Fishmen?

Feb. 2nd, 2021


[OC - Annie's picture is a younger, blonde and blue eyed version of herself, in the area of 10-12 years old.]


One has awoken in a strange room which is not one's home and one has determined that this is how you all communicate, even initially.

Could someone explain, perhaps, why one is in this woman's strange room and why one is here?

If this is about money or power, One's father has given one permission to negotiate on behalf of the Czarian Empire befitting the titles one holds.

Do Svidánʹja

Tsarevna Leonhardt

Jan. 19th, 2021


Station Computer Security

Hey Everyone (though mainly @ChaosTech and @JRedel)

I'm working on adding a few attack barriers to the Station's current IT security systems and also working on some other routes to bulk up the network integrity.

Can I get you guys and anyone capable to white hat pen test my barriers to see if I get alerts / if we need to boost them further?

Do you guys have any admin doors to the current system?



ps Chaos, Kat pointed me your way

Jan. 8th, 2021


So I kinda figured I should do something around here to help out, right? I'm a computers guy. So if anyone needs any tech support or help with computer stuff, hit me up.

I dunno where else I could help, honestly. I wanna spend some time getting to know the station and everyone here, especially now that things have settled down. Things are normal...

Drek, I'm so sorry for everything that happened. I hope people can forgive me. I stood by your sides against Higgs in the end and I won't lie, it was difficult going against the guy that gave my life a second chance, you know? But everyone here gave me a home. You guys became my new family.

I'm rambling, I know. Just... thanks for everything and I hope I can help out.


Sep. 22nd, 2020


Filtered from Higgs

I don't know what I hope to accomplish with this

This is a plea to the people that are helping Higgs. We don't know who you are, not all of you, not yet, but we will find you out.

The man you're helping is not who he making himself out to be. Likely your hardships are because of him. He's like a parasite, an entire swarm of locusts. He is low enough that he attacked a child, Richie is a lovable thirteen year old boy, with a smartmouth, but that doesn't make him deserving of anything that Higgs did to him.

Now you guys haven't done anything to hurt anyone yet. And I can't speak for everyone, but I know right now I would still help you however I could. But the moment you cross that line... That's it.

I will tell you now, I was hunted in my world for being a maneater. A literal maneater. And there isn't a single person on this station that I would not kill for. And I'd make sure you'd feel every inch of your death. I've hunted for my food all my life. Hunting you down because you hurt someone I love would be no hardship.

Please consider stepping away from Higgs. Join us in fighting him. You will have food, you will have shelter, you will have everything you need. Can Higgs actually promise you that, without them being empty words and broken promises? As a sign of good faith I will pack ten bags of food, breads, milk, cheeses, meats, fresh fruit, fresh veggies... As a taste of what we can GIVE you, because you'll find we've cleared out everything in the shops, because you wont TAKE from us.

Edit: If you're afraid to stand against Higgs, afraid of what he might do to you, we can offer you safe haven. I can insure you will not be interrogated, or threatened if you come to us. You can keep your secrets if that's what you want to do, all I ask is you don't bite the hand that's feeding you. Don't stab us in the back.

Sep. 19th, 2020


Filtered to Higgs and the AUs

This is bound to be filtered against some of us, so I'm helping out.

Also, what the shock were you thinking, Bonnie?

[Miguel has set up Lyla to repost this post and all subsequent replies to it in this post.]

Sep. 18th, 2020


Hey! 'Sup? I'm kinda new here. You can call me "Chaos Tech".

This place is awesome. It sure beats slumming it, even in Seattle. Or anywhere else for that matter. I need to find myself an apartment and stuff now, right? I mean, I'm living here now so I should find a place.

This is so fragging cool. I'm looking forward to meeting new people. What can you guys tell me about this place? Like, where do I find things like food and water? Can I get new clothes anywhere? What about computer stuff?

[Filtered to the AU's.]

Did everyone else make it? Is everyone okay?

Sep. 17th, 2020


[Filtered to the AU's and Higgs.]

I never thought I would see the day. This station's whole. Something seems strange about Wheel 5 but I have yet to look into it further.

Is everyone doing okay so far? Have you managed to settle down yet? There are places where you can find food more easily. It's better than I had imagined things would be.

Thank you for bringing us here, Higgs.