June 2023




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Feb. 9th, 2022


I don't know if I should complain about this or not, but my toddler likes to take naps just when she starts to get really fun to be around. She fell asleep while she was showing off how she could make animal noises but for the wrong animals. Bunnies roar, did you know bunnies roar? Adorable. But now she's napping and I have nothing else to entertain me. No, I don't sleep. So instead of causing trouble to keep myself busy I'm gonna open up some questions to all of you. Sounds fun, right?

Answer whatever you feel comfortable answering:
1) Do you have any phobias? What are they?
2) What is the weirdest place where you kissed?
3) Have you ever bribed someone?
4) What are you most likely to get arrested for?
5) Would you rather stay young forever and never meet the love of your life or grow old with the love of your life?
6) Pick one: Babies dressed as animals or animals dressed as humans?
7) Pick one: Owe money or owe a favor?
8) Pick one: Share food or don’t share food?
9) Pick one: Time machine or magic wand?
10) Pick one: Painful truth or comforting lie?

Feb. 8th, 2022


Would anyone be interested in another round of speed dating? It is very close to Valentine's day, but I think everyone should have at least a shot at the possibility of finding love.

Feb. 3rd, 2022


This is awkward, but is there anyone else here who has a lunar cycle and is finding it's being weird since you got here? As in, not happening at all but giving you strange symptoms instead weird?

If you don't know what I'm talking about, ignore this.

Jan. 3rd, 2022


[NB: due to the backdating of his last post, this one is over 2 weeks since he went through the portal]

Good evening,

I have a tale to tell you. I failed in my attempt to reach England, and my parents, but I believe that I am blameless in that failure. Instead, it is as if the very world consipired against me, that my success might have meant some catastrophic alteration to the timeline, or some other consequence unforeseen by me. Perhaps some magical protection lay over France. I do not know.

Some thieving brat member of the Parisian residuum tried to relieve me of my gold. I expected that, and saw him off with a few curses, but my broomstick was damaged, and I had to spend time repairing it. Then, as I flew, the Braking Charm failed altogether, which meant I flew straight into a an unexpected collision with a tree. I continued at a much slower pace, but then the steering calibration seemed to deteriorate before my eyes - and I assure you, I had proper care and maintenance drilled into me at school and there was no neglect on my part.

Time was of the essence, so I sought to take a carriage - a cart - any way to speed my journey. The coin made up for my lack of French, I believe, although I did have one fascinating conversation with a muggle in Latin. What became of me then? A broken wheel, a lame horse, an impassably flooded road...a gentleman here, to whom I regret I did not properly introduce myself, told me that without magical transportation the journey might take a month. This would surely have taken longer.

Why did I not persevere? It was not because my desire to see my family lessened. Rather it was the realisation that drowning would be a horrid way to should I make it to port, some disaster would almost certainly befall whatever unlucky ship I boarded.

The journey back to Paris was entirely reasonable and uneventful.

I do not regret what I did. It was an adventure, if nothing else. I am glad that I tried to reach home. But now I am perhaps more glad of a warm bath by the fire, a pot of tea, and my broomstick maintenance kit. I share this with you in case anyone cared whether I had an interest in what became of me, or if anyone in future should experience similar troubles.

- A.C. Black

Dec. 28th, 2021


[Backdated to a few days after portal opening]

Now that there are reports of an epidemic I hope people here will better understand why I do not drink the water. The cholera is a very unpleasant way to die.

I write, however, to ask for the advice of those who have lived here much longer than I. I understand that there is a doorway through which I can reach Paris. If I did this, and I took passage to Britain, and went to my parents, would I be able to stay there? I could not tell them who I am, because in 1832 I was not yet born, but I know enough to pass myself off as some distant cousin.

If I did all this, would I be left in peace, or would the doorway cruelly pull me back when it closes?


After consideration I would like to ask if anyone would make the journey with me. I will pay for the cost of your travel, and for your time and inconvenience should you wish it. It is necessary that you are a fellow who possesses magical ability of some sort, and both knowledge of the customs and etiquette of Britain at this time, and a willingness to follow them. Please do write if you are willing. - A.C. Black

Dec. 12th, 2021


Hello. Would anyone like a cruller?

Nov. 17th, 2021